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Formatting Font & Border


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Formatting Font & Border

  1. 1. Immaculate Heart of Mary College D. Savio St. Better Living Subdivision Parañaque City Title of the Lesson : Decorate the Poem Book Cover Level : Computer Literacy for Grade 2 Week 5-7 I. Objectives 1. Design the Poem Book Cover. 2. Familiarize the Border and Font tools in designing the poem book cover. 3. Appreciate the use of the Border and Font tools in MS Word in designing document. II. Subject Matter Microsoft Word, Formatting tools (Font and Border) III. Tools and Materials NSS software, TechnoPoet handbook, computer, TechnoPoet Resource File, Microsoft Word software IV. Preparation Send a copy of Pocketful of Poems to each workstation of the student. V. Presentation Demonstrate to the class the procedures of designing the Poem Book Cover using the NSS Show feature. 1.Double click the Microsoft Word icon on the desktop or Click Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office- >Microsoft Word 2.Double click to open the Pocketful of Poems document from the students’ respective folders. Change the Zoom 1.Click the arrow on the Zoom tool. 2.Pick the 50% from the menu. 3.Pick 200% from the menu. 4.Pick Whole Page from the menu. 5.Click inside the Zoom tool box. 6.Type 88 and press ENTER. Add a Border 1.Click Format from the menu bar then click Borders and Shading -> Page Border Tab -> Art field then let the student select their own border style. Who is the Author? Click inside the words Type your Name Here and let the students type their own name. Changing the Font 1.Highlight the word by clicking and dragging over the word to be format. Then click Format from the menu bar then select Font. 2. In the Font Dialog Box select the Font style by clicking the list of font styles from the list. Then add color to the style chose from the Font Color Box then click OK. Change the Font Style In the Font Style box, click on Italic, Bold and Underline to see how it changes the text. Change the Font Size In the Size box, choose some of the different numbers and let the students observe what happen to their text sizes. Add Font Effects Try some of the different font effects by clicking the box to check them to activate or click again to uncheck to get rid of the effect. Save students’ work Click the Save button the Standard tool bar. VI. Evaluation Activity: Let each students design their own poem book cover.