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Wp cli


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Published in: Technology
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Wp cli

  1. 1. LazyPressDeveloping for WordPress onthe Command Line
  2. 2. Why CLI?• All Keyboard Commands• Efficient• Fast• Does Not Require the Web Serverresources
  3. 3. Installing WP-CLI> curl | bash> PATH=$HOME/.composer/bin:$PATH> source $HOME/.composer/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/utils/wp-completion.bash
  4. 4. Using the wp command• wp core (config|download|install|update)• wp comment (approve|count|spam|trash)• wp export• wp option (add|update|delete|get)• wp plugin (install|activate|list|update)• Etc
  5. 5. Extending WP-CLI• if( defined( ‘WP_CLI’ ) && WP_CLI )• ExtendWP_CLI_Command• Public methods become commands• Methods take $args and $assoc_args
  6. 6. Extending WP-CLI• $args is an array of positional elements• e.g. wp command Hello World• $args[0] == ‘Hello’• $args[1] == ‘World’
  7. 7. Extending WP-CLI• $assoc_args is an array of flags• e.g. wp command --foo=Hello--bar=World• $assoc_args[‘foo’] == ‘Hello’• $assoc_args[‘bar’] == ‘World’
  8. 8. Declaring Syntax• Methods should have a Docblock using@synopsis• Square brackets designate optional• @synopsis cmd <foo> --bar=<bar> [--baz=<baz>]
  9. 9. Printing to the CLI• Use the line() method from the WP_CLIclass• WP_CLI::line(‘Hello World is a Success!’);
  10. 10. Defining the Command• Use the add_command() method from theWP_CLI class• Argument 1 is the command name• Argument 2 is the Class name• WP_CLI::add_command( ‘hello’,‘world’);• Running wp hello instantiates the worldclass
  11. 11. Resources• WP-CLI -• WP-CLI on Github -• Sample Code -• BreweryDB -• This Presentation: