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Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Salod, Wardha students magazine "Umang-2012"

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  1. 1. Ayurveda in you and aroundThe science of Life protecting Mankind
  2. 2. Hon’ble ChancellorShri Dattaji Meghe’s BlessingsIt gives me immense pleasure to learn that theStudents’ Magazine “Umang” 2012 is beingbrought out.The Students’ magazine is the perfect avenue tosurface the concealed literary talents andcreativity of the students. It is a document ofcollective wisdom of the students.I am sure that “Umang” would be an aptmilestone on the path towards our mission ofknowledge, service and health form Ayurveda.I extend my words of appreciation to theeditorial board and the students who haveworked hard for this creative venture.This is the time when we have to stretch ourabilities and step out of the rut. If we gothrough the same motions, we will end up withthe same results. We have to put more time,energy thought and creativity into our effortsand Resolve to reach higher.My best wishes are with each one of you to keeplearning, keep growing and keep venturingbeyond what you already know and make adifference to this world as staff and students ofMahatma Gandhi Ayurved College.
  3. 3. Hon’ble Chief Advisor Dr. Vedprakash Mishra’s Blessings MESSAGEIt gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to note that Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved CollegeHospital and Research Centre, Salod (Wardha), a constituent unit of Datta Meghe Institute ofMedical Sciences (Deemed University), Nagpur, is bringing out the first edition of the studentsmagazine under the caption “Umang”.It is heartening to note that the magazine has received a overwhelming response from the studentswhich goes to indicate its acceptance at the first place. A venture like this is indeed aimed at providingan appropriate platform to the young minds to show case their creative talents and positive aptitude.The young generations have to bear in mind that “there cannot be a monopoly of ideas, innovationsand creativity”. Each individual harbors several ideas within himself which on many occasions suffocateand die for want of an appropriate opportunity for manifestation. This not only ends up in death of agenuine idea in the mind of an individual but it also deprives the society and humanity from reapingthe benefits which could have generated out of the same.It is in this context the initiatives undertaken by the college in providing for a much desired andneeded platform to the students for unloading themselves in legitimate manifestations of theirimaginative ideas and innovative thoughts on the pages of the magazine titled ‘Umang’.The caption itself symbolizes the enthusiasm which is the hallmark of the young mind and youthfulintellect possessed by it. It is imperative that an appropriate ambiance is invariably created to ensurethat the enthusiasm of the young minds is off loaded on an appropriate canvas, in diligent coloursand desired contours to give it an appropriate shape of consequence and relevance alike.I trust and belief that the venture Umang would definitely stand true on to the touch stones of theseparameters and would definitely go a long way in creating a deserving place itself in the hearts andminds of all concerned.My good wishes to the editorial board and all associated with the venture. Extending a very best tothe same. Yours Sincerely, (Dr.Vedprakash Mishra)
  4. 4. Hon’ble Vice ChancellorDr. A. J. Pakhan’s Blessings I am immensely pleased to give this message to UMANG 2012 MGACHR&C student’s reflection. I am sure that the students’ magazine will not only boost the individuality but also the confidence amongst the younger generation of students towards creativity All the Best!
  5. 5. Hon’blc Sagarji Meghe Treasurer DMIMS MESSAGEI am truly pleased to learn that the inaugural issue of “Umang” – the Student’s Magazineof the Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital and Research Centre is being broughtout. It is the result of the dedication, hardwork and diligent efforts of the team which isbeing manifested in the form of the same.I would like to congratulate the Dean and all those who have been directly or indirectlybeen involved in bringing out this publication and would like to see such issues comingout with regularity in the years to come. I am sure that this would benefit the readersby enriching them with updated knowledge. It is really heartening to note that thestudents have contributed whole-heartedly to the same with meaningful inputs andthis would also serve as a wherein they can give vent to their literary pursuits.I wish all success to the Editor-in-Chief, members of the Editorial Board and her dedicatedteam in all their future endeavours which would uphold the name and tradition of theinstitution as well as that of the University. With best wishes, (Sagar Meghe) Treasurer, DMIMS
  6. 6. Hon. Sameerji MegheSecretary, DMIMS I am very happy to know that the students of Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College are bringing out their magazine UMANG 2012. All the Best!
  7. 7. Hon’ble Dr. R M Borle Registrar DMIMSI am immensely pleased to give this message to UMANG2012 MGAC student’s reflection. College Magazine is a truereflection of the creative minds of the student.It is also an avenue for the expression of their feelingsthinking and creativity which is also equally vital as these arethe thoughts based on high literary value acting as an oasisin an otherwise day to day routine It is also a reflection ofacademics and achievements of the institution in it’s totallyfor the preceding year.All the Best!
  8. 8. Hon’ble Dr. S.S. PatelChief Co-Ordinator DMIMSUI am extremely pleased to learn that this year’s student magazine ofMGAC is about to be unfurled.I am sure that the students magazine will not only boost the moralamongst the younger generation of students towards creativity butwill also reflect the high cultural and aesthetic values which areuniversal and genuinely radiate about.The magazine I believe is a true creation and representation of andby the students. It is a rare opportunity to not only exhibit but alsoshare their experience and enhance their talent amongst theircontemporaries and faculty members.My sincere wishes and blessings to the staff and the students.
  9. 9. Dean, MGAC Dr. Syam BhutadaIts’ a feeling of immense pleasure and joy towitness the culture and heritage of ourinstitution unfold magazine “Umang 2012”. Inthis occasion I wish the Ayurveda to touch theGlobal attitudes and pride.I am sure the efforts put in this by my studentsand colleagues will beA congratulated.All the best!
  10. 10. Editorial Board Umang-2012, MGACAdvisory Editorial Student EditorialDr. K. S. R. Prasad Ms. Priya KakdeDr. Namrata Chouragade Ms. Shanti ManyalDr. Saroj Tirpude Mr. Eshan BorkarDr. Gaurav Sawarkar Mr. Darshit Shastri
  11. 11. Pitta LifeVata Kapha
  12. 12. English Chapter Umang-2012
  13. 13. “Baby To Girl” Darshit R. Shastri “For all the pretty women, It’s amazing “Have the Change”. From “Childhood To Adolescence” “Vaseline to lip gloss” “Rattles in Hand to Cell Phones” “Baby shoes to Pencil Heels” “Johnson Baby to Loreal Garnier” “Small pink Hands to Manicured Hands”But there is something which never change’ “Dwellingness to listen, Patience to understand, & A Heart to Care”“To all the Women & Girls who had touched, “My Heart”
  15. 15. Bhagyashree hedau { 2k10}
  16. 16. True Relationship Tejal Nageshwar, 2 k 11A little girl and her father werecrossing a flimsy bridge .The fatherwas kind of scared so his asked hislittle daughter.“Sweetheart, please hold my handso that you don’t fall into river.”The little girl said,”No Dad youhold my hand.”“What’s the difference? Asked thepuzzled father -There’s big difference,” replied thelittle girl,” if I hold your hand andsomething’s happen to me, chancesare that I may let your hand Go,but if you hold my hand, I happens,you will never let my hand go.”In any relationship the essence oftrust is not in its bond. So, hold thehard the hand of the person whomyou love rather than expectingthem to hold yours.....!!!!!
