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Inside The Computer


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Published in: Technology
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Inside The Computer

  1. 1. Before we start…
  2. 2. Inside the Computer
  3. 3. The Computer Case (Tower)
  4. 4. Motherboard It is the largest circuit board and holds all of the most important parts of the computer.
  5. 5. Expansion Cards On the motherboard, you will find several expansion cards The sound card The video card The modem card Click on them to see
  6. 6. The sound card The sound card contains special circuits for operating the computer's sound
  7. 7. The video card The video card handles graphics that are displayed on the monitor.
  8. 8. The modem card The modem allows computers to talk to each other. A modem plugs the computer in to a phone or cable line so that information can be transferred between computers .
  9. 9. CPU (Central Processing Unit) The brain of a computer is the CPU or Central Processing Unit . Like a brain, it controls information and tells other parts what to do.
  10. 10. RAM Memory RAM stands for Random Access Memory . RAM chips will remember what you tell them. But, when the computer is turned off, RAM forgets everything you told it. This is why it is so important to save your work on a computer - if the computer gets turned off, RAM will lose all of your work!
  11. 11. Disk Drives Disk drives read information off of storage disks. The most common disk drives are: Hard drive CD-ROM or DVD drive
  12. 12. Hard Drive Information that you save on your computer is stored on these hard disks. The hard drive is not meant to be removed.
  13. 13. Diagram
  14. 14. Let’s do some activities
  15. 15. 1. Choose the right answer IMPORTANT: Try not to go back to find the answer
  16. 16. a. RAM stands for... Rapid Access Memory Random Access Memory
  17. 17. b. The hard drive... Can be removed Can not be removed
  18. 18. c. The brain of the computer is CPU BIOS
  19. 19. d. The modem... allows information to be transferred between computers operates the computer’s sound
  20. 20. e. The motherboard... allows electricity to travel to other components inside the computer. holds all of the most important parts of the computer.
  21. 21. Excellent!!
  22. 22. Try again OOPS!