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Session 2 Poems That Rhyme ( Intro


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Session 2 Poems That Rhyme ( Intro

  1. 1. July 24, 2008 I. OBJECTIVE Define the term “rhyme” Recognize rhyming words in a poem Change the text wrap of a picture II. SUBJECT MATTER Session 2: Poems that rhyme Introduction to text wrap pages 19-24 III. METHODOLOGY Discussion, Hands On IV. PREPARATION a.Greetings b.Attendance c. Review(Open, Save, border, font style and font color) d. Motivation (the students will read poems with rhyming words) V. LESSON DEVELOPMENT 1. Rhyme – is two words that has the same sound Ex: look-cook-book whale-sale 2.clip art – are ready made computerized graphics or images 3.text wrap – is the way the words go around a picture . Hands on Activity 1. Select and type a short poem in the Microsoft Word document 2. Insert clip art in your document that represents your poem 3. Use text wrap ( Square) 4. Do the activity on techno poet pages 21-24 VI. ASSIGNMENT 1. On your notebook, write three poems that has rhyming words . 2. After each poem, paste a picture that represents the poem.