  17. 17. IMAGINATION Bhagyashree Jibkate “ What we can easily see is only A small percentage of What is possible. Imagination is having the visionTo see what is just below the surface To picture that which is essential, but Invisible to the eye. “FRIENDSHIP NishaLife the arithmeticFriends to addEnemies to subtractsJoy to MultiplyAnd sorrow to divideFriendship is like a china cupCostly, nice and expensiveOnes it ‘is broken can never beMended and even if mendedThe cracks Remains foreverMakes new friendsBut do not forget the old ones,Old is gold.And never to be sold.
  18. 18. Life Tejaswini Chavhan, 2 k 11Life is like a rose flowerWith petals as its building powerIts stem is scrambling stairsOne falls or climbs who caresDo not scurry and spoil the gameAnd lose your renowned fameAlways keep this in mindDo not work in hurryYour destination you will find.The sepals are numerous phasesEach stage has a different caseThey teach something or the otherThat helps you move even furtherEach stage will give you a buffetHelp you to turn into an adeptThe pricks in the wayWill make you efficientFrom being less deficientThe rose is very prettyDays pass it turns dingyIt loses its freshnessAnd becomes cheerlessIt is dull and falls on the groundAnd loses its fame renownedBut after few weeksA new bud emerge outTurning into a flower so vitalWith a prestigious titleSo never, lose hopeAs everything can be copiedThe story does not end hereOh! My readers dearAs rose needs light and soilYou too need a field to toilHere comes our parentWho are always close to our heartSide by side or miles apart.
  19. 19. “Forgiveness” Darshit R. Shastri “ Forgiveness should come on its own Asking for pardon, is their greatness but Pardoning them on your own is your virtue Don’t wait for people to feed your ego.Help other to move ahead, other in a very subtle manner, We start enjoying ourselves when some is miserable Life is like a river…….if flows People change, idea change, some year ago, If some one dear to you passed away, you Mourned, but do you still mourn? No, you got over it & moved on Similarly, if you make mistake, don’t sit & chew on it. Don’t enjoy someone’s guilt Instead feel happy that, someone got over it & Feel okay now We wait for someone to ask our pardon.
  20. 20. AHARTHE PRIME UPASTHAMBA OF LIFE (Shanthi Manyala 2K7)Food, clothing and shelter are the basicnecessities of human life. Ahar is consideredas life.From the primitive time till the dateahar has its own vitality. If we consider theanimal kingdom,they consume precedingcreature and maintain the “Food Chain”.But the humans, the most civilized among allthe creatures have their own way ofconsuming the Food.Food is essential for the nourishment andprotection of the body,sense organs, mind andsoul. Right from the birth catabolism takes 7)Upayogasamstha(dietary rules)-certain dietaryplace and hence for regeneration of rules should be followed while consumption oftissues,food is constant requirement.In the includes the following.spiritual texts, food is described as something - Food eaten should always be fresh and hot.which protects th outer physical body and the - Proper use of fats should be made for theimmortal soul. lubrication of various visceral organs.Thus for maintaining a healthy life,it is - Food should be consumed in required quantityessential to follow certain rules of ideally only,neither it should be consumedconsuming food excessively nor it should be consumed in tooThis is the “ASHTAAHARVIDHI less quantityVISHESAYATAN.” - Foods which are opposite in gunas or quality should not be taken fruitThis includes the eight basic factors in regard salad(it contains milk and fruits ,which areto diet. of opposite potency.prolonged intake of1)prakruti-it is the nature or quality of food. such foodstuffs may lead to various skinEach foodstuff has its own characteristics. diseases.)2) Karan-it is the preparation or sanskara. - The place where we consume food should beThis means transformation of qualities clean, hygienic, pleasant.through various processes like - While consuming food,too much talkingCooking ,frying, roasting etc. should be avoided.3)samyoga-it is combination of different foods 8)Upayukta-food should be consumed accordingwhich may enhance the qualities of the to one”s own body constition. Food can beoriginal substance or it may produce considered as the double edged sword as italtogether new qualities. is the factor which is responsible for4)Rashi-it is the total quantity of food maintaining the normalancy of health as wellconsumed (sarvagraha) or as for production of diseases.EvenThe quantity of of individual food(parigraha) consuming proper diet in many diseasedconsumed. conditions helps in controlling the diseases.5)Deha-It is the place where the food is For example in case of diabetes,patient isgrown. advised to consume sugar-free diet,6)Kala-this is the time when the food is hypertensive patients are recommendedtaken.always food should be consumed timely. salt free or low salt diet, for Anemic patients,foodstuffs rich in iron are adviced to consume. Henceforth,much importance is given to ahar or diet in Ayurvedic Literature. DIET TIPS Consume balanced/shadrasatmak ahar While consuming food, full concentration should be on the food Never consume stale food Consume food only when you are hungry. Do not consume excessive food “Food is life and take care of your life.”
  21. 21. ONE PARA EXPLAINS LIFE Dimpal R. Ghubade Batch 09-10Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player,was dying of aids, which he got due to infectedblood he received during heart surgery in 1983.From world over, he received letters from hisfans, one of which conveyed “Why does Godhave to select you for such a bad disease?”To this, he replied,“ The World over 50 million children startsplaying tennis, 5 millions played to learn tennis,5 lakh learn professional tennis,50 thousandcomes to circuit, 5 thousand reach grand slam,50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final , 2 tofinal,When I was holding the cup, i never asked GOD “Why me?”And today in pain I should not be asking god “Why me?” Happiness keeps you sweet, Trail keeps you strong, Sorrow keeps you human, Failure keeps you humble, Success keeps you glowing, But only faith & attitude Keep you going ....... So be positive.
  23. 23. HUMANITY –The True Religion Dimple R. Ghubade, Batch:- 09-10Humanism is an approach to the life i.e. found throughand across the world in many different cultures.Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy Defines “Ahumanism as that, man should show respect to manirrespective of class, race or creed fundamental to theHumanistic attitude of the life”. Among the fundamental tomoral principles, he would count those of freedom,justice, tolerance and happiness, the attitude that peoplecan leave an honest meaningful life without following afollowing a formal religious creed.Pears Encyclopaedia says that humanism is a rejection ofreligion in favour of advancement of humanity by its ownefforts.Collins concise Dictionary defines humanism a nonreligious philosophy based on liberal human values.English Dictionary define Humanism a that the system ormode of thoughts in which human interests, values &Dignity predominate. It is devotion to humanity. In all, wemay say that humanism is way of life, living with honesty,love & respect for all men without any discrimination &keeping positive attitude of life.As flowers pot contains different types of flowers withdifferent colours, this humanity flowers pot contains menof any caste & religion.“ Nirankari Sant Samajan” is an idol of Humanism.“Mahatma Gandhi says that you must not lose faith inHumanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of oceanget dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.We are not Hindus, Muslims, Christians but Human being& Humanity is our religion.
