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Student Centered Spaces for Mobile Learners ISTE2017


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How can we be intentional about space design? And how can we include student voice?

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Student Centered Spaces for Mobile Learners ISTE2017

  1. 1. Choose a…
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 92%
  4. 4. Table talk: What do the things in your room say about what you believe? @technolibrary
  5. 5. flickr: incurable hippie
  6. 6. Table Talk: What do you WANT the space to say? about learning and teaching? @technolibrary
  7. 7. In the library, student learning experiences will look: Transparent Collaborative Comfortable Connected Open Flexible
  8. 8. Thanks, David Jakes! Created by @canva In the classroom, student learning experiences will allow for:
  9. 9.
  10. 10. From Language of School Design
  11. 11. From Language of School Design
  12. 12.
  13. 13. “Give it a name.” “Give it a name.”
  14. 14. Find a model.
  15. 15. Identify obstacles
  16. 16. @technolibrary Table talk: What is an obstacle in your space?
  17. 17. Hill Country Middle School
  18. 18. Gather and curate input
  19. 19. Thanks Diana Laufenberg! By/With To/For
  20. 20. “When you have all the answers about a building before you start building it, your answers are not true. The building gives you answers as it grows and becomes itself.” Louis Kahn, Light is the Theme
  21. 21. What can you tell me about school that teachers and administrators don’t know? —Andrew Brennan, Student Voice ASK students
  22. 22. Classroom project: Keep a running list Pixabay: VeroTeslainen students-rebecca-alber
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Become an anthropologist identify obstacle points w/sticky notes observe student behavior ask critical observers to chart the “flow” --David Bill, Remake Your Class flickr: rubyblossom
  25. 25. Think of your day through the lens of space Amplify what already works/priorities --Melanie Kahl melanie-kahl flickr: oxgrrl
  26. 26. Create analogies success dschoo l
  27. 27. / “Make a room that doesn’t smell like school.” --Paul Bogush M
  28. 28. Flickr: fredwlangjr “Channel the optimism of a designer, the resourcefulness of a hacker, and the playfulness of a maker.” --Melanie Kahl, Remake your Class
  29. 29. Launching a larger project - a model
  30. 30. flickr: wuestenigel
  31. 31. Resources--Big Ideas
  32. 32. Resources--details
  33. 33.