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Creating A Folder


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Creating A Folder

  1. 1. Immaculate Heart of Mary College D. Savio St. Better Living Subdivision Parañaque City Title of the Lesson : Create a Folder Level : Computer Literacy for Grade 2 Week 4 I. Objectives 1. Create own folder on the computer. 2. Recognize importance of file organization. II. Subject Matter Creating a folder, file organization III. Tools and Materials NSS, Computer IV. Preparation Check class attendance V.Presentation 1. Demonstrate to the class the proper way of creating a folder using the NSS show feature. a. Point the mouse to the My Computer icon on the desktop and right click the mouse b. Choose explore to the drop down list. c. Right click the Datadisk (D:) icon and choose explore from the drop down list. d. Double click the My Documents Folder e. Right click on the white area then choose the following on the prompt list respectively, New and then Folder. Name the folder Grade 2. f. Double click the created Grade 1 folder then create another folder by, right click the white area and then click new and choose Folder. Then name the folder with the student’s lastname and section. VI. Evaluation Activity: Let the students create their own folder in their respective workstations. Prepared by: Maricel P Jimenez Submitted to: Ms Gina Navarro IT Teacher Subject Area Head