Professional LCD Display Products


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A brief insight into what Flat Vision can offer in the form of Professional LCD Displays

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Professional LCD Display Products

  1. 1. Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Professional Display Products Offering Professional Flat Screen Display Solutions For A Whole Host Of Applications
  2. 2. CCTV Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: The PRO Range CCTV LCD Monitors •15" to 42" screen size available •Superior quality with high performance •Mild steel metal cased for ruggedness and durability We offer a vast variety of •Black metal casing for 26", 32" and 42" display solutions ideal for •High quality, semi-industrial slim LCD monitors professional CCTV and •VGA, composite and S-Video connections & optional broadcast applications. DVI With a wide range of •BNC & S-Video Loop through sizes available (From 5.6” •CCTV Specific scalar processor up to 80”) we are The new Ultra Vision Range confident that we can •17" to 70" screen size available fulfil your individual needs •Ultra fast response time of 8ms •High brightness of at least 450cd •Multiple input functions - AV/S Terminal/YUV/VGA •Wall or ceiling mountable via VESA standard fixings •High definition picture in high quality metal case design The Matrix Range •7" up to 15" screen size available •Ideal for applications that require small displays •Industrial robust design •Black metal casing •Available as open-frame displays •Optional touch screen/video inputs •Standard VESA fixing holes
  3. 3. Digital Signage Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Features: •Sizes available from 6” up to 42” •The flexibility to play slides, movies & MP3’s •Single-chip digital audio & video decoder for processor. •Supports multiple file formats: JPEG, MPEG I/II/IV, MP3. •Supports Compact Flash Type I / II, MS.MMC.SD Card types •Video input Format: NTSC and PAL. The beauty of our Digital Signage displays are highlighted by the wide variety of applications in which they can be incorporated. Applications such as product promotion, brand awareness, POS and Customer Information displays are just a few examples of where these displays really excel.
  4. 4. Sunlight Readable Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Here at Flat Vision we offer 2 very distinct sunlight display technologies. •Traditional High Bright Displays •Transflective Display Solutions These displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Flexibility to incorporate into a wide variety of applications such as: Mobile Navigator / Video systems, Table PC, Kiosk, POS and LCD TV. Highbright Transflective •Screen sizes available from 7” up to 20” •Sizes available from 6.4” up to 42” •An excellent choice for all high ambient light •Includes full readability in all direct sunlight applications applications •These displays incorporate a reflective layer to give •Utilises high-powered CCFL and LED backlights up enhanced images the brighter the suns intensity, as to 1700cd/m2 to generate strong, prominent images well as using high-powered backlight technology. •SV-video & AV connectors •VGA, S-Video (optional composite & DVI)
  5. 5. Open Frame Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Open Frame •Available in sizes 1.2” to 32” •Sunlight Viewable options •Housed in a metal open frame type chassis •PC Input as standard (Optional S-Video and Composite video (PAL & NTSC) Our Open Frame LCD Monitors Ultra High Bright Open Frame provide the flexibility to be •Available in sizes 8.4” and 32” incorporated into a vast array of •For use in applications where direct or strong ambient light is applications, ranging from process always present control to kiosk use. Dependant •Inputs PC, S-Video, Composite video (PAL & NTSC) & DVI-D upon the individuals application, we •Other options include wide temperature performance, light sensor. also offer open frame LCD Monitor solutions in Sunlight Viewable technologies such as High Bright – Transflective Open Frame Solar OF, and Transflective Open •Available in sizes 6.4” to 32” Frame, wide temperature Open •For use in applications where direct or strong ambient light is always Frame etc. present Inputs PC, S-Video, Composite video (PAL & NTSC) & DVI-D •Other options include SAW Touch screen, in-built CF Media player.
  6. 6. Professional Medical Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: •Sizes 15” – 30” available •CE, FCC, TUV EN 60601-1, UL 60601-1 medical certification available •DIN 6868 Compliance •IPX1 Spilling proof Compliant •High contrast color TFT LCD display •Medical grade power adapter •Advanced OSD control for picture quality adjustment •Support DDC1/2B for Plug & Play compatibility All of our medical display Also Available : 17” Medical Panel solutions are fully PC approved for use within •High quality Medical Panel PC hospital environments, with and come with the high contrast LCD display relevant certification. •Able to effectively execute the display of CT diagnosis and These diagnostic DICOM applications medical LCD monitors •Touch screen supplies a provide the most stable convenient interface for medical display quality with professionals to operate programs superior accuracy for easily diverse applications •Utilises cutting-edge LED backlight technology
