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Please take a look at our corporate profile of Technology Solutions Code

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Technology solutions code_corporate_profile

  1. 1. Technology Solutions Code 1Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  2. 2. Technology Solutions Code 2 1. Introduction 2. Why Outsource? 3. Corporate Snapshot 4. Corporate Credentials 5. Technology Solutions Code Advantage 6. Services 7. Technical Expertise 8. Dedicated Hiring 9. Project Management Methodology 10. Intellectual Property Policy 11. Company Cost and Price Policy 12. Office Infrastructure 13. IT – Infrastructure 14. The Technology Solutions Code Team 15. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele 16. Contact Us 17. Thank YouCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  3. 3. Why outsource ? 3 Technology Solutions Code is a leading outsourcing company in India. We thank you for visiting our portfolio, our services and taking a look at our profile. We thank you for talking with us and taking part in our company events. We would love to make a long term relationship with our clients. With us, you will get a very high quality team in India(which is world’s largest IT outsourcing country). You don’t need to set up an office in your country, you can easily use our human resource and it will be easy as well as affordable for you. That is why, to get a wide variety of services under a single roof, within your budget, you can get a wide variety of IT outsourcing and software development services from us. We look forward to make a good partnership with our clients.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  4. 4. Corporate Snapshot 4 •Established in the year 2005. •We have 50 employees in total which includes HR manager, Business Development manager, project managers, team leaders ,content writers , SEO experts, social media experts, Android app developers , web & graphic designers , web developers. •We offer a wide variety of application services like – Android application, web applications, Wordpress, HTML, PHP, CSS, My SQL, Ajax, E-commerce, Magento, Javascript, Jquery, Joomla, Drupal, SEO, Social Media Marketing, content writing, web content services, website design and many more. •We have clients all over the world. Till now we are working with almost 1000+ clients who are in – USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, Singapore and India.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  5. 5. Corporate Credentials 5 •A member of ESC (Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council), India •We are working and growing in all online outsourcing marketplaces – Elance, Guru , Odesk and Freelancer.comCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  6. 6. Technology Solutions Code Advantage 6- • High quality services • 24 X 7 online communication and customer support • Cost effectiveness • Maximization in ROI in the shortest possible time • Best professional designers as well as developers • Best professional attitude ,cross functional and domain expertise • Extensive knowledge in every field • Quality control services for measuring and improving working performance and client satisfactionCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  7. 7. SERVICES 7 At Technology Solutions we offer the following services – •Web design & development services •Search Engine Optimization •Content writing •Social Media Marketing services •Android apps development •BPO services in various sectors •Web apps developmentCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  8. 8. Technical Expertise 8 •Digital Marketing – SEO, SEM , SMM , SMO, Google adwords, PPC , Link building(1 way , 2 way & 3 way) , content marketing , web content writing and other writing services . •Web Design – Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver , Flash MX , Photoshop , Front Page , Adobe Illustrator , Corel draw , Wordpress , Adobe Image Ready and many more •Web Development – HTML , XHTML, HTML 5 , PHP , MY SQL , Javascript , Jquery , Vbscript , Magento , Joomla , E-commerce , Wordpress , CSS , ZEND , Drupal , Cake PHP •Mobile application – Android applications , Android Development Kit •BPO – Business processing outsourcing to different industries, In-bound calling , outbound calling to various industries.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  9. 9. Technical Expertise 9 •Third party software – Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Indesign , Adobe Dreamweaver , Adobe Flash , Microsoft Share Point , Blogger , Content Management System. •Web hosting knowledge – GoDaddy , Bluehost , Hostgater .Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  10. 10. Dedicated Hiring10 We focus on full time/hourly basis dedicated hiring on Web Design , Web Development , Digital Marketing , Mobile application and BPO services. We offer dedicated hiring services for this following areas –  Web designer Web developer Link builder Social Media expert Content writer Tele-caller Graphic designer Android app developer
