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Technocratz Newsbytes

  1. 1. NEWS BYTES A step towards sharing knowledge, PRANAV JAIN ECE-1 Morning 1ST YEAR
  2. 2. Sketching in mid-air can be great fun. The Lix 3D printing pen is claimed the smallest 3-d printing pen in the world. •Powered using a USB port. •Plastic rods are fed into the top of the pen, near the power port. •Heated nozzle at the other end (190°C/374°F). •Flow is controlled by buttons on the lower part •Estimated street price = US$140 •a ballpoint version for about $60 would be released. •Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign 3D printing pen
  3. 3. Facebook and announce flying internet The Connectivity Lab team at Facebook has been working on new technologies to improve and increase internet access across the globe. was established last year,-internet access to the two- thirds of the world's population. •Its founding partners include Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia. •Solar-powered high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft •Low-Earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites •Free-space optical communication (FSO), which employs invisible infra-red laser beams, as a means of transmitting data.
  4. 4. X-Men-inspired specs will literally give you a burning stare German laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe, built a device, LaserEyes, in March. •X-men’s Cyclops. •It incorporates two red aiming lasers, two blue burning lasers, and blue LEDs in the arms, to indicate that it's powered up. •Power is provided by an onboard lithium-polymer battery. •Priebe activates the burning lasers by blinking his right eye.  
  5. 5. SELFIE mirror Istrategy department of Ops company, have made The SELFIE, or "Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine“ •To trigger the camera-stand in front of it (using a specially- placed vinyl marker on the floor for guidance) and smile. •Using facial recognition library a smile is detected, which further causes two vertical rows of LEDs to illuminate in sequence, providing the countdown and simulating a flash •USB speaker to provide another clue that the photo has been taken. •Automatically posted to Twitter.
  6. 6. Victorinox Swiss Army,has launched a new watch collection, pitched as a rugged companion for life. Survived over a hundred toughness tests, including being • run over by a tank, •dropped onto concrete, •exposed to temperature extremes(-51 °C to +71°C) •thrown into the middle of a sandstorm for a couple of hours. •It is watertight to a depth of 200 m (660 ft). •Tortured with corrosive chemicals. The Rugged companion-INOX
  7. 7. The Victorinox Inox will come in a choice of black, green or blue dial colors, with matching straps, and will be available from September this year for an as yet undisclosed price.
  8. 8. Floating wind turbine Buoyant Air Turbine (BAT) from Altaeros is pushing to be the highest wind turbine in history. helium-filled shell with a wind turbine in the middle proposed as a quickly deployable tethered power source for remote areas and emergency zones. disadvantages : •take a long time to install, •pose a threat to birds and •some folks consider them a blight on the landscape.
  9. 9. Smartphone battery that recharges in 30 seconds Israeli startup, StoreDot, claims that it can fully charge in just under 30 seconds. •Reversing the chemical reactions •The company produces so-called nanodots(bio-organic peptide molecules)-small in size. •MFE – Multi Function Electrode-On one side it acts like a supercapacitor (with very fast charging), and on the other is like a lithium electrode (with slow discharge). •Nanodots are made from a vast range of bio-organic raw materials that are environmentally-friendly. •the technology could also be adapted to electric cars.
  10. 10. Energy-producing Honda Smart Home gives more than it takes The HONDA home generates enough solar energy to power both car and home, with a little left over to feed back into the grid. •A geothermal heat pump •The shower drainage is pumped, heated, driven through pipes located in the floor, roof and ceiling to provide heating •Cement used is mixed with pozzolan,a naturally occurring material. •LED, using bright blue-rich light in the daytime,while using an amber tone creates a more relaxed atmosphere after the sun goes down.
  11. 11. TwistVol t An innovative extension port, having USB ports for charging, and looks more like a modern art piece. Let’s see it functioning, and hope we get them in the next year’s HANDS-ON Session.
  12. 12. Printing becomes portable A portable robotic printer that works by traveling across the surface of a piece of paper to provide users with a means of printing on the go. •employs an inkjet for the printing and •Bluetooth for connecting with other devices. •uses a high-resolution optical sensor that says is commonly used in high-end mice. •rechargeable battery •can print on any size piece of paper. •omni-wheel system that allows it to accurately move around the page that it is printing on.
  13. 13. MisTable Video says it all, so just watch this:
  14. 14. Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace TCS ties up with Twitter India for election app Microsoft ends support to XP; opens market for Chinese firms Microsoft Windows now free on phones, tablets Gionee launches world's slimmest smartphone, ELIFE7 at Rs 22,999 Apple's 'transparent texting' lets you text and walk LG’s Curved TV Latest technology launches
  15. 15. HTC One-M8 was launched at a price of Rs 49,900, being the first smartphone with metallic finish. Lava launches 3G calling tablet IvoryS at Rs 8,499Galaxy S5 launched, to be priced up to Rs 53,000  Moto X now officially available in India at Rs 23,999 iOS 7.1.1 update released for iOS devices Nokia X price cut ahead of X+, XL launch
  16. 16. THANKS FOR BEING PATIENT Hoping the “news cake” has been “byten”, presentation CONCLUDES.