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VR, AI & The Future of Mobile


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A short talk for the Content Marketing Association Digital Breakfast on Wednesday 13 April 2016 covering VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the future of mobile.

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VR, AI & The Future of Mobile

  1. 1. VR, AI & the Future of Mobile Prepared by Helen Keegan for the Content Marketing Association, April 2016. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Key Trends from MWC16  Virtual Reality  Faster, Smarter Slabs  Programmatic advertising and content Play the game? Ethics  The Adblocker Debate  Artificial Intelligence
  3. 3. What is AI doing for us?  Music  Creating playlists  Writing the music  Promoting the music Created using
  4. 4. Chatbots  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft et al A news story yesterday on the BBC about them : ology-36024160
  5. 5. Robot press conference anyone? Source
  6. 6. Robots that look and speak like humans hosted their own news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday (20 JAN 2015), conversing with each other and addressing the audience. Two female humanoid robots helped introduce two new designs, the Sota and the CommU, one of which will go on sale later in the year. "Let me first introduce myself. I am Kodomoroid, a human lookalike robot," one of the humanoids told the audience. "I am so delighted to be appointed as MC (Master of Ceremonies) for this press conference where we introduce the new robots." All of the robots were developed by Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who later took the stage, telling journalists they shouldn't expect too much from robot conversation. "These robots cannot really conduct complicated communication but if we human beings join the conversation held between two robots, I think the situation should feel like natural enough conversation," he said. Sota, a button-eyed robot that resembles a child's doll, goes on sale in July for 100,000 yen (850 US dollars), while CommU, a more elaborate design, will cost five times as much. It is not clear when CommU will be available.
  7. 7. There’s an AI API for everything  Computer vision  Emotion  Facial recognition  Video  Speech  Spellcheck  Translation  Knowledge  Linguistics  Recommendations  And more
  8. 8. Robots and AI – Future of Work  All levels of jobs will be replaced to some degree by robots  Self driving cars  Legal services  Health services  Writing  Accountancy  Stockbroking  Your colleague may well be a robot
  9. 9. We’re not quite there yet for writing  Some is automated – headlines, stock reports, standard type notifications  Some is co-authored - Japanese Novella ‘The Day A Computer Writes a Novel’
  10. 10. What we are dealing with today  Algorithmic content and advertising  Highly influential  You are what you read  Malvertising  SEO and Linkbait  Facebook is in charge  Rise of video  Short attention spans  Ethics and standards  AI to help you – targeting, content, style, clicks
  11. 11. The future is already here Helen Keegan @technokitten