  11. 11. Project Management Methodology 11 A PROJECT is a set of activities which is networked in a particular order and is aimed at achieving the defined goals of the work to be undertaken. Only when the goal is achieved , all the activities of the project are completed. The MANAGEMENT is the technique of understanding the problems and needs and controlling the use of resources seriously, such as money, time, manpower and materials. The combination of project and management is a very important part of a long term relationship. We take the job very seriously . After forwarding the project we will organize the project to the project managers. They will be liable to understand the project – they will tell us the timeframe required, manpower needed, implementation of new strategy on the project, controlling various tasks, managing resources, time management, manpower management and other material management.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  12. 12. Project Management Knowledge Areas 12 Procedure Integration Scope Management Management Management Time Management Risk Project Management Management Quality Management Communication Human Resource Cost Management Management ManagementCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  13. 13. Project Management Areas 13 Initiating Planning Executing Controlling ClosingCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  14. 14. Intellectual Property Policy 14 •We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as an essential part of our contract with you. •We work on our servers ,but we are open to work on client servers. •Every employee who is working on the client’s projects by Technology Solutions Code, are all full time employees of this company bounded by company policy and employee policy. •We will take care of any account and other resources of the clients and in case of any damage or loss of any resources and accounts we will refund the damage cost. •The client’s contact information will be kept safe and the client can contact the project manager of that project at any given time. So, he/she can get updates and give necessary feedback. •The clients can create any non-disclosure agreement with us, in case they do not want us to publish their projects in our portfolio.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  15. 15. Company Cost and Price policy 15 •Employees who become a part of our office, can build a bright and permanent career in our company. •Our company has high speed internet connectivity with high packages , so that we can deliver the job before the delivery date so that client remains satisfied. •Our office has a good office premise and the environment is really good. Employees can feel like home in here and we always want to keep our office environment like that. •We have Business Development Manager who will discover new opportunities for our company, so the case study of our company can clearly say the overall growth of our company.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  16. 16. Company Cost and Price Policy 16 •We have research scholars who will find new technology trends and new ways to reduce the pricing and develop apps and systems so that we can work smoothly using the new technologies.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  17. 17. Office Infrastructure 17 Our company Technology Solutions Code has the following infrastructure – •100 employees including designers, developers , research scholars , Project Managers , Business Development Managers and Hardware experts. •24 X 7 Electricity and Broadband Internet connectivity of 7.6 mbps. •Have capability to seat 150+ employee in the company premises. •365 X 24 X 7 power back up system and security and system administrators. •It is located Kolkata, capital of west Bengal and it is 30 km from International Airport. •We have tracker which takes screenshot of the employee’s PC the entire day and take weekly time logs. So the client will be sure they are working on their project.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  18. 18. Office Infrastructure 18 •Our office room is 800 square ft. and it is totally air-conditioned and fully comfortable for working.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  19. 19. IT – Infrastructure 19 • 60 Windows based workstation PC •Library for the developers so they can gain knowledge from the books. We also conduct seminar classes to update the knowledge of the developers so they can continue working on new technologies. •We have dedicated servers running Linux servers, so the client data is safe and secure. •We have main internet connectivity of speed 7.6 mbps and back up Internet connectivity of 2 mbps. •We have external data storage and data management so that you can get all your data even if we loose any data. We also have data recovery team to assist you in case of recovery. We have integrated data storage and routine and online backup facility. •We also have updated licenses of all software and applications.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  20. 20. IT Insfrasturuture 20 •We have employee monitoring system, so all employee will be able to log hours while they are working. •Campus monitored IP network cameras. So, we are able to watch them correctly what they are doing.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  21. 21. The Technology Solutions Code Team 21 Department Team size No of . Team Leader Web development 20 4 Web designing 10 2 Graphic design 10 2 Seacrh engine optimization 20 4 Social media marketing 10 2 Content writing 10 2 Android application 10 2 Telecaller 10 2 Human resource 1 1 Business developer 1 1Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  22. 22. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele 22Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  23. 23. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele 23Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  24. 24. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele 24Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  25. 25. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele 25Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  26. 26. Technology Solutions Code – Clientele26
  27. 27. Contact Us 27 Online contact details – Phone No – 919007390388, 919903455551 Skype – dibya.jyoti39 , nirban90 Gtalk /gmail –, Yahooid – MSN – nirbanjyotidas@hotmail.comCopyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  28. 28. Contact us – Office Contact Details 28 Technology Solutions Code Address: - Sodepur, Kolkata 700110 , West Bengal , India Website – 2013, Technology Solutions Code
  29. 29. Thank you 29 • Thank you for the patience and kind attention. We look forward to working with you.Copyright 2013, Technology Solutions Code