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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Impotencylntroduction: ewly wedded couple with more ambitions in the mind undergoes into conjugation on the first night, Groom fails and bride will impose trimpotency on him. The saga of ineffective sex act startsand leads into a broken family. Another case of middle W gMaged person comes for consultation states that he isunable to satis$ his wife in sex acts. Both ofthe aboveexamples are said to be erectile dysfunction (ED), ffi3claimed in general as lmpotency. The ED and impotencygoes always hand in hand.The word Impotency is heard in many areas at present ffi 4day living style as a serious problem. Because of it, thefamily life is disturbed and in further leading toseparation or divorce, ultimately causing distress with ffipsychological disturbance, which may even lead to ffiT 4suicidal attempts. In many occasions it is observedstress and strainful life in urban India are the causesfor such condition to develop. What is lmpotence?How it can be managed? mImpotency literally means powerless and unable toachieve an erection or orgasm for male . It is furthersaid as partial or complete inability of the person toperform the sexual act or to achieve orgasms. It has q ffitwo parts.l. Unable to perform sexual act as no erection and ffiT2. Unable to achieve orgasm because ofpsychological interference.The erection is of physical and orgasm is ffi r Dr. Sivaramprasadpsychological, unless both are synchronized the Kethamakkau ltimate pleasure is not going to be perceived, which is 51
  2. 2. ZSuo,(I aqJ fpoq crleue8 eleur e eqJ eruosol,{c qlrtr euruenS puuol e^rle8eu pue ,(poq crleue8 elerueJ eurur,{ql qlrM eutu Jpesputl lueJ+Jtpeql suroJuoc €socnu Iero luou JnoJ Jo oJ€ soseq snoueSorlru erereetus elqrsod urluuorqc V sepru eruosourorqc eseq; fpn1s luaserdIBrruou rrl sllec Jo 6591 ual ssel lnq rog lueuodurr ,{re,r sr lueue8uuleseprueJ lBuuouJo sllecJo obgglnoge euosor.uoJqc eqt fq peuruJelopur euBJquou JBelcnu eq1 lsurBSs sorl sr qcrq/( fpoq elloueC aqJ .xesurlBruoJqc xes Jo ss€Iu vcrluuros o1 Surpuodsauoc eq lou fuur uszfro.;o lrel Joqcrgir .xes crleueS 3o slur:dre8urJ Cg Jsqlre ur aoueqrnlsrp;o leley ,(ue al€eJc lou llI/K qlEep to qUIq roqlleu,furec 11lrrr 11ec ,{poq eql orJBluOurelsel Jo Ftrsre^run eqt w 6V6l e^Bq pue nqqlA sl qcrq,r ,eurlv sB pres esr^ Jeqlo ,{poq pllsy eq;ul usg,{uunyq {q paluenur sr qcrq^unpuroJrlc xes fq peuruuelep sr xes rpoq cneruo!slleueS eqJeJrlJo qfuel pue rno8r,r ro pcrs,{q4 puu ,(poq rrteueg .,{poq 4,,{tIIUeJ ezrs edeqs tnoloo lrursus-t1 eqc,{sd ,(poq 1e.r1sy er sdnolS lnoJosp lnq sessesrp puE slcpJep elrur.Jep / sBparJrsselc aq uec fpoq oqt .p.re8e,rol esrJ e^rr8 fluo 1ou 11rin saueE sHl uI seJnlsoJ crlsrrelsBJBr{c ybseql peJeprsuoc eq 01 seq ocu?ur{uop ,(repuoces pue ,&eurrd eql Jo srseqpue e^rlelrlunb;o suuel ur ecuppunqu uo epsru sr uoiluuruuelep repueS ospeql ,(lelrlcedser elurueJ pu€ selpo;qdeurreq JoJ uo^A sernleeJeplu Jo qulq eql o1 asn se,rr8 elruos crlsrJelc€&qc 1bcrs,(qd eql uo possqpue e.qnsJo lno lu€punqe ro 3uo4s sr ,(14uepr sauo sr ,(lquepr repue8 eq;JeAe qJIII/r SS UperUn,{y,{q peuruldxesn1eo; ur seJnlueJ crlsrJelJeJeqc sernl?eJ leurolxe eqt uo peseq epursll Ol esrJ ezrrS pue eA.rssecsJ sB perurelc lnq ,{ro8etuc Jo roqlre otJeAo sep€Aur eueB luEurruop s8uoleq 1ou q8noql ue^e e{esrunde51aql urerord.;o pur4 rq8r.r eqJ oletu rouso srseqlurs eqr sroruor ..