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Creating business value from/with big data - Conférence 17/11


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Conférence Relax & Larn organisée par Technofutur TIC, Cefora & Technobel à L'axis Parc de Mont Saint Guibert
Intervenant Ivan Jureta- FRS-FNRS & UNamur

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Creating business value from/with big data - Conférence 17/11

  1. 1. Creating business value from/with big data Ivan Jureta FRS-FNRS & UNamur Nov 18h, 2016
  2. 2. *Large Quantity AND *High Variety AND *High Velocity AND High Variability AND Variable Quality => Big Data
  3. 3. Case 1 - Medical How to speed up & standardize prediagnostic ECG analysis globally?
  4. 4. Medical-grade ECG monitors Global storage & computational infrastructure Medical grade hybrid AI Clear interfaces/reports to physicians Per use model
  5. 5. Case 2 - Transportation How to lower road freight transport costs globally?
  6. 6. 24/7/365 freight marketplace Location tracking Predictive models of carrier / shipper costs Pricing recommendations Trust / reputation mechanisms Transaction fee
  7. 7. What can we learn from solving these problems?
  8. 8. Exploratory approach: Discover opportunities/problems in data, then design products as solutions vs / & Evidential approach: Design sensors and use data to validate product design decisions
  9. 9. Technologies change Regulations change Competitive conditions change Consumer expectations change A key source of competitive advantage remains the capability to make the right business decisions
  10. 10. Evidential approach can be implemented across an organization, from sensors to models of consumer behavior, staff satisfaction, product lifecycle, and strategy-making.
  11. 11. Big data infrastructure in this approach becomes part of the core business structure, relevant beyond individual projects and products.
  12. 12. Thank you