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Amruta Bindu    +¨ÉÞiÉ Ë¤ÉnÖù                                                @ÈÚßä}Ú ¸M¥ÚßVolume 1, Issue 8 - 9           ...
DGM Campus NEWSD.G. Melmalagi Ayurvedic Medical College                                                      draws the att...
Dr.Siva Rama Prasad           Sexotronics-4             (.....Continued From previous issue )                             ...
ETHMEDmmm                           Museum of Materia Medica - Ethnomedicine Data Base                             Ethnic ...
eral crude drugs based on certain laws.                dhism, the name for HARITAKI is read asThese prescriptions are base...
39. Tibetan crude drugs from Tibet and  Qinhai Prov. 40. Mongolian crude drugs                      New product launch    ...
Women’s Page    Mrs.Valli Sree Prasad                                                    and 1 Teaspoon full of honey,    ...
Leukorrhea Continued from page - 7                                                                                Letters ...
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Ab 08&9


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Ab 08&9

  1. 1. Amruta Bindu +¨ÉÞiÉ Ë¤ÉnÖù @ÈÚßä}Ú ¸M¥ÚßVolume 1, Issue 8 - 9 email:- April - May 2001 Editor in Chief : Editorial Looking towards . . . Ayurveda is taking its shape very rapidly in 21st century. Many Dr. G.B. Patil, people are against of the chemotherapy and wish to live in Principal accordance with nature. The physicians who are responsible Editor: for taking them to the nature are still in dilemma. The gradu- Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad, ates of Ayurveda show interest in modern medication because Reader in Kayachikitsa they have to survive and competitive to the local area. But the PGARC, DGMAMC postgraduates, who have done PG with interest in Ayurveda, have to shoulder the responsibility of uplifting Ayurveda are also not interested. In good olden days four varieties of meth- INSIDE THIS I SSUE ods to adopt for the Ayurvedist is suggested - 1) Ayurveda diagnosis and Ayurveda treatment, 2) Ayurveda diagnosis and ETHMEDmmm Modern treatment, 3) modern diagnosis and Ayurveda treat- Museum of Materia Medica ment and 4) modern diagnosis and modern treatment. Out of - Ethnomedicine Data Base 2nd and 4th are not applicable. The first condition is hard to Sexotronics- 4 crack for the Neo - Ayurvedist. By following the 3rd principle DGM Campus NEWS we may loose our tradition and heritage slowly and may have New Product Launch to submit our selves to the clutches of Modern medicine. For Women’s Page- Leukorrhea many years Ayurvedist is looking towards the local bodies and central bodies like C.C.I.M. to some thing in this regard. OR SR Dear readers, Now the Amruta Bindu is reaching all over the India Ayurvedic institutions, PG centers and physicians along with six foreign nations. We wish to regularize the mailing of the Newsletter “Amruta Bindu”. If you wish to have it regularly please furnish the information below. You may get it either by post or email. If you wish to have by email please send a mail to Name (in block letters) Address (in block letters) Telephone number Email address Signature Contributing Editors : Dr.R.K.Gachhinamath, Dr. R.R. Joshi, Dr. C.M.Sarangamath, Dr. U.V.Purad, Dr.AK.Panda, Dr. S.H.Doddamani, Office Assistance: Smt. P.K. Belawadi, Sri. M.K.Joshi, Published by: Publication division, PGARC, DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag,April & May 2001 Printed at Bhandage Offset Printer, Gadag, Karnataka -582103 Amruta Bindu
  2. 2. DGM Campus NEWSD.G. Melmalagi Ayurvedic Medical College draws the attention of Ayurvedist to establishPost Graduate scholars of 1999 admission the satisfactory therapy. Also this is the righthave registered their dissertation topics to time to establish an economical, comprehen-Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, sive, unrelapseble, curable and safe therapyBangalore. The title and need for the study is for the commonly occurring and reoccurringstated as under. disease Vicharchika. The present study in-1. Evaluation of the efficacy of Ojovardhini cludes the Sodhana with murchita ghrita inYoga in Ojokshaya (with special reference arohana vidhi and shaman therapy withto HIV infection) by D. Seetharam Prasad Panchanimba churna followed byA long healthy