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La Pecera 4

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La Pecera 4

  1. 1. content, peer-moderated reference site.) In 2004, Wales and co- lleague Angela Bessley founded a for-profit in- ternet company called Wikia. He stepped down from his position as CEO in 2009. Jimmy Wales was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on August 7, 1966. Wales attended graduate scho- ol for finance before dropping out to pursue business ventures. In 2001, Wales founded the open-content internet resource Wikipedia, which became the world's largest encyclo- pedia. Wales also foun- ded the for-profit web- hosting company Wikia, and has advised govern- ments and universities. Wales had been interes- ted in the internet from its earliest days. In 1996, he left his job at the firm to cofound a startup called Bornis. In March 2000, he launched Nupedia (an open- Antivirus software, is computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious softwa- re. It was originally develo- ped to detect and remo- ve computer viruses, hence the name. Howe- ver, with the prolifera- tion of other kinds of malware, antivirus soft- ware started to provide protection from other compu- ter threats. COLOSOS INFORMÁTICOS: JIMMY WALES C o n t e n i d o : NERO 2 PREZI 2 3D PRINTERS 2 INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ LUIS 3 APPS 3 SECURITY ON THE INTERNET 4 CAREERS IN IT 4 SECURITY: antivirus A N D R E A L Ó P E Z O R T E G A LA PECERA
  2. 2. P á g i n a 2 Nero Burning ROM, also known as Nero, is a software application used for creating CDs and DVDs. Users could add data, audio and video files to CDs and DVDs or copy one disc to anther. Ne- ro also allowed users to create discs from ISO images, create boota- ble CDs, rip audio Cds and a number of other features. These ease- of-use that Nero provi- ded made it popular choice for many compu- ter users. Nero was first relea- sed in 1997 by Ahead Software (Nero AG). The software was com- monly bundled with new CD and DVD Rewritea- ble drives as a limited functional and featu- red version of Nero is available to pur- chase at many electronic and office supply retai- lers. It is available for Windows operating sys- tem and Linux. "print" an object using materials such as plas- tic, ceramics and metal. The printing process involves building up an object one layer at a time until it's comple- te. The instructions used 3D PRINTERS A 3D printer can- not make any ob- ject on demand like the "Star Trek" replicators of science fiction. 3D printers work by following a computer's digital instructions to by 3D printers often take the form of compu- ter-aided design (CAD) files — digital blueprints for making different objects. That means a person can design an ob- ject on their computer using 3D modeling soft- ware. tions, post them to the internet, and share them with friends and colleagues. Prezi is developed in Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR and built on top of Django. It is there- fore compatible with most modern compu- ters and web browsers. However, it does not comply with web stan- dards, since it is still necessary to install the Adobe Flash plug-in. The Prezi Service is a living pre- sentation tool for vi- sualization and story- telling without slides. The Service combines creative thinking and technological expertise to allow you to seam- lessly create your own high-quality presenta-
  3. 3. P á g i n a 3 guard dogs and other perils will try to end Chunky's quest for mighty food. Don't let them! Fight for Chunky's flab, be the roundest feline hero that has ever been! Score as many calories as you can in one sitting without mee- ting your early demise via pave- ment kissing. There’s a reason this cat is so chunky! There are so many delicious critters roaming around the city roofs, not even a fat lazy cat like Chun- ky can ignore them! Help him catch as many snacks as you can, but beware! There are many dangers lurking around. Dangerous falls, mice traps, ¿Nos recomiendas alguna apli- cación? Os recomendaría Geogebra ya que es muy interesante para aprender. ¿De qué trata Geogebra? Geogebra es un software in- teractivo de enseñanza y aprendizaje matemático . Geogebra está formado de las palabras geometría y álgebra y estos, precisamente, son sus puntos fuertes pero también hay otras actividades como por ejemplo estadística. Contiene geometría dinámica y esto es lo más interesante ya que puedes hacer una cons- trucción de elementos geomé- tricos y añadirles o quitarles lo que quieras y estos están ligados y al mover una parte se mueve el resto de elementos (o alguno de ellos). En este programa puedes te- ner dos o más ventanas abier- tas simultáneamente y todas estas están vinculadas. En es- tas ventanas, puedes escribir una ecuación y el programa te la dibuja, o viceversa. ¿Aplicaciones matemáticas que nos recomiendas? A parte de Geogebra, otro programa que está bien es Mathematica, un programa que se utiliza en la universidad que realiza cálculos matemáticos bastante potentes. ¿Te ayuda el Internet ? Si, y mucho, ya que me permite un acceso rápido a mucha in- formación para mi trabajo, como ejercicios nuevos, hacer exámenes, historias y anécdo- tas relacionadas con las ma- temáticas, participar en foros de matemáticas o también hacer cursos online. ¿Qué opinas de las redes sociales? Solo las conozco de oídas a través de mi familia o los estudiantes y no las he utili- zado personalmente por lo que no puedo opinar sobre ellas. ¿Windows o Mac? Desde siempre he utilizado Windows. ¿Cuál es el programa o apli- cación que más utilizas? Por mi trabajo, los progra- mas que suelo utilizar más son Excel y Word. ¿Para qué utilizas el ordena- dor? Para lo que suelo utilizar el ordenador es para el trabajo o para ver videos de interés en Youtube y últimamente para leer la prensa ya que he dejado de comprar el perió- dico. INTERVIEW WITH JOSE LUIS BELMONTE CHUNKY CAT
  4. 4. ranging anywhere from phone num- bers and addresses to social security numbers, which more than a third of the consumers think is the worst piece of informa- tion to be compromised. http:// NO SECURITY, NO BUSINESS It Only Takes One Mistake The majority of respondents believe that security brea- ches shouldn't be blamed on just the IT department; all officers of the company should be held responsible. Nearly half of these consu- mers also think that once a bre- ach occurs, companies should be considered 'criminally negli- gent.' Fifty one percent of the respondents claimed that they would take their business elsew- here after a breach that com- promises personal information, PROTECT YOURSELF To help protect your privacy online, you need to decide how much personal informa- tion you would be happy to share with the world. Keep in mind that you may not be able to remove information you share once it's on the internet. When it comes to protecting your personal information online, you also need to make sure you have good, strong passwords for all your internet accounts. You should also have different passwords for different web- sites and you need to change your passwords regularly. Putting your personal informa- tion and photos on the internet may seem harmless at the ti- me, but could tell people where you live or where your children go to scho- ol. Remembering to think about what information you give away on the internet is the best way to protect your personal infor- mation online. CAREERS IN IT 1. Cloud architect That storage space existing in the ether can’t be touched li- terally, it still needs to be or- ganized and given an architec- ture. That’s what this job is for. 2. Mobile application develo- per Business are more heavily rel- ying on IT professionals with experience in this field than ever before. Using basic coding languages, developers will crea- te programs for future iOS and Android devices. 3. Software engineer Software engineers are behind all the programs we run on our mobile devices and personal computers – and there is a ve- ry wide range of niche fields you can work in. 5. Information technology vendor manager Slightly more hands-off com- pared to some tech positions, vendor managers oversee supply when it comes to software and hardware. This can mean anyt- hing from Microsoft’s latest word processor to health IT programs for hospitals. 6. Computer forensic investi- gator Computer crime detectives – The Best Schools reports that computer forensic investigators search for, identify and evaluate information from computer sys- tems, often for trial evidence.