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For utmost intellectual performance…
Dr. Santosh Jalukar ( Phone: 9969 106 404

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Memory article

  1. 1. For utmost intellectual performance…Dr. Santosh Jalukar ( Phone: 9969 106 404For Marathi version of this article, please visit: Grasping, storing and recall are the 3 functions of the braincontributing to intellectual excellence. Nasal medication has immediateaccess to the brain cells as it bypasses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Itis therefore very important to utilise this path for several brain relateddisorders. This article highlights the aspect in scientific manner. Besidesthis, many other day-to-day activities like exercise, diet, sleep, meditation,prayers also have immense impact on memory. It is interesting tounderstand and follow them for achieving utmost intellectual performance.It is true that “intellectual strength is more important than just physicalstrength”. This is all time true statement. For significant achievement inany field, Intellectual performance is rather most important tool and therecould be hardly anybody who will disagree to this. Every parent dreamsabout best scoring of their child in academics in all the fields. There areend numbers of products available in the market today claiming suchtherapeutic benefits and also new products are coming up every otherday. It creates confusion amongst consumers as to which products aregenuine and which are not. The advertisements are also rivalling andhence it is essential to identify the appropriate one. Besides this, what arethe other treatment options, what are the correct doses, how theseformulations work, how is the knowledge stored, how does the recallprocess work, what diet is good for nourishing the activity of brain,importance of diet, importance of prayers, significance of exercise andrest? Here you will find answers to all such questions and their scientificbasis.For utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 1in
  2. 2. Three steps: While during common cold, blockage of olfactory nervethere is a total loss of sensation of smell. This is very common exampleexperienced by most of the people. Similarly, if there is any kind ofblockage in the optic nerve, the sensation of visual experience will beblocked; auditory nerve will result in impaired listening etc. For acquiringthe knowledge, the body uses 5 sense organs. Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongueand Nose are collectively called sense organs. The sensationsexperienced by these sense organs are transmitted to the brain. Thesensory nerves conduct messages through chemical transmission andthen they are stored in the brain. Unless the knowledge is stored properly,one can not use it at any point of time. To explain this concept, I wish togive one example. An infant, who is deaf since birth, remains dumbthroughout the life. His vocal organs may be absolutely normal despite hecould not process the knowledge of speaking which is essentially linkedwith hearing. Hence he or she will never know “what word is and how topronounce it”. The prerequisite for uninterrupted transmission of thesesenses is to have the healthy state of the nerves and also they should beproperly lubricated. The myelin sheath of nerves is made of about 80%lipid and about 20% protein. Therefore it is essential to maintain thelubrication by way of providing adequate unctuous vehicle. Properlubrication to the sense organs help to improve the oxygenated bloodsupply and thereby help to establish the physiological functioning ofspecific sense organ. Applying a drop of oil or any other lubricant to fingerfacilitates inserting the odd-sized ring easily. This is an easy example tounderstand the importance in relation to the grasping ability of the senseorgans. Oil and ghee are the main natural lubricants available since timeimmemorial. Ayurveda has described the properties of cow-ghee asfollows:“शःतं धी ःमृित मेधाऽिग्न बलायुः शुब चक्षुषाम”् ....For utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 2in
  3. 3. It means that cow ghee improves grasping, storing and recall, the threeaspects of brain function. It also stimulates appetite, improves quality oflife, physical endurance, vigour and eyesight. Nose is the gateway ofbrain and any product introduced through the nostril has immediateaccess to the brain tissue. Even modern medicine has identified thepotential of this path which bypasses the blood brain barrier and withoutmuch efforts, the valuable drug can be made bio-available in plasma andCSF in just 1.5 minutes. Use of nasal insulin is a well-known example tounderstand this phenomenon. Recently there is also nasal spray forcalcium supplementation. Here is the first step towards improving thegrasping capacity of the brain which mentions administration of gheebased product through nostrils. Ayurveda has described this mode ofadministration 5000 years ago by the name of ‘Nasya’ treatment. Besidescow-ghee, some valuable herbs like saffron help to impart phenomenalantioxidant effects on brain cells. It is scientifically proved and possessesa strong supporting