  24. 24. MY VIEWS FOR DOCTORS Dimple R. Ghubade, Batch 09-10Definition of Doctor:-Dr. Make’s people healthier when people get sick.Doctors figures out why?They examine people, listen to them, describe their healthproblem & do tests to see what is wrong. They give peoplesmedicines’ & other kinds of treatments. They also give advicesabout diet, exercises & sleep.Kinds of Doctor:-There are many kinds of doctors 1) Family 2) General practiconer Are often the 1st doctors that people go to when they get sick. These doctors treat common problems,. They also recommend patients to the other specialist. Specialists are expert in specific type of health problems. Ex. Internists focuses on problems with internal organs, paediatricians cares for children & babies, surgeons performs operations. How do you get ready? Becoming a Doctor requires most training than most other jobs. It usually takes 11 yrs to become a good Doctor. 4 yrs of college 4 yrs of medical schools 3 yrs working in the hospitals. For some speciality Doctor may have to work in Hospitals for up to 8 hrs. Before they are fully trained. Students spends most of the 1st year of medical schools in Labs & classrooms.. They also learn to ask the patients the right questions & how to examine. In last 2 yrs students works with patients & Doctors in Hospitals & Clinics. After medical school Doctor works in Hospitals for a few years. They are call as “Resident” What about the future? No. Of jobs for Physicians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupation through the year 2018. This is partly because new machines and tools are letting Doctors to treat more health problems. It is also partly because the population is growing and getting older. So they will make more health care. Job opportunities for Doctor are expected to be good especially in the rural areas and low income areas. Some of those areas do not have enough Doctors.
  25. 25. MISTAKE MAKES MAN GREAT BUT.. Dimple R. Ghubade, Batch 09-10 If a scientist makes mistake, its a new invention. If a Administrator makes mistake, its a new principle. If a Artist makes mistake, its a new design. If a tailor makes a mistake, its a new fashion. If a cook makes mistake, its a new recipe. If a sportsman makes mistake, its a new game. But, If a student’s makes mistake,,, Ohhhh,,,,,, it’s a zero..
  26. 26. Letter of a medico KEERTI GIRHEPUJE ( 2 K 11 ) Rx, O, my darling looking at your excellent anatomy, my physiology has changed. All Biochemical reaction are enhanced with you acting as modular, stimulator & enzyme in my life.A simple glimpse of your lovely face is a stimulus to fireaction potential in to the many nerves of my body. Myheart beats only for you. Every beat produces only onesound’ O Dear, O Dear, O Dear!I am so deeply in love with you that my ECG does notshows the usual Q-R-S Complex but L-O-V-E complex.Please don’t smile so Quiety & frequently because theserepeated rapid stimuli do not tetanise my heart butTITANISE itWhen I see you my Lovers pulse shows tachycardia, my eyesfrom only your image & my Cochlea get engoged withyour sweet voice.The way you walk. The way you talk inhibits the insulinlevel in my blood. Making me suffer from DiabetesMellitus. As per all or none Law, You will be wholly or solely mine or nobody else. My dear I have insomnious nights because of you. Imagining a day without you leaves me as restless as a Hyperthyroi d. What to say! The life without you will make me apnoic. You are the only person who can catalyse my life. Rejection of my proposal will force me on to the ALITOPSY table.
  27. 27. Reason to smile…. -Isha P Wasu (2K11)Police ne car ko roka- Ye suraksha week hai. Aap belt pehan kar carchala rahe ho isliye aapko Rs. 5000 ka inaam diya jata hai. Aap is inaam ka kya karoge..? Car driver- Mai is inaam se apna driving license banwaunga.Pichhli seat par baithi uski maa boli- Iski baat ka yakin mat karo. Ye sharab pi kar kuch bhi bolta hai.Uske papa neend se jaage aur police ko dekh ke bole- Mujhe pata tha ki chori ki car me hum zyada dur nahi jaa payenge. Tabhi dikki se awaz aayi- Bhaijaan, humne border cross kar liya kya..???
  28. 28. A MAN WITH NO BAD HABITS Isha P Wasu (2K11)A man was waiting for a taxi. A beggar came along and asked him for somemoney. The man ignored him. But being a professional, the beggar kept onpestering him. The man became irritated when he realized that the beggarwould not leave him alone unless he parts with some money. Suddenly anidea struck him.He told the beggar, “I do not have money, but if you tell me what you wantto do with the money, I will certainly help you.” “I would have bought a cupof tea”, replied the beggar. The man said, “Sorry man. I can offer you acigarette instead of tea”. He then took a pack of cigarettes from his pocketand offered one to the beggar. The beggar told, “I don’t smoke as it isinjurious to health.”The man smiled and took a bottle of whisky from his pocket and told thebeggar, “Here, take this bottle and enjoy the stuff. It is really good”. Thebeggar refused by saying, “Alcohol muddles the brain and damages theliver”. The man smiled again.He told the beggar, “I am going to the race course. Come with me and I willarrange for some tickets and we will place bets. If we win, you take thewhole amount and leave me alone”.As before, the beggar politely refused the latest offer by saying, “Sorry sir, Ican’t come with you as betting on horses is a bad habit.”Suddenly the man felt relieved and asked the beggar to come to his homewith him. Finally, the beggar’s face lit up in anticipation of receiving at leastsomething from the man. But he still had his doubts and asked the man,“Why do you want me to go to your house with you”.The man replied, “My wife always wanted to see how a man with noBad habits looks like.
  29. 29. A little boy asked his mother,Why Women Cry….!!!!! “why are you crying ? “ Because I’m a women, “ She told him, KALYANI P. NISHANE, 2 K 10 “ I don’t understand, “ he said, BATCH His mom just hugged him and said, “ and you never will.” I later the little boy asked his father, “ why does mother seem to cry for no reason ? “ All women cry for no reason,” Was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, Still wondering why women cry, Finally he put in a CALL TO GOD. When God got on the phone, He asked , God, why do women cry so easily?* GOD SAID : When I made – the women she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, Yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going When everyone else gives up, Take care of her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, Even when her strength to carry her husband through ! His faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his HEART I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly. And finally, I gave her a tear to shed. This is hers exclusively to use whenever it is needed” You see my son, Said God, THE BUETY OE A WOMEN IS NOT IN THE CLOTHS SHE WEARS, THE FIGURE THAT SHE CARRIES, OR THE WAY SHE COMBS HER HAIR, THE BUETY OF A WOMEN MUST BE SEEN IN HER EYES BECAUSE THET IS THE DOORWAY TO HER EART – THE PLACE WHERE ALL RESIDES……!!!!!!!!!!”
  30. 30. PROUD OF BEING A GIRL SNEHAL KAMLE, Batch 2k11 Lord, I am proud of Being a girl, My birth on this earth Is like a precious pearl. I want not to delve In the sea of ignorance But live in pursuit of Truth and providence. Not to get lost within The walls of domesticity But find some meaning In the house of creativity Bless me with high virtues Of goodness, Holiness, selflessness And a mind that always feels The divine power and presence.
  31. 31. TODAY’S FACT….. Isha P. Wasu (2K11)Communication - WirelessPhones - CordlessCooking - FirelessFood - FatlessSweets - SugarlessLabour - EffortlessRelations - FruitlessAttitude - CarelessFeelings - HeartlessPolitics - ShamelessEducation - WorthlessMistakes - CountlessArguments - BaselessYouth - JoblessBoss - BrainlessJobs - ThanklessNeeds - EndlessSituation - HopelessSalaries PROTESTS - Less & Less USE LESS
  32. 32. THOUGHTS OF LIFE SNEHAL KAMLE. BATCH 2K11 Check your Thoughts, They become your WORDS. Check your Words, They become your ACTION. Check your Action, They become your HABIT. Check your Habit, They become your CHARACTER. Check your Character, They become your DESTINY. NINE USEFUL THINGS SNEHAL KAMLE. BATCH 2K11 1. Before you speak - Listen 2. Before you write - Think 3. Before you spend - Earn 4. Before you criticise - Wait 5. Before you pray - Forgive 6. Before you quit - Try 7. Before you take - Give 8. Before you retire - Save 9. Before you die - live
  33. 33. Beauty tips Isha P. Wasu (2K11)The following was written by Audrey Hepburn, who was asked to share beauty tips.For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.People, even more than things, have to be restored, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; neverthrow out anyone.Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, youll find them at the end of each of your arms. Asyou grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the otherfor helping others.The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the wayshe combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is thedoorway to her heart, the place where love resides.The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in hersoul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows.The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.