life has been the cherished Pathyadilepa with Gomutra.wish of man since ages, but often many chal- 3. Evaluation of the efficacy of Eladi Churnalenges are posed to this in the form of grave in Amlapitta (with special reference todiseases. Ayurveda is able to provide good Hyperchlorhydria) by Vivekanand. care by effectively managing the dis- Kulkarnieases from time to time. The recent entry to All the provinces of world will have their ownthe list of grave diseases is AIDS (Acquired food habits disturbance in their habits leadsImmuno deficiency Syndrome), which is to the various disorders. Not only food but alsocaused by Human Immuno deficiency Virus janapadodhwamsa karanas like vayu, jala also(HIV). It is a serious disorder of the immune responsible factor for alteration of gastricsystem, in which the body’s normal defense rhythm and causation of amashaya samuthaagainst infection breaks down, leaving it vul- vyadhi like Amlapitta. Amlapitta is the mostnerable to host of life threatening infection in- common disease of present era. High busycluding unusual malignancies. life style, neglect towards proper food habitsAyurveda describes a number of drugs with in association with cosmopolitan culture ofthe proven or proposed immuno modulating having heavy fatty foods in supplementary toand immuno potentiating activities. Recent mental tension growing the incidence offindings of anti-viral activities of many herbs Amlapitta more in townships. Ayurveda sug-have drawn the attention of the scientists to gested good remedies for it. Thus the presentstudy the effect of Ayurvedic drugs in HIV in- study entitled has been selected to relieve thefection. A number of herbal drugs have been ailed patients and to bring back the cheerful-individually evaluated in the treatment of HIV ness in their lives.and AIDS related complex (ARC). The present A prospective clinical trial will be done withstudy is designed to assess the therapeutic Eladi Churna.effect of Ojovardhini yoga in HIV infected 4. Effect of Vajigandhadi yoga in the manage-patients, which could be a safe, effective and ment of Kshinasukra (Oligozoospermia) byeconomical drug. Basavaraj. M. Mulkipatil2. A comparative study on the effect of kshinasukra (Oligozoospermia) is the com-Sodhana and Shamana Chikitsa in mon cause to get male infertility. About 50Vicharchika by Gurushantaswami S. years back infertility said to be predominantlyHiremath a female problem. It has converted by thesince in Ayurveda many references regard- present, as males are responsible in most ofing the effective therapy and the management the cases. According to W.H.O. survey in theof Vicharchika has been well explained, it Continued on Page - 8April & May 2001 2 Amruta Bindu
  3. 3. Dr.Siva Rama Prasad Sexotronics-4 (.....Continued From previous issue ) ayugod@doctor.comor ksrprasad@lycos.comHistorical aspect sification of sexual mental diseases, a method Biological, medical, historical, and that was adapted, greatly expanded and re-anthropological research by Von Baer, Dar- fined over forty years later by von Krafft-Ebingwin, Mendel, Kaan, Morel, Magnan, Charcot, in another book of the same title. Indeed, thisWestphal, Burton, Morgan, Mantegazza, pre-sexological era of modern sex researchWestermarck, Krafft-Ebing, Schrenck- was almost exclusively devoted to the studyNotzing, and others, laid the foundations of of people believed to be sick. The sexualsex research in the modern, more specific manifestations of their sickness were care-sense. Finally, at the turn of the 20th century, fully listed and, as a rule, ascribed to degen-the pioneering work of Havelock Ellis, eration.Sigmund Freud, and Iwan Bloch established A broadening of this view could comethe investigation of sexual problems as a le- only from outside medicine and biology, asgitimate endeavor in its own right. they were then understood. Indeed, as the The concept of a special scientific and work of Iwan Bloch demonstrates, it eventu-scholarly effort devoted to the understanding ally came from two hitherto neglectedof sex was first proposed by the Berlin der- sources-history and anthropology. Bloch, amatologist Iwan Bloch (1872-1922), who also man of enormous erudition, who spoke sev-coined the new term for it: eral languages and possessed a personal li-Sexualwissenschaft. The term was first trans- brary of 40,000 volumes, knew from his read-lated as “sexual science,” but this is some- ings that many supposedly pathological andwhat misleading, since the German degenerate sexual behaviors had always ex-Wissenschaft comprises both the natural isted in many parts of the globe and amongsciences and the humanities. The translation both “primitive” and civilized peoples. There-as “sexology” is therefore preferable, because fore, he gradually came to the conclusion thatthe Greek root logos, which is part of the word, the medical view of sexual behavior was short-traditionally refers to all powers of reason and sighted and needed to be corrected by his-therefore to any rational study, to organized torical and anthropological research. He be-knowledge of any kind. Thus, the Latin-Greek gan to see the “sexual psychopathies” ashybrid “sexology” simply refers to the theo- timeless and universal manifestations of theretical study of sex, just as the German origi- human condition and finally, in the first yearsnal. In this sense, Iwan Bloch may be right- of our century, attacked the notion of sexualfully called the father of sexology (or degeneration in a seminal study.Sexualwissenschaft). This new, centralized standpoint was The purely theoretical study of sex that of the sexologist, and it soon came to behad, several decades before Bloch, entered shared by others. Bloch’s new concept anda new phase of concentration and special- his new term were eagerly embraced by ad-ization. 19th-century medicine, elaborating a miring colleagues, and thus, only one yeartheme it inherited from the Age of Enlighten- later in 1908, Magnus Hirschfeld was able toment, began to concern itself more and more edit the first journal for sexology, thewith the bizarre, dangerous, and supposedly Zeitschrift Fur Sexualwissenschaft. Withunhealthy aspects of sex. As early as 1843, this important publication, sexology was for-the Russian physician Heinrich Kaan, in his mally launched and quickly developed into abook Psychopathia Sexualis, offered a clas- thriving academic endeavor. The following textApril & May 2001 3 Amruta Bindu
  4. 4. ETHMEDmmm Museum of Materia Medica - Ethnomedicine Data Base Ethnic people Shengnong, a philoso- around the world devel- pher, is carrying oped their own drugs to Ganoderma (a mush- fight against the diseases room drug) in his hand by hit and trail methods based on their ex- periences and passed the knowledge from the Museum of Mate- generation to generation. Their knowledge ria Medica (MMM). on medicine is called as Ethnomedicine. The Crude drugs long experiences of various ethnic groups mainly plant-derived in the early human civilization helped to de- drugs, play an important velop a complete system of medicine known role in the traditional as The Traditional medicine. The Traditional medicine. In addition to this, crude drugs of Chinese Medicine, The Traditional Indian animal and mineral origins are also in use. Medicine (Ayurvedic system of medicine), Crude drugs used in the Traditional Chinese The Unani medicine, etc. are among such Medicine are called Chinese crude drugs i.e., examples. Kan-Yaku in Japanese. Some crude drugs are For the purpose of research and edu- developed in Japan called as Wa-Yaku. In cation, about 20,000 crude drug samples Japanese Kampo Medicine, Wa-Yaku is also used in the various Traditional Medicine and used besides Chinese crude drugs. Ethnomedicine have been collected from sev- Ginseng Radix (Ginseng): From ancient eral countries in the world and displayed in times, Ginseng Ra- dix has been highlySexotronicsContinued ..from page -3 prized. It is appetiz-recapitulates briefly, in chronological order, ing and enhancessome of the early accomplishments. vitality, and is cat- The modern concept of sexology (i.e. egorized in the drugthe theoretical study of sex or scientia replenishing the Qisexualis) is, of course, to be distinguished (vital energy). Gin-from the older concept of erotology (i.e. the seng Radix is apractical study of lovemaking or ars amatoria). dried root of PanaxErotological writings like Vatsayana’s Kama ginseng C.A. Meyer of the family Araliaceae.Sutra and other Hindu love manuals, indeed Wild Ginseng Radix is very importanteven recent Western counterparts like van drug, but it can not satisfy the market-de Velde’s Ideal Marriage or Comfort’s Joy demand.Therefore, cultivated one is in cur-of Sex want to guide the reader to subjective