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Ay2day4 ksr


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Ay2day4 ksr

  1. 1. Ayurveda Today forManaging TomorrowProf. Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad, M.D (Ay), C.O.P. (German), M.A. Ph.D (Jyotish) Department of Kayachikitsa (PG), PGARC, DGM AMC, Gadag 1
  2. 2. Encrypted Ayurveda toDecrypted Evidence Ayurveda is an observational knowledge of ancient Indian scientists contribution expanded with eight branches of healing nature. It is the jinx of Ayurveda, even though crunched in many problems,limping to establish its existence in the healing world 2
  3. 3. Encrypted Ayurveda toDecrypted Evidence Ayurveda is said to be encrypted by the authors as many invaders robed the precious wealth of India and also intellectuality of Indians It is the time for decryption of Ayurveda to be done & the evidences has to be shown in front of the scientific community 3
  4. 4. Ayurveda is not old it is the fact of ever toldThe traditional way of learning Ayurveda is 1: 6ratio of teacher student from ancient times eg:Agnivesha etc are 6, Susruta etc are 6Knowledge of Ayurveda is transferred initially asclinically and practically to the student directly bythe teacher at those timesPresently Ayurveda losing its glaze under –lack of student teacher communication,Insufficient infrastructure andNo-confidence promoting curriculum 4
  5. 5. Nomenclature magnanimity in Ayurveda Medicines have embedded information of pharmacological & functional utility in Ayurveda “Ganga = water”, “Dhara = holding” – relates to Udakadhara kala or the water retaining mucus layer at large intestines and water balance at internal environment restored FOR MORE or 5
  6. 6. Ayurveda - Current StatusIndian way of living is Ayurveda –It starts from kitchenAyurveda is just not a method ofmedicine; it is a way of healthy livingAyurveda is the child of God &God of creationAyurveda cares “ALL” round the clockAyurveda has not only eyes but alsoheart 6
  7. 7. Current Status Present day noise proves nothing but disturbs the health Curse of heath – Cured with Ayurvedic wealth Better living as healthy Beggar Than diseased Emperor Health is not just for body It is for the Mind and Soul too 7
  8. 8. Medical Sanskrit & Vedic Physics & Vedic Chemistry The Sanskrit is – either seen – “Vedic Sanskrit” or “Kavya Sanskrit” But no Medical Sanskrit Student comes from 10+2 level of Meacale’s educational methods Physics and chemistry are the fundamentals of any science Why in Ayurveda - Vedic Biophysics andVedic Biochemistry & Vedic Biology were nottaught ?? ? 8
  9. 9. Reforms at Graduation (BAMS)Vedic Physic, Vedic Chemistry and VedicBiology to utilise them in NidanaPractice, Rasashastra and Dravyagunarespectively is necessary.No more Samhita required for studyBut the principles are separated andtaughtMedical Sanskrit and Itihasa in Sanskritlanguage taught as -Sanskrit-Itihasa together taught as onepaper 9
  10. 10. Reforms at Graduation (BAMS)Conflictive, confusing, non-communicative language andunnecessary Sanskrit implications alongwith unworthy English translationsshould be taken out.Phyto-chemistry & contemporary valuesare brought forward in herbal medicineMany more such unnecessary irrelevanttopics are dismissed from curriculum 10
  11. 11. PG curriculum restructuring2005 recommendations of the CCIMmade enormous modifications for PGcurriculum expanding the branchesMany recommendations are made toflourish the Ayurvedic gloryThe implementation of modificationsare not seen in many areas 11
  12. 12. Limitations and regulations of eachbranch should be demarcatedspecifically in PG subjectsProblems of the PG departmentsshould be periodically sorted andsolvedClumsy syllabus should be expandedto justify the need of student alongwith limitations & Interference ofTeacher 12
  13. 13. Revelation starting –But not conclusionAyurveda is not a back door entry tobecome doctor to practice medicineCurriculum has to take a specifieddiversion either Samhita oriented orsubject orientedIntroduction of Vaidya Sanskrit(scientific medical) is the needNot to send student to stand at crossroads 13
  14. 14. Introduction of fundamental subjectsas discussedAyurveda made easy for allDeveloping the scientific attitudes inAyurveda is present days taskPropagation of true scientific valuesof Ayurveda is necessityResearching for “fast relief”Medicines in Ayurveda is alternative 14
  15. 15. Present trends are bad to worst Ayurvedarises every one’s trustAdopting Ayurveda is of our futureGod loves the just - Who loves the healthIf we do not rouse at this jiffy, the worldwill move front, leaving us behind.That’s it for that the entire saga 15