  34. 34. MISTAKE SNEHAL KAMLE, BATCH 2K11If an administrator makes a mistake, It’s a new law.If an educationalist makes a mistake, It’s a new principle. If an scientist makes a mistake, It’s a new invention. If an artist makes a mistake, It’s a new design. If a tailor make a mistake, It’s a new fashion. But, if a student makes a mistake, Alas! It’s a zero.
  35. 35. EXAMINATION Vs CRICKET MATCH SNEHAL KAMLE, BATCH 2K111. Examination Hall : Stadium2. Student : Bats Man3. Examiner : Bowlor4. Checker : Empire5. Answer Sheet : pitch6. Pen : Bath7. Question : Bat8. Question Paper : Over9. Hard Question : Fast Ball10. Easy Question : Slow Ball11. Good Answer : Well Played12. Bad answer : Bad Played13. Mark : Score Board14. Cheating : Catch out15. Looking here & there : Run Out16. Check paper : L.B.W.17. Blank Paper : Bold18. Fail : Match Loss.
  36. 36. A FrIeND IS …bhAGYAShree heDAu, 2K10 bATChA FrIeND IS SOMeONe weTurN TO wheN OurSpIrITS NeeD A lIFe , A FrIeND IS SOMeONTreASure FOr Our FrIeNDShIp IS A GIFT ,A FrIeND IS SOMeONe whO FIllS Our lIveS wITh beAuTY , jOY AND GrACe , AND MAKeS The whOle wOrlD we lIve IN A beTTer AND hAppIer plACe
  37. 37. Success!……. Myself Madhavika Prakash, Chaudhari….(2k10) Myself “ My List of ingredients for success is divided into fourbasic groups: Inward, outward,Upward & Onward.”So, I am here to tell you process of making my lifedelicious with the help of all these ingredients…And the best chefs who teach me to how make my lifeyummy they are my God, parents & off course myteachers.Always they are saying us…‘For true success ask yourself these four questions:-Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?........’Now I am in second year & happy to tell you with honestthis year feeling very lucky to being a part of thiscollege….Because this is a platform which gives me fiveattitudes…1.When you extend true love to everyone with selfnessmotivation that is an attitude of kindness.2.When you send good wishes & pure feelings to thosewho are in deep sorrow that is an attitude of mercy.3.When you see the virtues rather than the weaknessesin others that is an attitude of compassion.4.When you bless& uplift someone even as they defameyou that is an attitude of forgiveness.5.When you tolerate a situation & take responsibility aswell as give cooperation, even when not appreciated,that is an attitude of humility & self-respect.Thanks a lot for giving exact shape to my life .. formixing chocolate in every bit of my life..
  38. 38. Beauty palour of thesoul….. Myself Madhavika Prakash, Chaudhari….(2k10) Myself Welcome to unique beauty parlour. It’s different. It will leave you looking beautiful &radiant like an angel. No, I am not talking about preening your face or hair but about sprucing up the soul-the inner self. Let’s begin with a facial. Cleansing all the dirt, opening up the pores, tonning the skin, fading away blackheads & marks, removing wrinkles & all unwanted stuff from the face completes the facial. Everything that goes on in the soul- Thoughts & feelings make or mar the look of the face. The purer your thoughts & feelings are, the cleaner & brighter your face would be. Anger, jealousy, ego & worry will create blemishes, patches, wrinkles & dullness on the face. There’s a precaution for the eye make-up. Don’t forget that your eyes will get smudged the moment you focus on the defects of others or at anything that is impure or negative & nothing would make you look uglier than this. A stroke of eye shade can accentuate your eye’s beauty..You can choose from different colours. It’s easy. Just start looking at specialities of other soul & lot your own eyes will become colourful. A dot or bindi on the forehead will highlight your spiritual beauty. But take care to stick one that stays fixed & does not fall off. How do we beautify the lips? The lipstick of kind & sweet words is a wonderful cosmetic for the lips. But beware that the moment you lose your sweetness your lips will crack & get dark. Look into the mirror of your heart. Do you behold a beautiful angel there? It’s none other than you. Did you enjoy visiting our beauty parlour? Frequent visits will make you beautiful forever………. Dedicate to my God, Mummy -Papa, Respected teachers & all my sweetest& dearest frndz…!!!
  39. 39. Al the World a Stage Bhagyashree hedau,{2k10}All the world’s a stage,And all the men and women are merely player’s ;They have their exists and their entrances,And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts being seven stages.Atfirst , the infant,Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.Then the whining school boy,with his satchelAnd shining morning face ,creeping like snail unwillingly to school.And then the lover,shining like furnace,with with a woeful ballad made tohis mistress eyebrow.Then a soldier,full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,jealous inhonor,sudden and quick in quarrel,seeking the bubble reputation even in thecannon’s mouth.And then the justice,in fair round belly with good capon lined,with eyessevere and beardof formal cut,full of wise saws and modern instances;andso he plays his part.The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon,with spectacles onnose and pouch on side;his youthful hose,well saved,a world too wide forhis shrunk shank,and his big manly voice,turning again towards childishtreble,pipes and whistles in his sound.Last scene of all,that ends this strange eventful history,is secondchildishness and mere oblivion,sans teeth,sans eyes,sans taste, sanseverything.
  40. 40. THE POOR MAN &FLASK OF OIL … Khushbu Dhanule (batch 2k11 )A poor man lived next to a rich man who sold oil for a living.The poor man envied his neighbour’s wealth and riches andoften talked about them . So the rich man gave the poor man aflask of oil as a gift.The poor man was delighted. ‘I could sell the oil ,’ thought thepoor man. ‘Then I would have enough money to buy fivegoats.’Later he thought some more . ‘With five goats,’ he said tohimself, ‘a man would be rich enough to have a wife.’ Heliked this thought so much he added to it.‘Of course, My wife would be beautiful and give me a fine son.’But then the man had a thought that worried him. ‘ What ifmy son is lazy because his father is a wealthy man? What if herefuses to obey me and disgraces me ? ’This thought made the poor man so angry that he beganstomping around his hut, swining around his staff. ‘why. If myson refuses to obey me, then I’ll teach him a lesson . I’ll beathim with my staff.’As the staff swung about , it nudged the flask of oil off its shelf. The flask to the ground and broke, spilling its content on thedirt. The man looked at the shards of the flask, realizing thathis dreams were now just broken . And once more he was just apoor man living next to a wealthy neighbour.
  41. 41. Isha wasu, 2k11
  42. 42. TIME Nisha Soni 2k9Tommorrow is on the wayDays and Night pass awayI Want to hold it in my handAlas ! Moments trickle like sand.I Can feel it passing byIt spares on thought for my sighThe Mirror shows my ImageI ‘am Growing older with age.Death may knock at my doorBut I wish to live moreCan I do nothingI stop the movement feeting.Like all other I too will FlyAmidst tears and muffled cryYears later,when memories ebb away who was he, they will say.
