Parts Of M S Word


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Parts Of M S Word

  1. 1. Immaculate Heart of Mary College D. Savio St. Better Living Subdivision Parañaque City Title of the Lesson : Microsoft Word Environment Level : Computer Literacy for Grade 2 Week 3-4 2nd Assessment Period I. Objectives 1. Familiarize the Parts of the Microsoft Word Environment 2. State the use of each parts of the Microsoft Word. II. Subject Matter Parts of the Microsoft Word Environment III. Tools and Materials Microsoft Word Software, NSS, TechnoKids Flash cards, TechnoKids Additional Materials hand-outs IV. Preparation 1. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation showing the different parts of the Microsoft Word soiftware and its uses. 2. Distribute hand-outs. V. Presentation 1. Show and discuss to the class the prepared presentation of the different parts of Microsoft Word using the NSS show feature.
  2. 2. 1. Discuss the tools on Microsoft Word and let the students’ try for themselves. a. Title Bar Displays the name of the program use and the name of the document currently working on. It appears at the top of all Window programs. b. Menu bar Displays a list of menus used to give commands to word. Clicking on the menu name displays a list of commands. c. Standard Toolbar – toolbars are shortcuts. Contain buttons for the most commonly used commands. The Standard toolbar contains buttons for the Word commands. d. Formatting Toolbar – contains buttons for the most commonly used formatting commands such as making text, bold or italics. e. Ruler – Displays left and right paragraph and document margins and tab stops. f. Task Pane – list commands that are relevant to whatever you’re doing in word. g. Insertion Point – The small blinking bar is where the text you type appears on the document. h. View Buttons – appear on the left-hand size of the horizontal scroll bar and are used to display documents in several different views. i. Scroll bars – there are horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Use to view and move around the document. The scroll box shows where you are in the document. j. Status Bar- Displays various important information such as the total number of pages in a document, which page you are currently working on, and the position of the insertion point k. Minimize Button – Minimizes a window, but still’s running in your computer’s memory. l. Maximize – Enlarges trhe window so that it fills entire screen. The maximize button only appears when the window isn’t maximized. m. Restore – When a window is maximized, clicking the Restore button returns the window to its previous smaller size. n. Close Button – Closes the window or program when you finished working with it.
  3. 3. VI. Evaluation Quiz 2 next meeting . 10 items Multiple Choice type of Exam using Powerpoint.