--,:111^" i!:-1"^ ::]]"""r t: plss s! qrIq^t el?ueJ Joqlreu erqclQ,r VNU re8uesseu::* "-tlt ,,ueurnduu eel1seg,,yo srseqlu,{s rr""r,p "l:^j:1t-ii-i1 "-1 -1"1"t se ulesrundu51 "qrosl pu aaeurr umo ,r, u, l-u tl:j::::11 ln :l*tulf aJE sureldxepelecqder sr qcrq^{vNa 1-1-t l:li":q:as ur.unJpudluy tt"-y:_Iiso;oqa{sdur pepocuo u uonno,rogil :ltq upqBqs eleluoJcrreueDsurrds;go:j^-^.-"I:"-:jo,,, p"" JoJ pelnqrrlle ltsrls^tldJo st uollrole rrlJJo luerudolenep eqr 0q oslu uerseuruJelep qorq^epoJ uorlcnJlsur lr uuru roJ polels sr 1r q8noql ue,,lgctleue8 s e^€q s1lec enrlcnporder (urplrue8),,e1sud61,, Jo uortcunJ 6tots t,aaoC
  3. 3. Coaer Storyhypothesis suggests that the X lfthe pregnant mother consumeschromosome carry genes that control more katu rasa, she delivers to anthe production of many enzymes that Impotent or weak personality. Thatgovern the chemistry of the body, was the reason behind following thesuch as Nitric Oxide, cGMP and regimens during pregnency. EitherPDE5. Ayurveda acharyas affirmed the sukra or sonitha, which ever isthe influence and importance of predominant influences basic sexfemale from the point of attaining characteristic features of male andperfect erection till to the end of female respectively. At present it isformation of kalala (zygote) in well known fact for us, the presenceUterus. All the disorders are of XX chromosomes gives a femalecommoner in male, and are often and XY to male child. If thetransmitted by the male, including configuration of chromosomes are The Gendermap is defined as a developmental representation or template synchronously in the rnind and brain depicting the details of ones gender/identity role, where as Lovemap is depicting the idealized lover, the idealized love affair, and the idealized program of sexoerotic activity projected in imagery or actually engaged inED orlmpotency. The determination XXY or multiples it is altered asof genetic body is important as conveyed as shanda or Triteeyapsyche body is based on it. prakriti, who is claimed as Napumsaka.The physical or somatic body isconsidered for gender identity, which Psyche body, is the feeling of anis going to develop in the Uterus after individual by mind (manas). Manathe formation of zygote by semen is under the control of vata and itsand ova. The influence ofsemen and vitation leads to psychologicalovum in generating the impotent is disturbance. Apart from prakriti ofimportant. The physical body other body even Manasika Prakritiwise Karmendriya based body, even (psychological) also responsible forthough develops from sukra sonita the development of Impotency orEDsamyoga (semen and ova) it is as the orgasm is totally dependingnourished and altered by the Rasa of upon the psyche.mother attributed rasaja and Classification:satmyaja bhavas. The food taken bymother at the time of pregnancy is The sukra or semen is synonymedgoing to influence to the extent of with Retas, Beejam, Varam,giving birth to an impotent progeny. Veeryam, Harshajam, Snehu, 53
  4. 4. vs CA €qsop oloJs BrIsBAnlBrIp sJ{ns [lotSurpuoluouooJur -efturry (e (1 usrl rporqdeuueqopnesd qg - u8ueqq efearq BqsoP sqqJBc rr qg o1 Surpeel euro.rpu,(s JerrJnJuoruosJo ,(cuercgrp - eduqsy e.u1n5 lupuuqs uuu - Er1sop u, (q e4seuu14 (c eurorpu,{s s. JelleJaut lI efereqy (q :€pu€qs ereu - eqsop e.r4nqs (u eluqeg (u rr seqsop ufaeq ro edlq.rnep efaeg l qfuerls Jo ssol (q erpsurndepurlnqsv I ro8r,t.;o ssol (e l rapun se parJrsssll urlesruntleg 11g cglegra8- eref e11ue1e1 (p re^ol eqt qll^ ul pe8uSue flpnlcu efueqceuqurerq (c ro fre8uurr ur pelcelord ,{1nr1ce eleqs udorlsun4 (q crloJeoxes go urer8ord pazrl€epr uleqsorqeqns (€ (11 eql pu€ .rr€JJB o^ol pezrlBepr seleqsrc - rlloqelotr trq €qtr Je^ol pozrleopr eql Suncrdep surelqord ueeH - c;ue8.rg e (r sr deuerrol ss eJer{/$ e1or [1l1uepl CA ol SuIPBel uetues Trepue8 sieuoJo spelep eq1 SurlcldepJo uorlonpoJd uou - eleq8edoleeg ureJq puu punu oql ur flsnouorqcu,{s sgool) ro Cg luouulrued rure5 (rr e1e1dure1 ro uorlelueserde.l CA puorlenlrs Jo leluerudolenep B sB peurJepcg puonolue Jo cg ,{re:odurel (l sr deurrepueC eql sderue^o.I rlsnp EJrs puB pue deuuepueC eql seurJop VSnolors (1enp pupues) equ,lolog (g eJorurlpg ;o,(euoy41 uqolJqIoJd rqpueC eqseernderlny4l sduruerrol puB sdeurrepueEu,{oodr1oo6 6euoeqs){rqpuBrC uodn puedep uorlelncefe pue ruse8roHpueC edeunyuqdey ?ilrdBIBA uorlceJelBSnoJB 6snln{urls seuo sapalre^ fqBIfl ll ueruos Jo ,{Soyoqdrour o^qcoJe(l ssloJs/BJls Eqe^oler .ro quad elurredsoBrlg q uolsal Isrol Jo esneraq alqlssod enu;edsoozy lou sl uollrarg (g Eu;"rdsggo acnpo.rd ol ?lquun 1nq alqrssod s;ecnpord or erqun - uollJera e.raq,lr 6g1snp sr{ns qllra .!lsnp ^ruo::j"l*l gsnp oloJs eqelullns (1 !sad,(1 oaqolors BTIBABT{ns pue urr1n5 (y ,dppur;o s1 dcuapdrul eql ,(poq u4esrundeg e.rqnseg (7 oql re^o 11e peards eJB qrrqlh seloJs Bqsop oloJs Brl€^olou ^ ?q€^eDlns uI s/rou BDIns eqJ nlBqp Brlsos ro eqsop eJls ErlB^olau ^r eueqperd pue ueplns uuqsnl^od &cots raaoJ
  5. 5. Cover Story b) Pootigandha - Fungal paternal sperm becomes an Asekya infections leading to ED and feels no sex desire withoult c) Viseerya mani - wound at previously drinking the semen of another man. glans d) Viseerya medhra - injury to Saugandhika: - A child begoLten in shaft a sordid vagina is called a e) Viseerya Mushka-wound at Sougandhika, whose organ does not testes. respond to the sexual desire withoutI 2) a) Pittaja smelling the genitals of others. b) Veeryavahininadi cheda Kumbhika: - The man who first c) Medhra Roga become a passive member of an act 3) Paraphilic ED or Napumsaka of sodomy and able to act as man Asekya - Mukha yoni- Erection with good erection is called as after swallow of semen Kumbhika. Sougandhika - Nasa Yoni - Erection after smelling others genitalia Irshayaka: - The man who can not copulate with a women without Kumbhika - Catamite- Erection previously seeing the sexual after anal penetration intercourse of another is called as Ershayaka - Drig Yoni - Erection Irshayaka (Voyerist). after Voyeurism Kleeba: - Kleeba is defined as a Shanda: - (Nara/nari Shanda) A person with ED under various child born of an act of fecundation etiological factors. foolishly or ignorantly effected during the menses of its mother by lntervention of Agni in Impotency: its progenitor by holding her on his bosom during the act is called as Dhatwagni influences two tyPes of Shanda and invariably exhibits Dhatwagnipaka, prasada and kitta effeminate traits in his character. A where transformation of nourishing daughter born of a woman riding on material and waste products takes her husband during the act of sexual place respectively. The specific intercourse will develop masculine function of dhatwagni is synthesis of traits in her character. Here particular dhatu and continuous Klinefelters and Turner replacement by nutrients. The main syndrome are applicable, which dhatwagni vyapara of Sukra is stated are said to be in beeja dosha or by some Acharayas as production of chromosomal anomalies. Ojas and Vagbhata considers it as mala o[ sukra. Function of Sukra is ASEKYA: - A child born of scanty said as reproduction. It is not only means perpetuating the progeny but 55
