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  1. 1. VISION INTOVISION INTO FUTURE !!!!!FUTURE !!!!! --By Aakanksha Sharma & Varsha KansalBy Aakanksha Sharma & Varsha Kansal (CSE-1,3rd year)(CSE-1,3rd year)
  2. 2. WHAT IS INTERNET ???  According to wikipedia "Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use standard Internet protocol suite to serve billion users worldwide."  In layman language"Internet is a medium to connect people. Its about data accessed and operated by people."  Video1-Internet of things
  3. 3. ????????????????  Can you ever imagine things talking among themselves ?  Have you ever felt if you could call misplaced things ?  Can a car call an ambulance faster than a phone?  Your refrigerator can be your doctor or dietician,amazed???  Can you imagine living in a world where everything is connected-from cars to homes to roads(Yes!!roads)
  4. 4. Definition-Internet of things(IOT)  It refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representation in internet like structure.  In Layman language "It is smart machines interacting and communicating with other machines,objects,envt.,&infrastructure resulting in volumes of data generated which is processed into useful actions...  Video2:Iot-A
  5. 5. Smart object definition When we incorporate/embed artificial intelligence in object using microcontroller or processing unit with a unique ID is called smart object.
  6. 6. IOT building blocks:  RFID : It is the crux of Iot.It is a system that transmits identity(in form of unique code) of an object or person wirelessly using radiowaves .
  7. 7. RFID System It consists of : 1.RFID tag- It consists of microchip attached to radio antenna.In this tag unique ID of the object will be stored. 2.RFID reader-It has antenna/s that emit radiowaves &receives signal back from the tag when the object comes in the range of RFID waves(refer picture).  Reader passes the info collected from RFID tag to MCU/Computer system in digital form.  Computer system decodes the info,eg.ID of object in this case ,attached wih the tag.
  8. 8. RFID better alternative than Barcodes/QR codes It is easier to use RFID than barcodes/QR codes because there would be no need to pass everything under the scanner to retrieve info contained in tag.RFID will sense the info wirelessly using radio waves. Range:From 1 inch to 100 feet.
  9. 9. Sensors and Actuators Sensors detects data and pass it onto the processing unit that passes it further to the actuators. Actuators perform the action when signal/command is given by processing units.
  10. 10. Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs)  It allows transfer of data from sensing device to cloud storage which is further transferred to processing units which is operated by user. SENSORS URN URL Cloud Data stored here WWW Gateway Creates replica/ copy of URLWSNs dont support IPv6,but sensors work on this network type. Users get info sensor have URN (as numbers) to be addressed by gateways.
  11. 11.  Gateway is used to convert one network system to another.In this case WSN to WWW.  Data from sensors in objects will be stored on cloud as 4000 exabytes of data space is available.  Visualizations:Interacti on of users with envt.3D touch phones etc. Data storage and visualization.
  12. 12. Applications  Searching things.For example keys.  Monitoring things like heart beat rate,B.P,chole -strol level of patient using telehealth services.  Connecting things like connecting your smart home to your smart car.
  13. 13. Applications  Controlling things like your toaster decides the colour of your toast using Iot.  Play with things like superimposing game envt. with the surroundings.  By 2030,50 billion devices will connected through internet. wow !!!!!
  14. 14. Thermostat prepared at nest labs  It was made in Nest labs under the guidance of Tony Fadell,the guy who made Apple's IPOD.  It is based on prediction of the ongoing activities and takes action accordingly.  It sets the temperature of the room automatically as per your mood.  Video3-euronews
  15. 15. Security issues of Iot  Iot elements RFID,WSNs,Clouds are vulnerable to attacks.  Securing MCU is biggest challenge as they can be easily hacked during basic bootup process.  Encryption in RFID tags is prone to malicious attacks so new sensor apps need to be developed.  Cloud data can be accessed easily by public in case of public as well as private authorization to clouds.  Privacy and identity is at stake as each object would be connected through ID codes.  At the end is it mind over net or net over mind ??  We are shifting responsibilties and dedicating thinking process to objects.
  16. 16. Iot growing from its infancy stage to adulthood!!!! • Yes !!!!!!!! thats will be possible in the future that things can talk ...and IOT MAKES THINGS TALK!!!!!