  43. 43. *M - O - T - H - E - R* SUJATA SONTAKKE, BATCH:2K 11‘M’ is for the Million things she gave me,‘O’ means Only that she’s growing old,‘T’ is for the Tears she shed to save me,‘H’ is for her Heart of gold,‘E’ is for her Eyes with love-light shiningin them,‘R’ means Right, and right she’ll alwaysbe,Put them all together, they spell‘MOTHER’ a word that means the worldto me.For those of you who are lucky to be stillblessed with your Mom’s presence onEarth, this story is beautiful.For those who aren’t so blessed, this iseven more beautiful.
  44. 44. EIGHT LIES OF A MOTHER * SUJATA SONTAKKE, BATCH:2K 11This story begins when I was a child: I was born poor. Often we hadn’t enough toeat. Whenever we had some food, Mother often gave me her portion of rice.While she was transferring her rice into my bowl, she would say’Eat this rice, son! I’mnot hungry.’ *This was Mother’s First Lie*As I grew, Mother gave up her spare time to fish in a river near our house; she hoped thatfrom the fish she caught, she could give me a little bit more nutritious food for my growth.Once she had caught just two fish, she would make fish soup. While I was eating thesoup, mother would sit beside me and eat what was still left on the bone of the fish I hadeaten; my heart was touched when I saw it. Once I gave the other fish to her on mychopstick but she immediately refused it and said, ‘Eat this fish, son! I don’t really likefish. *This was Mother’s Second Lie. *Then, in order to fund my education, Mother went to a Match Factory to bring homesome used matchboxes which she filled with fresh matchsticks. This helped her get somemoney to cover our needs. One wintry night I awoke to find Mother filling the matchboxesby candlelight. So I said, ‘Mother, go to sleep; it’s late: you can continue working tomorrowmorning.’ Mother smiled and said ‘Go to sleep, son! I’m not tired. *This was Mother’sThird Lie *When I had to sit my Final Examination, Mother accompanied me. After dawn, Motherwaited for me for hours in the heat of the sun. When the bell rang, I ran to meet her.Mother embraced me and poured me a glass of tea that she had prepared in a thermos.The tea was not as strong as my Mother’s love, Seeing Mother covered with perspiration;I at once gave her my glass and asked her to drink too. Mother said ‘Drink, son! I’m notthirsty. *This was Mother’s Fourth Lie. *After Father’s death, Mother had to play the role of a single parent.. She held on to herformer job; she had to fund our needs alone. Our family’s life was more complicated. Wesuffered from starvation. Seeing our family’scondition worsening, my kind Uncle who lived near my house came to help us solve ourproblems big and small. Our other neighbors saw that we were poverty stricken so theyoften advised my mother to marry again. But Mother refused to remarry saying ‘I don’tneed love. *This was Mother’s Fifth Lie*.After I had finished my studies and gotten a job, it was time for my old Mother to retirebut she carried on going to the market every morning just to sell a few vegetables. I keptsending her money but she was steadfast andeven sent the money back to me. She said, ‘I have enough money. *That was Mother’sSixth Lie. *I continued my part-time studies for my Master’s Degree. Funded by the AmericanCorporation for which I worked, I succeeded in my studies. With a big jump in my salary,I decided to bring Mother to enjoy life in America but Mother didn’t want to bother herson; she said to me ‘I’m not used tohigh living.*That was Mother’s Seventh Lie *In her dotage, Mother was attacked by cancer and had to be hospitalized. Now living faracross the ocean, I went home to visit Mother who was bedridden after an operation.Mother tried to smile but I was heartbroken because she was so thin and feeble butMother said, ‘Don’t cry, son! I’m not in pain.’ *That was Mother’s Eighth Lie*. Telling me this, her eighth lie, she died. YES, MOTHER WAS AN ANGEL!
  45. 45. START WHERE YOU STAND Ankita Gode ( 2k11) Start where you stand never mind past The past won’t help you in beging new If you left it all behind at last Why, that’s enough, you’re done with it you’re through This is another chapter in the book, This is the another race that you have planned Don’t hive the vanishe days a backward look, Start where you stand. Old failures will not half, old triumphs aid, To-day’s the thing, to-morrow soon will be; Get in the fight and face it unafraid, And leave the past to ancient history What has been, has been ;yesterday is dead And by it you are neither blessed nor blanned; Take courage, man be brave and drive ahead, Start where you stand.
  46. 46. “Unfaithful”Darshit R. ShastriStory of my life Because we both knowSearching for the right Where I’m about to goBut it keeps avoiding me & we know it very wellSorrow in my soulCause it seems that wrong Cause I know that he knows I’mReally loves my company UNFAITHFUL & it kill him insideHe’s is more than man To know that I’m happy with some& this is more than love other guyThe reason that the sky is blue I can see him dyingThe clouds are rolling inBecause I’m gone again I don’t wanna do this anymore& to him I just can’t be true I don’t wanna be the reason why Every time I walk out the door& I m know that he I see him him die a little more insideknows he I’m unfaithful I don’t wanna hurt him anymore& it kills him inside I don’t wanna take away his lifeTo know that I am happy I don’t wanna be……....with some other guy A murdererI can see him dying Our love, his trustI don’t wanna do this anymore I might as well take a gun & put it toI don’t wanna be the reason why his headEvery time I walk out the door Get it over withI see him die a little more inside I don’t wanna do thisI don’t wanna hurt him anymore AnymoreI don’t wanna take away his anymore UhI don’t wanna take away his life AnymoreI don’t wanna be……….A murderer I don’t wanna do this anymore I don’t wanna be the reason whyI feel it in the air & every time I walk out the doorAs I’m doing my hair I see him die a little more insidePreparing for another date I don’t waana hurt him anymoreA kiss upon my cheek I don’t wanna take away his lifeAs he reluctantly I don’t wanna be……….Ask if I’m gonna be out late A murdererI say I won’t be longJust hanging with girlsA lie I don’t have to tell
  47. 47. Kyu Chalati Hai Pawan….!!!! Kalyani P. Nishane, 2 K 10 Batch Kyun chalati he pawan due to varying pressure zone formation Kyun jhoome he gagan because of earth’s revolution Kyun machalta hai mann Problem with respiration Na tum jano na hum But I just gave all the reasons! Kyun aati hai bahar Because of a change in season Kyun lutata hai karaar Suffering from mental tension Kyun hota hai pyaar Because of opposites attraction Na tum jano na hum Seems you didn’t pay enough attentions Kyun gum hai har disha Because you’re poor sense of direction Kyun hota hai nasha Because of drug addiction Kyun aata hai mazaa Brains response to physical sensation Na tum jano na hum Even after all the explanation……!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  48. 48. Hum dost hi acche….. -Payal S Kapse (2K11) Wo kahti hai ki hum dost hi acche Ghar ghar khelte the jab the hum bacche Wo hamesha banti meri wife aur kahti A JI tum hi ho meri life…. Mai ek responsible husband ki tarah kam par jata Aur wo ek responsible wife ki tarah khana banati Mai kam se wapas aata aur wo chai liye mere samne muskurati Bachpan ke wo din the aur dil the dono ke sacche Par wo kahti, ki hum dost hi acche Aaye jawani ke din aur ek din nahi jata uss se baat kiye bina Tute shirt ka button to apne haat se lagati Apne saare secrets sirf aur sirf mujhe batatiAur mere jeb par jyada bhar na aye isliye PANIPURI se hi kam chalati Ye sab dekh mere man me aya ki pakke kar dete wo sab dhage jo ab tak hai kacche Par wo kahti ki hum dost hi acche……
  49. 49. A leADer NOT A bOSSThe boss wants impression.The Leader impresses them.The boss depends on other?The Leader makes other to depend on him.The boss evokes fear.The Leader spreads love.The boss show ‘I’.The Leader says ‘We’.The boss say who is wrong?The Leader says what is wrong?The boss knows how it should be done.The Leader knows how to do it.The boss demand respect.The Leader commands respect.SO BE A LEADER AND NOT A BOSS Sonali Soni 2k9 TeNTION The movement you are in tention You will loose your attention Then you are in total confusion And you feel irritation Then you will spoil your personal relation Then you will make complication Ultimately you will not have cooperation Then your B.P also may raise caution And you may have to take meditation Instead understand the situation Many problems can be solved by discussion Don’t think it my free suggestion It is only for your prevention It is only for your suggestion If you understand my intention Which will work out better in your profession You will never come again in tention.
