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Who Is The Master Mind


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Who Is The Master Mind

  1. 1. IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY COLLEGE D. Savio St., Better Living Subd., Parañaque City Quarter: 3rd Week #: 04 Date: November 24 – 28, 2008 Title of the lesson: “Who is the master mind?” Level: Computer Literacy for Grade 2 I. Objectives At the end of a 40-min. period, the students are expected to achieve the following objectives with 85% accuracy. Quiz a. Identify the icons used in editing clip art b. Recognize rhyming words Discussion a. Define what is CPU, b. Distinguish the different parts of the CPU, c. Follow the GMRC in using cyberspace (internet) and the computer. II. Subject Matter A. Value Focus: Follow and apply the Good Manners and Right Conduct in using the cyberspace (internet) and the computer B. Reference: E-Files Journal Vol.6 No.2 SY 2008 – 2009 C. Tools and Materials: NSS, Computers, E-Files Journal, PowerPoint Presentation III. Procedure 1. Preliminary Activities  Checking of attendance 2. Quiz #1: Clip-arts and Rhymes (pen and paper activity)  Distribution of test papers (10mins)  The students will answer the test paper.  Teacher will remind them of the rules when taking the test. o Mind your own paper o No cheating o Read the sentence very carefully. o Follow instructions 1
  2. 2. IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY COLLEGE D. Savio St., Better Living Subd., Parañaque City IV. Presentation 1. Discussion  Teacher will do the following: • Open students’ E-Files Journal on page 5. • Ask the students the following: o What do you mean by GMRC? o Good Manners and Right Conduct – good manners make people feel good. • Discuss to students the GMRC in using the cyberspace o Do not use rude words o Do not hurt other’s feelings o Be clear in your subject and message o Check your spelling o Don’t type in UPPERCASE letters. It is like SHOUTING. o Use smiley so people will understand you better.   means your smiling   means your sad  ;) means your making a joke o Tell your parent or teacher if you get a message that upsets you. o Show your parent or teacher the sites that ask for your private information. They can guide you on what you can type. • Ask the students to go to page 13 of the journal. “Who is the master mind?” • Read the article about the CPU. • Discuss to students the article that they have read. • Teacher will let the students copy the information in their journals. o What is CPU? – CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. CPU is commonly called processor. o What is motherboard? The motherboard, also sometimes referred to as the main board, is a collection of devices (together on one large circuit board) that control the flow of data and operating electricity for all the primary components in a PC - for example, the CPU, memory, graphics adapter and sound card. HDD CPU MEMORY BIOS Motherboard 2
  3. 3. IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY COLLEGE D. Savio St., Better Living Subd., Parañaque City 2. Seatwork activity #2. Try This • Students will be asked to answer page 13 of the journal. • Teacher will check the journals and scores will be recorded. IV. Generalization • Teacher will ask the following questions: o What did you learn today? o Give some GMRC in using cyberspace. o What is CPU? o What is motherboard? VII. Assignment • Study pages 5 and 13 of E-Files Journal. Be ready for quiz 2 next meeting. Prepared by: Noted by: Ms Juvelyn P. Villareal Ms Gina E. Navarro Computer Teacher Subject Area Head 3