reference. Nose is directly connected to the brainthrough olfactory apparatus; it is connected to ears through Eustachiantube, to eyes through lachrymal ducts. Therefore nasal treatment helps torestore the physiological functions of all these organs and nourish thebrain’s grasping capacity. Ayurveda recommends 4-4 drops in eachnostril daily to achieve the said therapeutic benefit. Despite improvementin intellectual competence, unknowingly this treatment imparts lots ofother advantages like prevention of recurrent attacks of common cold,arrests hair fall, overcomes fatigue of eyes due to excess-reading,combats burning of eyes, protects occasional blocking of ears, protectsvision defects etc. The ideal time to administer these nasal drops is earlymorning or late evening after the sun-set. One should lie-down for 5minutes afterwards. Rarely the feeling of the drops coming into throat isnoticed which may be ignored or one can have a sip of warm water. Thisnasal medication helps to speed up the grasping process of knowledgeFor utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 3in
  4. 4. without any difficulty. A readymade preparation by the name of Cleverinnasal drops has been recently developed and approved by the Food andDrug administration which possess multiple therapeutic benefits attributedto grasping of knowledge by empowering the neurotransmission bycleansing and lubricating the sense organs.Second Step: After grasping, the second step of improving theintellectual process is of increasing the storage capacity. The knowledgeacquired has to be stored properly which can be utilised later as andwhen required. It is scientifically proved that the active constituents fromherbs like Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Shatavari, Ashwagandha helps inimproving the intellectual performance by different mode of action. Somehelp by way of enhancement of protein kinase activity, Increase in proteinin hippocampus, alleviate stress and help to minimize the release ofstress hormone, some have neuro-regenerative activity, some help byimproving the oxygenated blood supply to the brain and some preventoxidative damage by imparting anti-oxidant activity. In short these herbsplay a major role to improve the storage capacity of the brain. It is assimple to understand that if more books are ordered in the library, itbecomes essential to make additional arrangement of accommodatingthem by adding number of shelves. Most of the marketed Ayurvedic andherbal formulations work on this principle. The activity starts in about 2weeks. Nobody can deny the fact that memory related functions can’t bemeasured like body temperature. Even then their efficacy remainsunquestionable as huge amount of data is available across the world andalso the safety parameters are well established. The important aspect isto know the quantity of each item in the formulation. If inadequatequantities are consumed, one can not expect the therapeutic benefits indesired time. Besides improvement in intellectual abilities, these herbsalso possess several other benefits like improvement in physicalendurance, improves hemoglobin level, keep RBC, WBC in right shape,For utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 4in
  5. 5. improves the immunity, hair melanin, prevent calcium depletion, anddelay ageing process. Besides dosage, it is also important to check thetaste of the product as children are very fussy about taste. The herbs arebasically bitter in taste but many brands are available which mask thebitterness perfectly and make the product not only palatable but worthloving. Cleverol is one of such approved brands which possess chocolateflavour and acceptable palatability.The third step: The 3rd and most important step of memoryenhancement is the “recall process”. Many factors are responsible foraffecting this process. Stress, fear, loud noise, lack of interest, inadequateexercise, wrong diet, weak concentration etc. are some major factors,which should be taken care of during the course of studies. RecentlyGerman researchers found they could use specific perfume at night to re-activate new memories in the brains of students during sleep and thevolunteers remembered better on the next day. The test conductedshowed the 97 % result and the control group performed only 84 %.During the studies, fMRI scan showed that the activity of Hippocampuswas stimulated during inhalation of particular odour. Based on thisresearch, a novel product in the form of Dhoop stick is prepared. ThisCleveroma stick does not contain strong perfumes but it is composed byAyurvedic aromatic herbs like Tulsi, Jatamansi etc. which improve therecall function of the brain. Students should light this stick in the bed roomwhere they intend to sleep because the activity of hippocampus is at itsbest during sleep.Prayers have scientific base: Prayers towards God and offering respectto seniors helps to strengthen the brain’s overall performance. Thisstatement can be scientifically proved here. To understand this, we mustmatch up few things together. It is an established fact that cortisolhormone is released due to stress or fear. This is therefore called stresshormone. Cortisol causes serious damage to the brain. Hence in acuteFor utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 5in