  7. 7. Marine Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Ultra Vision: •Inputs: PC (VGA), Composite Video & S-VHS •High brightness •Low power consumption •Specially treated waterproof glass to protect against scratches Yacht Vision: •Transflective film technology enhances visibility •High brightness •Wide voltage range input •Anti-Corrosion & IP Proof •Anti-shock & Vibration Application: •Outdoor Display •Gas & Oil Equipment •Fly Bridge and Bridge Applications •Internal Control •Chart Plotters and Navigational Aids •Fish Finders •CCTV •Truck and Car Transportation •Mining and much more….
  8. 8. Military & Avionics Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: New Products Coming Soon!! Please refer to our website:
  9. 9. Panel Mount Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Designed for industrial applications, where a cutting- edge, durable and rugged display is required. Our Panel Mount range of displays are Panel Vision Series ideal for those applications •Industrial Metal-Cased where reliability and high •Available in sizes: 10.4” up to 19” performance are paramount. •Rugged and durable design •Inputs - PC (analogue VGA), DVI-D, •Composite Video (PAL & NTSC), and S- Video Panel Vision Stainless •Available in sizes: 15” up to 20” •Features stainless steel bezel which are resistant to corrosion •Rugged and durable design •Inputs – VGA (Optional S-Video, •Composite Video (PAL & NTSC) and DVI-D IP65M – IPPM Series •Ideal for applications where dust or water ingress is an issue •Supplied with an IP65 sealed front bezel •Available in sizes: 6.4” up to 20” •Rugged and durable design •Inputs - PC (analogue VGA), DVI-D, Composite Video (PAL & NTSC), and S-video
  10. 10. Rack Mount Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Features: •Available in sizes from 8” up to 20” •Display sizes from 1U up to 9U •Option of multi-screen format •Rugged and durable construction •Incorporates sunlight viewable technology •Inputs - PC (analogue VGA) as standard, plus optional •DVI-D, Composite Video (PAL & NTSC), S-Video Our Professional Rack Vision Series range of high performance rack mountable LCD Monitors are designed to suit a wide range of industrial, engineering, pharmaceutical applications where mounting in a standard 19“ Rack is essential.
  11. 11. Panel PC Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Industry sectors in which our Panel PC display solutions could be utilised: •Military: these displays can be incorporated into aircrafts and ships •Industrial: factory process automation and pharmaceutical •Transportation: cars, trucks, ships, yachts and trains •Entertainment: gaming, video and lottery machinery •Hospitality: hospitals and restaurants •Banking: ATM, Kiosk, POS •Numerous other industry usages: Oil, Mining, Petrol Stations, Airports and Hotels New Products Coming Soon!! Please refer to our website:
  12. 12. Touch Screen Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Features: •Super sharp LCD display provides high clarity, exceptional durability and reliability •Compatible with all leading POS software •Screens are pressure sensitive, so will work equally well with any input device such as stylus or finger •All our touch screens come with the interfacing options of USB or RS232 Our Touch Screen LCD displays are an ideal solution for repetitive applications such as: POS, Banking, Office and hospitality environments. Within our Touch Screen Display sector we support a wide range of Touch Screen technologies, including Resistive, Capacitive, Projective Capacitive, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Infra Red (IR). In addition we can offer a Touch Screen option for most of our display formats shown on our website ( from Transflective Sunlight Viewable monitors to a standard open frame TFT monitor.
  13. 13. Mobile Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: Features: •Available in sizes 7”, 8”, 9” & 10.2” •NTSC / PAL Auto switching •OSD Controller •Surface coating for sunlight •With IR remote controller (optional) •Rugged brushed aluminum cased Our mobile display range are ideal for applications such as: PC, GPS, DVD, Security, Automotive, Ship and Industry Usage. The flexibility and reliability of these displays ensure that whatever your application one of these screens could fit your small screen requirement.
  14. 14. Custom Concepts Call us on: +44(0)1782 567979 Visit our website: We have the technical knowledge and ability to supply customised display solutions, designed to the individual customers application requirements For further information, please feel free to contact us at: or call on: (01782) 567979