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Little Bit of Productivity, Great Bit of Happiness


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Little Bit of Productivity, Great Bit of Happiness

  1. 1. LET THE BITS GO @technotheory
  2. 2. LETTING GO: ArchiveFlickr Photos: alabut, yuan2003, rajue @technotheory
  3. 3. LETTING GO: Delete @technotheory
  4. 4. LETTING GO: Social Networks please do not mail me please do not e-mail me please do not text me Save Preferences @technotheory
  5. 5. LETTING GO: In/Out of the StreamFlickr Photo: bullish1974 @technotheory
  6. 6. LETTING GO: Cone of SilenceFlickr Photo: jenwaller @technotheory
  7. 7. LETTING GO: Shield yourself @technotheory
  8. 8. LETTING GO: Stop Checking Email @technotheory
  9. 9. LETTING GO: Notifications Off @technotheory
  10. 10. LETTING GO: Is it analytics or masturbaFlickr Photo: tyla, leoplus @technotheory
  11. 11. LETTING GO: Social Media vs Real LifeFlickr Photo: cybertoad @technotheory
  13. 13. THE RIGHT PEOPLE: You become like themFlickr Photo: allison_dc @technotheory
  14. 14. THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Maybe a Reach @technotheory
  15. 15. THE RIGHT PEOPLE: They’ll pull you @technotheory
  16. 16. THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Alone vs. Loneliness Flickr Photo: lancesh @technotheory
  17. 17. THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Solitude @technotheory
  18. 18. Let the Bits Go & Surround Yourself @technotheory
  19. 19. Done? Go on, really.Flickr Photo: jonhurd @technotheory
  20. 20. I won’t delete your photo. Say hi. Jared Goralnick @technotheory