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Science & tech in shodhana ksr


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Science & tech in shodhana ksr

  1. 1. Science and technologies of Samsodhana karmaDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  2. 2. A Technoayurveda International Presentation In Association with Ayurmitra CME on Kayachikitsa,Dr N.R.S. Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Vijayawada 12th Sep 2011 to 17th Sep 2011. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  3. 3.  As the Ayurveda Bhetal is skipped from Dr.Vikram BAMS, he walk back to the Mortuary to catch Bhetal and take his help in his practice.  Bhetal started talking to Dr. Vikram – I don’t understand what makes you to take this much of strain and pain when so many institutions are there to provide you M.D. and Ph.D. degrees so easily for simple Money  Any way you started the Game and the rules are – if you know the answer and won’t tell you are finished and if you talk – you loose me – OK? Bhetal continued – What is Shodhana and how it is practiced in the clinics? Is this Panchakarma (shodhana karma) is scientific? Vikram said - OK – on behalf of me Dr.KSR Prasad will tell the answer – Kindly adjust … Than, I am here – So the Title is - As you know. .Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  4. 4. Scientific ?• Of or relating to the practice of science is scientific.• Then – what is science? – A particular branch of scientific knowledge – as Ayurveda is particular branch knowledge based on specified theories is a science – Research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses – Ayurveda has lots of Theories and Hypothesis, – Ability to produce solutions in some problem domain – Ayurveda has ability to produce solutions Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  5. 5. • so – Ayurveda is a science and the special method of purification – Shodhana is a valued solution provided by the Ayurveda Science• But the problem is – “scientific” determine present trends of information / technologies assisted proof for the solution provided by the theories of Ayurveda• Here I wish to refer the physicists theory – where the Gravity does not fit in any of Electro Magnetism, Strong & Weak forces• The same way – Ayurveda theories dimensions are quite different from the way we see present science But, still – I try to explain at my level best Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  6. 6. The way we are promoting our system Ayurveda is relaying awrong notion to the community – to whom we have to reach
  7. 7. Let the Ayurveda is redefined forthe sake of people – who doesn’t understand the theories and Hypothesis of the Ayurveda andwish to have it in the present day terminologies
  8. 8. • The Shodhana vis-à-vis How many Eliminative procedures of Shodhana Ayurveda are “4” – viz. Vamana, Virechana, (Panchakarma) Nasya, Asthapana Vasti• Later added with Raktamokshana (Blood Letting) as 5th procedure• Consideration of Anuvasana Vasti as 5th is not a valid elimination as discussed by Chakrapani Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  9. 9. • The Shodhna is meant for the elimination of Dosha from Body in a state of Disease General• The shodhana alleviates the Dosha generated pathology principles precursors (Vikara Utpattikara Bhava)• The anti-pathology factors (Vikara Anutpattikara Bhava) or Health sustenance factors are simultaneously generated• Thus, the study of factors removed from the elimination are studied – it explains the Dosha and its distributions Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  10. 10. Vamana – Emesis• The Vamana can be defined as – an fluid expulsive mechanism from oral & Nasal orifices which includes transudation & exudation of the stomach & pulmonary fluids• Thus the Vamana effectively eliminates the – “Kena Jalena phalateeti” – Kapha – the water & electrolyte metabolism & its pathological effects Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  11. 11. Vamana - Emesis• The major portion of the emesis will be fluid along with common bile juice• The salivary glands, excretes heavy metals and compound protein structures where in the stomach yields much gastrin, HCl, etc• The regurgitation of intestinal solution bears Fatty acids & dietary triglycerides Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  12. 12. Vamana - Emesis• Whether food or medicine in the stomach normally makes Integrated action of gastrointestinal hormones in regulating digestion and utilization of absorbed nutrients.• As the irrigative & secretive effect of the Vamana dravya adds more transudes and propulsive expulsion of the content with its nausea / emetic effect runs out all “Kapha” from Amashaya Blue dash = Inhibition of Gastric acids Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  13. 13. • HCl secretion by parietal cellsVamana - Emesis in the stomach. Active transport by ATPase is indicated by arrows in circles. H+ is secreted into the gastric lumen in exchange for K+ by H+-K+ ATPase. HCO3- is exchanged for Cl- in the interstitial fluid by an antiport, and Na+-K+ ATPase keeps intracellular Na+ low. Dashed arrows indicate diffusion. • Emesis makes drastic fall in H+ resultant in to preventing the K+ reserve in Extra cellular area which in turn maintains intracellular K+ Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  14. 14. Vamana - Emesis • Vamana intended to release & eliminate excess Kapha from the upper part of stomach • Still it is vague to say – what happens as a change in the stomachDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  15. 15. Virechana - PurgationVirechana is induction ofpurgation to expel Pittafrom Rectal route.Most of the water re-absorption in the Digestivetract is in Colon, where –Pureshadhara kala persists. Its placement Pureeshadhaphysiologically after ra KalaIleoceacal Valve till torectum. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  16. 16. Virechana - Purgation • A strong action of motilin, VIP, etc is perceived usually in colon. • The purgation makes more water from intracellular compartment dragging in to intestines and prevent re- absorption from colon • In this process drastic propulsion of the all secretions of stomach are subjected radical purge along with clearing the flora of GIT • It facilitate to re-generate new media & regulate secretion functionsDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  17. 17. Virechana - Purgation• A study made to on Electrolyte Balance after Virechana resulted no alteration either on Fluid content or quality (Electrolytes & Enzymes)• This suggests – the regularization of the Gastric enzymes is done in the process of Virechana along with GIT flora re-activation Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  18. 18. Nasya• Nasya is nasal medicine administration• Nose is said as the entry to head i.e. Brain• All neurological disorders are treated with nasya in Ayurveda Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  19. 19. Nasya • What anatomically we see is – a open nerve ending area in the nose which can be irritated and there by the neuro-regulation is doneDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  20. 20. Vasti - Asthapana• Ayurveda Vasti Kriya is not just an enema• It is a route of administration of medicine bypassing the Jatharagni & Bhutagni to reach the area of Dosha- dushya sammurchana to make Vighatana Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  21. 21. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  22. 22. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  23. 23. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  24. 24. Vasti – Uttara (Male)• a blunder we make at the Male Uttaravasti is to introduce medicine in to Urinary bladder in Seminal Problems• Probe has to be stopped at the isthmus and allow the medicine to enter in to seminal vesicle• Usually water base alkaloids act instantaneous and the lipid associated long term Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  25. 25. Vasti – Uttara (Female) • Endometrial cleaning takes place natural every month • Thus the 5th days is selected to introduce a long term acting medicine introduction in uterus • It allows the medicament to retain longer to actDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  26. 26. Rakta Mokshana • Blood letting as a treatment started to pacify Blood related disease • So, the impurities blood is lost and body generates the new • It maintains homeostasis of BloodDr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at
  27. 27. Many things to do in Ayurveda to but the commitment is requiredThe researches which we are undertaking in this regard require a directionAs the Answer is given, may be correct or not - Bhetal”went back to mortuary & the story continues . . . . Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, at