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A Few Photos Of China


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Published in: Business, Travel
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A Few Photos Of China

  1. 1. A Few Photos of China 中国照片 from the Hawkesdale P12 College trip, September 2006. I chose pictures of the places that you will go to and things you are likely to experience.
  2. 2. Dinner in Nanjing
  3. 3. Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum, Nanjing
  4. 4. In a supermarket in Nanjing
  5. 5. Morning exercise, Nanjing
  6. 6. Lunch at a restaurant, Nanjing
  7. 8. Street in Suzhou
  8. 9. Apartment buildings, Suzhou
  9. 10. Morning Tai chi, Suzhou
  10. 12. Garden in Suzhou
  11. 13. Entertainment centre, Shanghai
  12. 14. Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
  13. 15. Standing on Tiananmen Square, looking at Gates of the Forbidden City, Beijing
  14. 16. Tiananmen Square, Beijing
  15. 17. The Great Wall, near Beijing
  16. 18. The Great Wall, near Beijing
  17. 19. The Olympic Stadium under construction, Beijing