  50. 50. “ALL THINGHS BRIGHT The purple headed mountains.AND BEAUTIFUL” The river running byKhushbu Dhanule Batch 2k11 The sunset and the morning That brightens up the sky.All things bright and beautiful. The cold wind in the winter.All creatures great and small. The pleasant summer sun.All things wish and wonderful. The ripe fruites in the country.The good God made them all. He made them everyone. Each little flower that opens. He gave us eyes to see them. Each little bird that sings. And lips that we might tell. He made there glowing colours How great is god almighty. He made their tiny wings. Who has made all things well. whAT IS lIFe ? Sonali Soni 2k9 Life is blank fill it. Life is problem face it. Life is an equation balance it. Life is a sum solve it. Life is an experience go through it. Life is a load carry it. Life is a challenge accept it. Life is a ship sail it. Life is a queston answer it. Life is a success enjoy it. Life is a book reach it. Life is a game win it. Life is a game receive it. Life is a prayer chant it. Life is a pain bear it. Life is a camera face it with a smile.
  51. 51. ONlY FOr YOu (eXAMINATION) Sonali Soni 2k9 My attendance in the class Only for you My regular visits to the library Only for you My contacts with the teachers Only for you My whole failure depends Only for you Oh ! my dear”examination” My devotion is only for you.
  52. 52. Happy days Developed an addiction as that of tannin……..I see the world through your eyes The time span spent togetherCan feel in my heart the butterflies…. Went on increasing exponentiallyWonder what made you do this for me. And I knew then and there,Even the thought of it makes me happy That something might be in the airThe day we meet I knew, finally……..You would be among those few, Don’t know who spoke 1st U or meI would be certainly privileged Was totally lost in the joy ofIf I could get 2 know you …… becoming friends like weYour entry in my friends circle, I know I may meet & like manyWas as if it was a miracle people,I thank GOD for the blessings But no one can create that sameFor he gave me the link that was ripplemissing……. I wish my craze for these remainsFrom then it was an altogether different forever,game Hope GOD always helps me in thisI knew I would have never remained the endeavoursame I know when I say this,Made sure always had my name, That my Heart is true,Constantly, ringing in your mind frame Many may be cherished but noneThe frequent meetings we had like YOU ……. :-)Used to make me feel very glad Kaustubh R. Bhoyar (Batch: - 2k7)It kind of became a routine
  53. 53. xÉÇxM×üiÉ - ÌWÇûSÏ AkrÉÉrÉ EqÉÇaÉ-2012
  54. 54. lwfDr lap;% Sonali Soni 2k91-vdj.kkr eUndj.ka J¢;A%A dqN u djus ls Fk¨M+k djuk vPNk ºS A2-vfe=knfi lno‘Rre A ~ ‘k=q ls Òh vPNh ckrs lh£uh pkfg, A3-vYi fo|k egk·+kdjh A de fo|k okyk egkvgadkjh g¨rk gS A4-Ô;kZ fg foosda ifjikfUFkUkh A s Ô;kZ foosd d¨ u‘V dj n¢rh gS A s5-xq.ka i‘PNLo uk jwie~ A xq.k iqfN;s jwi er ifwN;s A6-Kkusu eqfDr u rq pUnusu A Kku ls eqfDr feyrh gS pUnu l¢ ugh A7-uEkfUr xqf.ku¨tuk% A xqf.k tu foue~ g¨r¢ gS A8-;L; ukfLr Lo;a çKk “kkLéa rL; dj¨fr fde~ A ftld¢ ikl viuh cqfËn ugh g¨rh “kkLé mldk dqN Òh ugh dj ldrk A9-j{kd% Ò{kdkr~ J¢”B% Òofr A j{kk dju¢ okyk ekju¢ oky¨a l¢ vfÄd J¢”B g¨r¢ gS A10-min¢”k® fg ew[kkZ.kka çd®ik¸k u “kkUr¸k¢ A ew[k®Z d® min¢”k n¢uk mUg¢ Ø®Ä d¢ fy, gh g®rk gS A
  55. 55. vk¢ ek¡ n¢£h tc l¢ nqfu;k] rsjh eerk gh ikb± ek¡ nfj;k ls cM+k rsjk fny gS esjh e¡k] ;ss thou lquk rq> fcu] rsjs dne¨ e¢a tUur ek¡] jc ls feyh lcls cM+h nsu rq gS ek¡ o® cPpiu dh ;kns] rsjh dgha o¨ lkjh ckrs] ek¡ vius gj xe d¨ Òwyk ds] esjh £q”kh dh lcls vkxs] uk cqjh ckr vkus nh ikl] vk¢ ek¡ n¢£h tc l¢ nqfu;k] esjh jkg¨ esa gj iy Fkha lkFk rsjh eerk gh ikb± ek¡ nfj;k ls cM+k rsjk fny gS esjh e¡k] ;ss thou lquk rq> fcu] rsjs dne¨ e¢a tUur ek¡] jc ls feyh lcls cM+h nsu rq gS ek¡ Òxoku ls d¨bZ u feyk gS] blfy, ek¡ rq cuh gS] eSaus ekuk vc rd dk gS] ik;k t¨ Òh rsjh nqvk gS] lc ckr¨ dh ,d gh ckr] gj tUe esjk g¨ rsjs lkFk nf’kZr jfoUæ ‘kkL=h
