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I pad trial

  1. 1. iPad trial Eanes ISD 2010
  2. 2. How can this tool help us teach and learn better? How will this tool change how we teach? A 2 1/2 year old with an Ipad 12 month old with an iPad
  3. 3. Structure of trial Staff Students Classroom Library
  4. 4. Teacher trials 49 teachers requested to participate in trial, 20 teachers actually were able to.
  5. 5. Teacher Trials “I appreciate how an iPad levels the playing field of all of my students—from Spec. Ed to General Ed to Gifted.” “I loved it. It was easy to handle. It can be used as a tool for planned activity as well as a spontaneous activity. Students loved the immediate feedback. The mobility is great. You can take it anywhere.”
  6. 6. Teacher Comments “Loved it! I can already come up with ideas for ways to incorporate it into lessons and build lessons around it. Easily portable, large-enough screen to be able to see it clearly…tons of apps to help me as a teacher and help students.”
  7. 7. Teacher Trials--Results
  8. 8. Teacher Trials  Teacher questions and concerns— ◦ Can you print from an iPad? ◦ What would be the policy for apps that cost money? ◦ Typing issues—keyboard? ◦ Would we have classroom labs or one per teacher?
  9. 9. Classroom trials  4 teachers used iPads in classroom trial ◦ “The students were instantly engaged.. . because of the hands-on aspect of the IPad students were interested in locating the information.” ◦ “The iPad allowed for videos, pictures, interactives, etc. All things you cannot achieve with the basic powerpoint.”
  10. 10. Helpful apps  Pages, Keynote, Numbers $$  AudioNote  Sundry Notes  PaperDesk Lite  Idea Wallets Brainstorming; iBrainstorm, Popplet  ChalkBoard  PS Express(photo editing)  Dictionary.com  24/7 Tutor (languages); MemWrdsLt  Elements $$  My Congress
  11. 11. Helpful apps Accommodations: Whiteboard Tap to Talk Dragon dictation Fingerpaint iSign Lite Google app with voice search Voice Over—Off/On settings
  12. 12. Book and Database apps  iBooks  Kindle  Nook  Stanza  Kobo  ICBL  Gale  Ebsco
  13. 13. Student trial “It would allow me to replace an entire physical bag of textbooks with a lightweight supplement. If I could just carry an iPad, a spiral notebook, and a pen or pencil, I would be a happy guy.”
  14. 14. Student trial  “I think it would be EXTREMELY useful in class as a notepad or other source of keeping things organized.  It could also be used as a textbook, or other reading material. It could be used in a library as a way to find books easily other than having to sign onto a computer.”
  15. 15. Student trial In library—”an iPad would save space in the library” Strengths in library: Touchscreen accessibility for all One touch catalog or database with apps Portable E-book content(some free) “instant” on
  16. 16. Questions and concerns Settings: Restrictions Wi-fi Concerns— App downloads speed of adding them (HAS to be able to be spontaneous—campus staff need password) Updating and synching
  17. 17. Other items  Keyboard -- Apple keyboard /wireless  Stylus -- semi useful with practice  Cases—Apple case pros/cons  Touchscreen
  18. 18. Conclusions Powerful Teacher apps Student Apps Admin apps Special Needs apps Engaging Speed Portability
  19. 19. “It’s another technology tool to engage students in learning. Bravo!” –teacher quote