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Ease of doing business in india


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Why India is the raging bull of today for foreign companies & investors?

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Ease of doing business in india

  1. 1. INDIAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OPPORTUNITIES INFINITE Why India is the raging bull of today for foreign companies & investors? INDIA.DELIVERED.
  2. 2. Working population in India Ease Of Doing Business Recent FDI Announcements 3. 4. 5. Financial Indicators Demographics 1. 2. INDIA.DELIVERED. What This Report Contains
  3. 3. GDP data from India for quarter April-June quarter is estimated at around 7.4 per cent, as per Reuters poll. This makes India the fastest growing economy in the second quarter. The growth is majorly attributed to favourable demographics, huge workforce available at competitive cost and large consumer market inside the country. 7.4 %GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) OF INDIA FOR APRIL - JUNE QUARTER INDIA.DELIVERED. Financial Indicators
  4. 4. In comparison to the earlier figures, foreign direct investments (FDI) have witnessed a growth by 30 per cent. With this, there has been growth in indirect tax receipts that provides major pointer towards revival of manufacturing sector in India. The Minister of State for Finance – opined that Indian economy has the potential to be an economy of USD 4-5 trillion in the next 10 -12 years. As per the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), inflows through FDI saw a surge by 24.5 per cent to touch a figure of USD 44.9 billion in FY2015, in comparison to USD 36.0 billion in the previous year. INDIA.DELIVERED. Financial Indicators
  5. 5. Demographics Consumer confidence in the country has been high in comparison to the other economies in the world. As per Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), growth in the economy as well as increase in household incomes would surge consumer spending to USD 3.6 trillion by the year 2020. With that, the consumer spending might be highest in housing, food, consumer durables, communication and transport. Along with that, share of global consumption of India would be more than twice to touch 5.8% by the year 2020. INDIA.DELIVERED.
  6. 6. Working Population in India India is likely to add 285 million to the working population by the year 2050, which would provide platform for higher growth for the country. It is also believed that working-age population which is between 15-64 would rise by 125 million in the next decade. By the year 2020, India is projected to have 12 % higher graduates which would be more than US. INDIA.DELIVERED.
  7. 7. Ease Of Doing Business The Government has relaxed FDI norms in many sectors such as PSU oil refineries, defence, telecom, stock exchanges, power exchanges and others. The rail infrastructure had been opened by the Government for 100 % FDI through the automatic route. As far as defence is concerned, the cap was raised to 49%. For thrusting the medical devices sector, FDI policy was changed in the pharmaceutical sector. INDIA.DELIVERED.
  8. 8. Ease Of Doing Business Now, 100 % FDI through automatic route has been permitted. For expanding insurance cover to large population in the country, and for providing required capital for insurance companies, the Government was able to raise FDI limit to 49%. For boosting infrastructure, the Government was able to review FDI policy in construction development sector. INDIA.DELIVERED.
  9. 9. v INDIA.DELIVERED. Some Recent Significant FDI Announcements Google Planning to invest $234.3 mil for setting up a new campus in Hyderabad Foxconn Tech. Group establish 10–12 facilities in the country including data centre's & factories Royal Dutch Shell LLC already invested approximately USD 1 billion also has 75 outlets which are operational Warburg Pincus would be investing USD 132.8 million in Ecom Express Nando’s South African restaurant is planning to open 12 restaurants and investment nearly $12 million Gap Inc. planning to open 40 stores in the next 4–5 years spreading across top 10 cities Dalian Wanda Group to invest USD 10 billion in next 10 years Microsoft Corp. planning at establishing three data centre's, which would have the ability to scale up without physical expansion BrightSKY It would provide an investment of USD 78.11 million for India. would be establishing a plant in Naya Raipur for manufacturing 4G devices Walmart planning to expand 500 stores in India in the next 10 - 15 years. 20 stores being currently operated out of eight states. Carlyle Group PE firm based out of US, would be investing nearly USD 500 million in Magna Energy Ltd. Softbank It would be investing in renewable energy with an aim for setting up 20,000 MW projects in the next ten years. Bosch investing close to USD 101.54 million in the country by 2015 for the purpose of expansion. The company is planning to establish a plant in Bidadi.