  56. 56. xq: dh efgek jkgqy flga (2k8) xq:tu vkids pj.kks dh] /kqy vxj fey tka, lp dgrk gw xq:tu] fdLer gh cny tka, xq: dh efgek dks rks] fdlhus Hkh ugh tkuk gS Hkxoku us Hkh xq: dks rks] vius ls mij ekuk gS ekrk us tUe fn;k] firk us ikyk gS ysfdu thou dh Mksj dks] rks xq: us gh laHkkyk gS xq: “kCn dk var rks] bZ”oj us Hkh ugh cryk;k gS bl nks v{kj ds uke es] rks lkjk czEgkaM lek;k gSxq:tu gh fl[kykrs gS] thou ds vkpkj fopkjrHkh rks f”k’; ds vUnj] vkrk gS f”k’Vkpkjxq:tu og nhid gS] tks [kqn rks tykrs gSysfdu f”k’; ds thou dks] [kq”kh;ks ls Hkjrs gSxq: uke dk nhi /k:] eS viuh ftOgk ds Onkjftlls mft;kyk gks;xk] eu ds vanj vkSj ckgj asxq:nso vkids pj.kks es] vk”kk ds nh;s ge tyk,agj tUe es xq: ds :Ik es] ge vkidks gh ik,a]xq:nso n;k djds] ges viuk cuk ysuklkjs f”kdos Hkqyk djds] vius pj.kks es txg nsuk A /kU;okn
  57. 57. uxek vkidh ;knkas dk jkgqy flga (2k8)gekjs rks tks Hkh dne gS og vki dh jkg es gSAdgus dks vki dgh Hkh jgksA ij vkki gekjh fuxkg es gSA[kjk gS nnZ dk fj’rk] rks fQj ;s tqnkbZ D;kAtqnk gksrs gS oks yksx] [kksV ftudh pkg es gSAtks feyk I;kj vkils gedks] og ,d lanj rkSQk FkkA qog Hkh fNu x;k gels] ‘kk;n fdLer us fn;k /kksdk FkkAvki x;s rks dksbZ ckr ugh] ij Hkqy u tkuk I;kjks dksAvki lc dqN ysds x;s gks ;gkW ls] ij ysds u tkuk ;knks dks Avki rks ;gkW ls cgkj cu ds pys x;s gksAvius I;kj Qqyks dks dkWVks ds lgkjs NksM x;s gksAvki ds tkus dk xe vkSj fny mnkl gSAge tqnk gq, rks D;k fny rks fny ds ikl gSAvki xq: nzk.kkpk;Z ls de u FksA sij gekjs vtqu tSls xq.k u FksA Zvki ges NksMdj tk;s] ‘kk;n ;gh dqnjr dks eatj FkkA wij ge ;g lksp ds jg x;s fd] vkidk I;kj gekjh fdLer es u FkkAvki vkvksxs tc Hkh ;gkW] ge viuh iyds fcNk ds j[ksxA a a svki ds I;kj ds nhi ge vius] fnyks es tyk ds j[ksxA a s /kU;oknA
  58. 58. Ckkjh”k dh ,d cqn a jkgqy flga (2k8)uUgh Fkh vkSj I;kjh Fkh] ekWa dh cgqr nqykjh Fkh![kqc glrh vkSj eqLdqjk;k djrh Fkh! vkdk”k dh xksn es [ksyk djrh Fkh]mldh ekWa Hkh ns[k ns[kdj mldks! eu gh eu g’kkZ;k djrh Fkh],d cgqr gh nq[kHkjk fnu vk;k] csVh dk ek¡ ls gkr NqMkus vk;k]ckny vkdj ek¡ ls vkdj cksys viuh csVh dks crykuk dqN gh yEgks ds i”pkr mldks Hkwfe ij gS tkukbl iSxke dks lqudj cqn eu gh eu ?kcjk jgh Fkh a mldh ekWa dh Hkh vka[ks fcu cryk,s >yd jgh Fkhviuh ekWa dh vkKk ysdj fudy iMh oks vacj ls tSls dksbZ bUlku vdsyk fudyk gks vius ?kj lspyrs pyrs lkspus yxh oks vius vius vk/ks jkLrs es lksp jgk gks tSls dksbZ viuh eafty ds ckjs eseu gh eu cqna us lkspk eS rks feV~Vh ls jkSn nh tkmaxh a ml cqna dh fdLer us Hkh ,d vuks[kk [ksy jp;kmlds Hkqfe ij fxjus ls igys rst gok dk >ksdk vk;k ikl es gh Fkk ,d cgqr cMk lkxjog uUgh cqn fxjh mles tkdj a lkxj es Fkk ,d “ka[k iMk mldk eWg Fkk [kqyk aqog mles tk igwph vkSj eksrh cu xbZ A a /kU;okn
  59. 59. thouthou D;k gS] pyrk fQjrk ,d f[kykSuk gSAnks vk[ksa ,d esa galuk ,d esa jksuk gSAtks th pkgs oks fey tkos dgkWa ,slk gksrk gSAgj thou] thou thus dk le>ksrk gSAthou D;k gS] pyrk fQjrk ,d f[kykSuk gSAnks vk[ksa ,d esa galuk ,d esa jksuk gSAjkr va/kjs Hkksj lqugjh] ;gh tekuk gSAgj pknj esa nq%[k dk rkuk lq[k dk cuk gSAvkrh lk¡l dks ikuk tkrh lk¡l dks [kksuk gSAthou D;k gS] pyrk fQjrk ,d f[kykSUkk gSAvc rd tks gksrk vk;k gS] oks gh gksrk gSAnks vk[ksa ,d esa galuk ,d esa jksuk gSA /kU;oknA ;ksx”k tkdksfV;k (2k9) s
  60. 60. We create the New Healthy World by Joining Hands
  61. 61. qÉUÉPûÏ AkrÉÉrÉEqÉÇaÉ-2012
  62. 62. thou Bhagyashree Jibkatepky.kkjs n®u ik;] fdrh folaxr ,dekxs vlr¨] ,d iq<s vlr¨] iq<P;kyk vfÒeku ulr¨] ekxP;kyk vieku ulr¨( dkj.k R;kauk BkÅd vLkra] {k.kkr gs cnYk.kkja vLkRka] ;kPkPka UkkOk TkhOkUk vLkRka
  63. 63. ^^ eh ua dksBs deh **fo’kk[kk fcanydj (2k11)dk xa clyh :lqu dksi&;kr]lkax et jkxoys dk rqyk vxa ckfyds lksMqu ns gs dke]?ks ikVh [kMw x gkrh + ?ksÅu f’k{k.k gksÅu f’kf{kr] dj izxr rq ns’kkl vkiqY;kex nk[ko ;k nqfu;sl ckfydseh u dksBs deh okRLkY; vkbZps fo’kk[kk fcanydj (2k11) vkbZ & vkbZ dqBs pkyyh lksMwu v’kh x eyk dk; pqdys lkax ek>s iksgkspyh T;kus Bsl rqyk iyVquh igk x ,dnk rwgks dMhl izsekus eyk- ukgh jkg.kkj nqj eh rqÖ;k okVsy rj jkxowu ns eyk tsOgk ;ssf’ky ijr rsOgk tkÅuh dq’khr ekjhu ehBh eh rqyk + + + + + + + +
  64. 64. ;’kkPkh XkkFkk Ykk[k {k.k viqjs iMRkkRk vk;q”;kRk fn’kk ns.;klkBh i.k] ,d Pkwd iq”dG vkgs rs fn’kkghUk Uks.;klkBh fdrh ç;kl ?;kOks Ykkxrkr ;’kkap f’k[kj p<.;kLkkBh] i.k tjkLkk XkoZ iqjk iMRk¨ o:Uk [kkyh xMcM.¸kklkBh nsokykgh n®”k nsRk® vki.k UkOkLkkYkk u ikOk.;kLkkBh] fdrhnk thxj nk[kOkr¨ vki.k brjkaPk ;k enrhyk /kkOk.;kLkkBhfdrh LkjkOk djkOkk ykXkRk¨fOkt¸kJhOkj ukOk d¨j.¸kkLkkBh]i.k] tjkLkk vkGl dkjf.kÒwr Bjr¨]ftadrk ftadrk gj.;kLkkBh Bhagyashree Jibkate