  6. 6. 99 ereruse8ropueuonulnc€lgsrsoJpi(q,JcB xes ur ocuo8lnpur e^rsse3xe rod,(q s€ ,(up eqr ,crqc,{sd .crro}erp etllrt sosnBc "t :-"1]t1l]:: .rulnBer olur Surnlo,tul Jellu sJnou uror; uedvf,1r:urodruel ,trey ur sreeddep r1^o1rl,";r;;; !i:.. ii:q" pol€fnru ere souoC eql se Suuds;;o tnteqpeDlnqs €tuqqns un opnesd a p"r"prruorr, ri nieqpOn ur {cuelodurl Jo uolllpuoJ eql 01 3o "ru"ngu, oql repun luotuilJBdruoc re1n11ecur1ur spBal Jaqlou Jo uut8e, uI suolllpuoc ol lueurlreduroc Jnllocerlxe crueSo,(d ,(ue ro reuped eqt;o tuqt ul uJrls plnu Jo llnsoJ u s€ po^olseq ueql roqlo el€u] Jaqloul? ol poqcelle sr lI senssn ,(poq eqt Je^o llB prnu Jeqlou;o eqcfsd pue sernlsodxes Jo flunotue leer8 3o uoqulnruncos - ur ,(lrrelnBerrr puV .rsqlJ sB poulJep sI ecJes€uE eqJ ?cJ€ssue Jo ueruesJo uorlaldep pcr8oloqd,roru opnesd s.e urIS eql ul sloe[eJ ro-e^rlElllsnb se 1ce;ep ctleueS urelqord 1n"iao1oq"i;o-""ii* pll{c E uI pe^ olsoq eq ol B sr trcrJep cn rrnSrg ruseSro ;o :bnojql Suto8 st ecuelodurl ro ule1usunde51 arnlyo riSr, p"rrlnr"uJ8 ot rr,r r"^rt i(poq eq ra^o [[u puerds su eqnqs :.6cua1odur1 Burqqnqs pue ,(uerues) eDlnqs Blnqls ur uoes sl xaueJ JneuaD Apoq eql Jo uorl€nlBAe lecg8olorlg lUelstsred st ru8errlns;o ur uo{el Jopun srsoreu pue srsol^u eJeq^,EDInqs Jo uorlounJ eql su uolleqlleqlseacuelodurllueueruled plss sI uollcnpordeX sed,i1 ( uoruos) ro {rerodurel 3 o}ul fiur11nser Blnqls pue Eulqs{ns Jo sr nt€qp lBql selBls {poq leem (llecrsdqd Bqnqs rueued"pL puu pesserdep IenpI^IpuI uP 01 "t*rn8ro SursouSerp ul sSurpur; pcrurlc iofeur spsel uonsnl^ lu8uerlns;o etuoc lno er{}Jo euo seuocoq ecJBseue opnesd uu SI qclq/( e,1pew 11ec e,rtlereue8er ,(q ereql .lereue3 ul uedo lou ere -uou V3uFds31o eql ol peIrJEc sI 1I sluened eqlJoAo eJotrAtruoli.eururBxe JoAo eJolu puu uolleJeueSer;o ssol e ro ssecord Suqeeq pue rrudar eql 1ecrs,(qd ,(q ,(1rsui-p"tr"tin lou uBJ qcq,tr pcr3oloqr,{sd erou"q saruengul stseueSoqled uI pe^lo^ul sr usu8rg lueserd te eqo13 eq1 re,ro OJe IUHPDInS pue nlBqpBDInS eJoq^ suralqordcrusefirg u1sn1 ele8 sDInSsellltua luaJeJJIp lle uoururoc ere ..{cuelodunul :il":t:l,lr,:t].|,1ffi"1l?,Hi] s8urpug porullo.rofeur se srsorpfq rod,(q puB BcrBsBua opnasd IIeJ sa lJe^uoJ ol sluerllnu a**j" srseqlufs ro; elqrsuodseJ uorluls ,(8reue sB prBS sr BrJpuoqoolrry eru,{eq; .,{cualodrurr" :l j[u;,";":J#;:ilI,:n*i peuollueru os[E ere ^#iilij c]eeqsopuqdes snotJ€A eql ,.o.t ,sJotoBJ Burcuengur i el€ur€qsre^eqsop. u,{uqs>1n]eqp. eql .,{poq eql ut uorsr^rp IIec oslB I I &eols "caaoC Il
  7. 7. Cover Storyof psychological entities. The psyche erection, good orgasm and timelyinvolvernent in other activities or ejaculation. Apart from all otlterreverts the activity of fluid shilt as causes ofhaving a good sex, erectionre-diffusion and along with the plays an important role. The erectionexcretion of fluid as sweat in the depends upon physical, emotionalform of hyper hydrosis. The patient and mental health. Usually anxietywho ever is suspected as having or fear leads to situational impotency.orgasmic deficit, asked to be present Therefore the major influence ofat early hours for observation to stress and depress,ion and physicalcorrelate the clinical sign of pseudo strain has to clear when a person isanasarca after exclusion of other intended to have good sex. It