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Service management trinity


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MBA trainees

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Service management trinity

  1. 1. Service Management Trinity April 30th 2010 Service Management Trinity: ν Trinity : A group consisting of three closely related members. ν Service Management Trinity: means three groups which are closely related to each other to satisfy the service marketing objective. 1. Operations group/ functional group 2. Marketing group 3. HR Group Potential Conflicts between Marketing and Operations: Operations Marketing ν Cost control ν Maximizing revenue ν Long lead time ν Urgency ν Compatibility ν Creativity 1
  2. 2. Service Management Trinity April 30th 2010 Internal Marketing: ν This is strategy related to HR of the organisation. ν Applying the philosophy and practices of marketing to the people that serve the external customer so that – the best possible people can be employed and retained – they will do the best possible work ν The main objective of internal marketing is to design the products/services to better meet the needs of these customers. 2