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Bhutagni in Liver                         By Dr. K. Sivaramprasad                     etabolism refers to changes taking p...
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Bhutagni in liver


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Bhutagni in liver

  1. 1. Bhutagni in Liver By Dr. K. Sivaramprasad etabolism refers to changes taking place in the living body and its constituents. Cayana standing for collection or gathering is the term for metabolism in Ayurveda On this ground apaLc yawould be catabolism. For cayana, the food consumed is r:he initial but another factor cdl ed agni is cruciaLThis is because, food bY itself is dhatus- rasa, raffia, etc., referring toincapable of nourishing the body in the the agnis that would be active in theseabsence of this fire, which corresponds seven constituents of the body. Theyto the complex of the enzYmes and correspond to the tissue metabolismhormones involved in metabolism. lt is and the enzyme complex responsiblethis complex that as Charaka states, is for it.what is responsible for life processes, Food is first digested and absorbed bycomplexion, strength, health, energy, the gastro intestinal tract. This isanAbolism (upacaya), glow, ojus, lustre, jatharagnipaka. lt is then transportedbody heat and life breath. As such this to liver for bhutagnipaka.The final stepfactor of agni is what maintains,preserves and promotes maintenance . is what takes place in the dhafus, bY lhe dhatwagnipaka. of good health. As the Parlance ofmodern medical science, all these At every place, the cavanakriya resultsactivities involve the complexes of in two products, what is nourishing andenzymes and hormones. propititating (prasada) and what isln consonance with their theoretical useless and therefore to be discardedthinking, our ancient authors recognise (kitta). Any defect here, either inthirteen types of agnr.s. The first one is processing of food or discarding thelhe jatharagni, the metabolising impurity will lead to disease andcomplex within the stomach or rather therefore causes the need for athe whole of the gastro intestinal tract. restorative correction on the part of theThis is central to all agni actions in the physician.body. Food comes in contact with the As these three are the normalbody for the first time here. The next metabolic levels of activity there can belevel of agnlis that of the five primordial three corresponding.levels of def ectiveelements that make up the body.These metabolism traceable in turn toare called lhe bhutagni referring to -the agnis that would metabolise prithvi, defective enzymes complexes at the respective places or mandagni (teeble ap, teja, vayu & akasha comPonents digestive power). of the food as they would get distributedto intermediary metabolism and the Bhutagnipaka follows iatharagnipakaenzyme (hormone) comPlex and it completes the Process ofresponsible for it.The third and the final intestinal diEestion. lt is only after thelevel of the agnl is at that of the seven completion ol bhutagnipaka that the 81 AvunMsol-INE
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