  6. 6. and serious situations an individual becomes insane. He or she could notmake any logical decision. Second situation when a child is thrown up, helaughs as he enjoys it. The confidence level of the child is to the extentthat he is 100% sure about his security. Therefore in a situation where heshould be afraid, he rather takes pleasure out of it. The hormone cortisolis not released and the brain remains away from its ill effects. A prayertowards God and offering respect to the seniors gradually builds theconfidence level that a person feels enormous support. In olden days, itwas a tradition but has a scientific base to offer respect to seniors andpray God before leaving for long journey. As there were no vehicles andeven roads, people used to travel in either bullock-cart or ride on horses.Getting food during travel, climatic conditions, and possibility of attackfrom wild animals were major hurdles and only blessings used to be themoral support. The customs were simply followed but the hidden treasureis now understood by the modern world.The purpose of lighting candle or oiled light during prayer also has ascientific implication as it plays a role of Tratak (a yogic practice forimproving concentration). Lighting of Agarbatti and the aroma helps toimprove the blood circulation to hippocampus which plays key role inrecall process of the acquired knowledge. There are lots of Mantras toperform during prayers and the aroma helps to rehearse them in properorder and manner.Importance of regular exercise: How much exercise you do is notimportant but how regular you perform it is rather more important. A 76years old man reached the wedding hall slightly late for his own weddingis a fact known to the author. This was because he did not want tocompromise with his exercise schedule. No doubt those taking rigorousexercise look well-built but, most of the times, their immunity is not up tomark. Their bones are also brittle and get fracture even with a smalltrauma. It is also found that such well-built individuals do not have anFor utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 6in
  7. 7. issue. This is because the optimum nutrition is utilized by the muscularportion and other systems remain under-nourished. Therefore is good toperform little but regular exercise. Apparently such people would not lookas attractive in physical built, but their overall physical and intellectualabilities will be far better than a robust individual.Intellectual exercise: As regular exercise can build good muscle power,same is the case with brain tissue. The more you keep them functioning,their performance will improve to the top. In the course of exercise, themuscular action is repeated in the same sequence many times whichtones-up the muscle fibers. The brain also achieves improved ability byrepetitively doing the same task. Forgetting is a natural process in livingcreatures. Man forgets more because his mind is diverted to too manysubjects throughout the day. Intellectual performance can be furtherimproved by meditation as it tones up the brain to stick to one subject andnot to get diverted. Very few people remember the dreams on the nextday. The only reason for this is the moment you get up, you see thewatch, then think of the studies, then think of the bank balance, then themedicine to be consumed on empty stomach and so on. There arehundreds of such things that vanish off the experience of dream. Same isthe case with studies. Try to focus more and more on the task andnothing other than your commitments. This is nothing but an intellectualexercise.Some important things about diet: Human digestive system isfabricated by the creator of the universe for consuming vegetables only. Ifnon-veg diet is cherished; make sure that it should not be more than oncea week. There is a special recipe described in Ayurveda by the name“Pancha Khadya” which contains following 5 items. Dry dates, Raw dates,Coconut, Poppy seeds and cane sugar. This recipe helps to improvevarious brain functions and is extremely delicious too. Instead of fast-For utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 7in
  8. 8. food, wafers, wada-pav, biscuits etc, this can be a best alternative toschooling children as recess time breakfast.Tatak: Focusing vision at a particular point like a flame of candle oragarbatti light for 2-3 minutes can help to improve concentration.Many people ask as how long should the treatment be continued. It isessential to understand that these recommendations should not beconsidered as treatments. The recommendations are for improvingintellectual performance. For better understanding, I always quote oneexample. Regular exercise is good for health. There are many peoplewho do not perform any exercise at all even then they survive. Butultimately an overall health profile of both such individuals will differ inlong term. These recommendations improve mental well being and alsophysical fitness. It is up to the consumer as how long they wish to be fitand fine.For utmost intellectual performance… Dr. Santosh Jalukar- published 8in