is beingorganic problems. observed the erection is under the neurovascular control as emotionalIt is observed in many patients wherepseudo anasarca is a sign in control, where chemicals are released and physicaly filling the ofassociation with non-erection orejaculatory defects. Further it is penis vessels and making hard withbeing observed in the patients those proper erection. Erection flags whenwho can not reach the orgasm. another enzyme called Sex doesnt come easy, it depends on health and it is notjust intercourse, it is all about pleasure. Sex achieved by keeping fit, having a good relationship, proper communication, eating well, fine stimulus, proper arousal, perfect erection, good orgasm and timely ejaculation. Apart from all other causes ofhaving a good sex, erection plays an importantFurther elucidation is necessary to phosphodiestrease type 5 (PDE5)prove the pseudo anasarca and hyper neutralizes the cGMP. The brainhydrosis as the signs of shukradhatu activates and releases Nitric Oxidedusti. in the spongy tissues. It activates theMechanism of Impotency: enzyme Guanylate cyclase that produce cyclic guanosina monoIn this age we began to compromise phosphate (oGMP). The cGMPon our sex life and on our relaxes the spongy tissues andrelationships. Sex doesnt come easy, increases the blood flow to the depends on health and it is notjust The penis stiffens as the arteries andintercourse, it is all about pleasure. the spongy tissues dilate and squeezeSex achieved by keeping fit, having the vein shunt. Out of the variousa good relationship, proper groups of impotency beejadoshacommunication, eating well, fine janya sukra dhatu gatastimulus, proper arousal, perfect napumaskata can not be treated. 57
  8. 8. 8S(1e1 quele;) urseroelo Jo qJrJ oslu seueE eql elelnru ot peldope eqruep?^ace,ire-rp erpqule^ raqlouv o1 seq ,(dureql e^rlpurrurle q8noroqlprrB Jlelo uror;1redu poteplcnle s slueq?d qcns Jod fcuelodrur eq1JeqFnJ eq ol sBrI 11 ug aseuu8ueru Surcnpord ur lueluello^ul seseloJseteJl Jo eIoJ erll 1nq (,(cualodurl slr puB nleqp €rlnqs surqs{oos Joroy Snrp ueaqrd e sr nqcre4gdey tueurqsrlq€lse pue uorler.tuoJ elcF. AuortEurquos e^oqB Jo lno JO eruq oql 1u ,tcuolodurr 3o sJolsBJIlsP^J8lln eql roJ posn puB perellrJ e^rlBsnEc eql spJBAol UorluellBsr uorlcocap eq1 ,(1r1uenb eqt go rno,( me:p ol qsr^ 1 .f11ucr;rcedst/I ro Iru sI ol pecnper eq 01 peuoq paJeprsuoc sr repJosrp Isuorlourepue (e>1eposuru11) reluan pagund Jo crloqeleru ol enp uoqcungs{pJo Iur 09 ur uelBl eq o1 lsuerrnr4 elrlcaJe {po ere11 ,{ro8elec;grpuuncn6l) nqccu4rde;;o spees S pu€ Jepun IIBJ osle ,{eqt se suolqord(erepoep srupe3 )n-rupe,r,eqgo surS g ,(;otelnce[e ueAe Eurreprsuoc :rlse^rallfl ro; e3o1 lou ruu 1srseqlsord elrued Jo UOTICoJJOC leel Snouo^ s3 qsns ,(lsnoeuellnuus senssrl pue sJorunq suoqceuoc lecr8rns qlrm Burpep,(poq aql ur peJnpoJlur sr olels lou r.uB I ereH uorsol/esn?c lBcolrrrnrrqrlmbe leuuou pu€ ele1s esuesrp eql Sur,rouer flsnoeuullnrurs u,iru.rpeql seAallor 1I rsuoqlpuoc cndesnue uqer8ruulea, qlliy paleerf eq 01 srpue crldese repun .ernpecord eqc,(sd aql [poq crqc.