  65. 65. vkepk fgjkfo’kk[kk fcanydj, (2k11) ;srhl iksVh rw tUekyk ek; & ckikus okxoys fg&;klkj[ks rqyk, ?ksÅu pVds Lor% ] rqyk tioys , d#uh d”V fnolsu jk=fo>oyh rqÖ;k iksVph vkx , dsys eksBs rqyk vkt - fnol gk c?kk;yk ? Vkdqu fnys rq ek;ckikyk Rkjhgh nsrh rqyk vkf’kokZn vu Eg.krh ] rq vkgsl fgjk vkiyk
  66. 66. Lo¸kaflËn Ankita Gode(2k11)Lokoyach L«kh Lo¸kaflËn vlrsLo¸kaflËn L«kh¸kk jk”VªkPks ÒkX¸k |Mor vlrsUkO¸kk ¸kqxkph eh uoefgyk, vkgs eh eufLouheh u nklh eh u n¢ork tx¢u ek.kql Eg.kwuhukxfjd eh uO¸kk ¸kqxkph ‘kkarhojrh JnËkk ek>hf’k{kukrquÈ mtfGu thou tx¢u ek.kwl Eg.kwuh weh u vcyk eh u nsorkekÖ¸kke˸k¢¢ vkg¢¢ QDr ekuork?k¢Öu eh fu.kZ¸k dj¢u eh d“rh Z Z¸kklkBh vkgs ek>h f’k{k.kkoj ÒDrh
  67. 67. 2k11
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  71. 71. ize Eg.kts dk; s MksD;kyk rksMk rku n;k ANazneen Fatema Raza H. Hydari fopkj djk vkiyh dkGth dks.k djrsFkksM lkaxq “kdky ize Eg.kts dk; vlrs A s vkiys vkbZ&ckck vkiys ?kjps yksdboyfriend lksCkr college bunk d:.k rs vkiY;k izR;sd xks’Vhyk letqu ?ksrkrQhj.ks R;akuk dkgh u lkaxrkp rs vkiY;k bZPNk;kyk ize Eg.krkr s iq.kZ djrkr AMobile o:.k nh?kZ rkl cksy.ks ;kykp vkiY;k tUek iklqu rs ejuk Ik;Zr loZp a dkgh djrkr AIkze Eg.krkr s rs Lorkph bPNk ek:.k vkiyh bPNk iq.kZizR;sd valentine day yk fiz;lh fiz;djkyk djrkrAgift nsrs ;kyk ize s vkiY;k izR;sd ekx.khyk rs iq.kZ djrkr A?kjP;k yksdka”kh fe= eSf=.kha”kh [kksVs cksy.ks s vki.k nq%[kkoqu tkm uk;s Eg.kqu ts gksbZy;kykp Ikze Eg.krkr s rs vkiY;kyk lq[kko.;klkBh djrkrvkiY;k toGP;kapk fopkj lksMqu QDr ;kykp ize Eg.krkrA s,dkpkp fopkj dj.ks ;kykp Ikze Eg.krkr s rj vkiY;kyk lokZr tkLr ize dks.k svkiY;k dkeklkBh eqyka eqyhauk fQjo.ks djrkrA;kykp Ikze Eg.krkr s vkiyh dkGth dks.k ?ksrkr AIksze rj dkGth vlrs dkGth pk vFkZ ize s vkiY;kyk dks.kkP;k izekr iMk;p vkgs svkgsA rs rqEgh Bjok
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  73. 73. eS=h eS=h vlkoh Qqykalkj[kh dkV;kaoj jkgwugh lqx/k ns.kkjh a eS=h vlkoh ik.;klkj[kh nqlÚ;kP;k jaxkr lgt felG.kkjh eS=h vlkoh ban/kuq’;klkj[kh z vkdk”kkr jkgwugh tfeuh”kh ukrs tksM.kkjh eS=h vlkoh okÚ;klkj[kh fnlr ulyh rjh vorhHkorh tk.ko.kkjh eS=h vlkoh ykVslkj[khvo[kG i.k lrr fdukÚ;kyk lkscr dj.kkjh eS=h vlkoh dktO;klkj[kh va/kkjkrgh izdk”k ns.kkjh eS=h vlkoh >Ú;klkj[kh v[kaM okgr jkg.kkjh eS=h ulkoh dkpslkj[kh Bsp ykxrkp fo[k:u tk.kkjh f{krht >kMs Final BAMS (2008-09)
  74. 74. tjk tiwu !!cksyrkuk tjk tiwu cksykoad/kh ‘kCngh vFkZ cnyrkrpkyrkauk tjk tiwu pkykoad/kh jLrsgh ?kkr djrkr>qdrkauk tjk tiwu >qdkoad/kh vkiysp [kathj [kqilrkrvksG[krkauk tjk tiwu vksG[kkoad/kh vkiyh ek.kls jax cnyrkrikÅy Vkdrkauk tjk tiwu Vkdkoad/kh Qqygh dkVs curkr sfo’okl Bsorkauk tjk tiwu Bsokokad/kh vkiysp fo’okl?kkr djrkr!! /kU;okn! Lokrh lkojdj (2k7)
  75. 75. Rkq vkgs Eg.kqu /khj vkgs Rkq vkgs Eg.kqu E©=huEkukyk “kkafr vkgs A Nazneen Fatema Raza H. HydariRkq vkgs Eg.kqu nqlj;ka”kh y<.k pkaxys okVrs AikBhyk mHk vkgs ;kph [kk=h vkgs okVrs Arq ek>k lkBh >Vrs AEg.kqu eyk nqlj;ka”kh xjt ulrsRkq ek>h eS=hu vkgs Eg.kqueS=hu fg eS=h lkj[kh okVrsukgh rj gs eSf=fups ca/ku fujFkZd okVrs Arq>klkBh ts djkos rs djkosls okVrsrq>klkBh eSf=fups “kCn gs vcksy okVrs Aeh {k.kkyk Eg.krs , {k.k rq bFksp Fkkac Aek>h eSf=.k ek>k lkscr vkgs rq tkm udksA{k.k Eg.krks eh t® Ik;Zr tk.kkj ukgh A arks Ik;Zr rq bP;k”kh nqj tk.kkj ukghA avkf.k rqyk rq÷;k eSf=f.kpk lgokl fdrh Alqnj vlrks gs dG.kkj ukghA a“kCnkr dkgh xks’Vh lkaxrk ;sr ukgh AeukrY;k xks’Vh meyrk ;sr ukgh Arq÷;klkscr eh ek>s n%q[k fol:.k tkrs Avkf.k rq>k vkuankr lkfey gksmu tkrsArq ek>h dkGth djrs AEg.kqu rq vkgs Eg.kqu f/kj okVrs A
  76. 76. fe= dks.kkyk Eg.kk;ps?fe= dks.kkyk Eg.kk;ps tks l[k nq%[kkr rqeP;k lkscr vlrksvk;q’;kP;k izR;sd oG.kkoj tks rqEgkyk ;ksX; okVsdMs ?ksÅutkrks rks rqepk fe= Eg.kk;yk gjdr ukgh- i.k vkt vlsfe= Qkj deh vlrkr ts lrr rqeps fgr rqeph fpark;kph lrr R;kykp tk.kho vlrsfe=kph lkFk rksp nk[kforks vk;q’;kph fn”kk rksp ?kMforks rksfc?kMforksl/nk- vkt pSfuP;k tekU;kr fe= HksVrkr rss qLor%ph “kku fejfo.kkjs Lor%ph gkSl Hkkxfo.;klkBh nqlÚ;kphlkFk ?ks.kkjs lPpk fe= rqeP;kdMqu dks.krhgh vis{kk djrukghr- rs QDr fe=kps fgr ikgrkr— rsp [kjs fe=vlrkrf{krht >kMs Final BAMS (2008-09)