{sd pue ,(poqeql ot Eurprorce Itu SI ol 0I Jo pcrs,(qdrog eputu eq ot seq lueweer&rtuunb eq1 le erqlern red peJnpor1ur eql aydrcurrd u1 ruelqord eq1 Suqceuoc pue 1ue4ed eql SuunssserEq OI B,(BTIS3{ JO ?II31 JO TUJOJ sr dels puoces eql .,(11ce;redeql uI JoIDIe se,{,r,erp eruqeqsopuDlnspu€ €Jeq€l?A qlr^ Ilse^3JB11n pU? ,{llnJerec 1r es,{1uue puu uoDEnlrs eqt lnoqe uorleuuogur Surxq sepnlcur :tuss8roun pue Og JoJ Surllesunoc eqIuorlscrpotuluarulBorl alelullln ue rlsB^erl,llfl pus ecuEJnssBeJ3ur11esunoc speeu qcrq/turSrro Jplncse^oJneu Brreqpoqs olors qlm Suop(eslqqc u,(ululerlus) eqc.,(sd ;o Jo JopJosrp B sl ,(cuelodruluoncexocEurllesunoc erou errnbar :,{cualodull ;o luaure8euelqs,qg cqrqdered eqlxesgo acricerdpuu uon€cnpe xes JoJ uonuellu spesu .epeun,{ygo lno Naq polBeJldnor8 sqt snq;,(cualodut do1e,lep eq uer .dcuelodrur luuoqunlls Jool euo sp€ol osls uorlcunJs,(p ulerq are .{cuelodurl Are.rodur4 .dnor8purruru ro (qqy) uep.rosrq trrrJo6l reqlo eqtr ..,{cuelodrug 3ulaequoquepy ,(leuorsucco qurq eqt JeUV pllqc B ol qlJlq e,rr8 lou ,(eurs€lors eqe^?Dlns puB nlBqpBDlns faql ,(q e.raq1 uopderuor eroJeqsqt ,(;Ucer e/{ sB lueql ur ,(cuelod reqlow pus JoqlsJ roJ luatulBerlocnpul u€c eA ,{O ereql ,(luurodurel cr1ee1.{qdord e arleur uEJ oM Gtols ranoC
  9. 9. Coaer Storyis used for skin problems. But here are said to be fit by virtue ofphysicalat present to rectify the shukra which and mental health. I enquired aboutis spread all over the body other wise their habits and acts in general. Thesaid to be in the skin, Devadaru is problem was traced as, they were unable to have the pleasure of sex.being used. The effect over the The second day the swelling appearsperipheral vascularity. maintenaltce which lasts almost till afterngon,of blood vessel wall and prevention gradually disappeared. The ladyof venous leakage in impotency further complains cramp whichneeds further experimentation. persist even after inter course. Both were counselled individually andConclusion: also in-group. Treatment offered sexBefore concluding this topic I wish education and vatahara sukrato present two cases for the sodhaka and vardhaka treatment.reference. Cases of impotency come They were given Ayurvedic classicalto me where clinically Azoospermia preparation and asked to participatebut presenting normal erection. This in sex without hesitation andcase is considered as shukradhatu hindrances. The second dayvikriti and there by treated with the miraculously the pseudo anasarca"Trivanga bhasma". The second day and abdominal cramps disappeared.he got anasarca, which triggered my Thus we can draw a conclusion of -mind to find out the reason, as the l) Mother is responsible for genesisgeneralized anasarca may be a of Impotency in child.complication of impure Trivangabhasma. But it was evaluated after 2) Growth (proper cell divisioncounselling the patient, as he was not mitosis) is directly proportional toaroused properly. The vikriti of libido/sex arousal.shukarvaha srotas resulted into 3) Pseudo anasarca and hyperunhappy sexual conjugation which hydrosis are the signs of Impotencyled to pseudo anasarca. The patient , and also orgasmic problems.asked to continue the medicine andhave a conjugation under suitable 4) The situational or temporary EDconditions, which relieved pseudo can be treated by vata hara, shukraanasarca, within few hours, without shodhaka dravya.any medication. 5) Uttarvasti is the best treatment for,Another couple of 27 years male and ED-22years female approached me with Further elucidation has to be madegeneralized swelling of body, which to establish the action of Uttarvastidisappears after few hours after through radioisotope studies.setting into regular activities. Both I Theauthor is Reader in Kayachikitsa, PGARC, Sri D.G.M.Ayurvedic Medical College, Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka 59