rent use. Although Ginseng Radix in Korea isexperiences. They are, in a popular phrase, very famous, cultivation of that was also suc-“how-to books.” Sexological writings, in con- ceeded on the 18th century (the Edo period)trast, want to convey objective insight. In this in Japan. At present, it is successfully culti-general sense, therefore, the term “sexologi- vated in Nagano, Fukushima and Shimanecal” can also be applied retroactively to older prefectures.Western literature, such as Hippocrates’ On Wa-Yaku is a crude drug, which has beenSemen or Schurig’s Gynaecologia developed in Japan, and is used as a folkHistorica-Medica. medicine or in Kampo medicine. .... to be Continued Kampo formula is a complex mixture of sev-April & May 2001 4 Amruta Bindu
  5. 5. eral crude drugs based on certain laws. dhism, the name for HARITAKI is read asThese prescriptions are based according to “Kelire” in Chinese and “Kariroku” in Japa-the successive Chinese medical literature. nese. It is used as a tonic medicine in India,Kakkon-to (Gegengtang in Chinese): and as an astringent, a stegnotic and an an- This was described in “Sho-Kan-ron titussive in China.(Shanghanlun)” which was compiled in the1st Besides crude drug samples, approx.century (the later Han period) in China. It is 32,000 herbal specimens, herbal prepara-applied to several symptoms of early phase tions, materials relating to stationed homeof a cold, e.g., a headache, a fever, a shoul- drugs, Honzo-sho (classical herbal literature)der pain, a muscular pain. and other classical medical literature are pre- Kakkon-to is composed of 7 kinds of served.crude drugs, Puerariae Radix 8(4) g, Exhibition Arrangement of Crude DrugsEphedrae Herba 4(3) g, Zizyphi Fructus 4(3) in the Museum of Materia Medicag, Cinnamomi Cortex 3(2) g, Paeoniae Radix 1. Kampo formula (Extracts, Pills, etc.)3(2)g, Glycyrrhizae Radix 2 g and Zingiberis 2. Chinese patent medicines (Formula ofRhizoma (dried) 1 g. traditional Chinese, medicine), House holdSwertiae Herba (Senburi in Japanese): This medicines produced in Toyama Prefectureis a folk medicine, which was developed as a 3. Health foods, Chinese patent medicines,substitute for Picrorrhizae Rhizoma on the 16th Preparation of Yao-shancentury (the end of the Muromachiperiod). 4. European crude drugs (Herbs)It belongs to the family Gentianaceae, and whole 5-Traditional Chinese and Japanese crudeplants are used as a digestive medicine. drugsWhereas Picrorrhizae Rhizoma is a 5. Minerals, Resins, etc.Scrophulariaceae plant from Himalaya, and is 6. Cut samples, Samples for academiccalled ”KATUKI” in India. It is used for acute purposehepatitis and bronchitis. The Traditional Indian 7. Insects and other Animal productsMedicine is based on Ayurveda (Ayus = Life, 8. FungiVeda = Knowledge), a philosophy created in 9 -18.Roots and RhizomesIndia. A complete system of medicine has 19-22.Fruits and Seedsbeen developed based on the Ayurvedic 23. Flowersphilosophy called as the Ayurvedic system of 24-27. Leaves and Whole Plantsmedicine. So many Crude drugs used in 28. Stems and WoodsAyurvedic system of medicine are generally 29. Rare crude drug (Wild Ginseng, etc.),used by the folklore medicine practitioners, Classical instruments and equipment forsome times doesn’t have placement in the pharmaceutical pill preparationstandard texts of Ayurveda. 30. Rare crude drugs (Agalloch, Toad Venom)HARITAKI (Chebulae Fructus): This crude 31. Crude drugs used for as sexual tonicsdrug was derived from Terminalia chebula 32. Crude drugs of Animal originRetzus of the 37. Barksf a m i l y 33. Chinese folk medicines from Sichuan Prov.Combretaceae 34. Chinese Berberidaceae drugsand introduced 35. Chinese folk medicines from Gangxifrom India to and Yunnan Prov. and Shanghai, UighurChina, and then crude drugsto Japan.In the 36. Uighur crude drugs from Uighur Autono-Chinese scrip- mous Regionture of Bud- 38. Tibetan crude drugs from TibetApril & May 2001 5 Amruta Bindu
  6. 6. 39. Tibetan crude drugs from Tibet and Qinhai Prov. 40. Mongolian crude drugs New product launch from Inner Mongolia and Mongolian People’s Republic SEDICARE 41-42. Japanese folk medicines Each capsule contains powder of - 43. Korean folk medicines Brahmi 20mg 44-45. Taiwanese folk medicines Korasani Ajowan 50mg 46. Chinese cut drugs (Yin-pian) from Tagarganthoda 40mg Hongkong Aswagandha 25mg 47. Vietnamese folk medicines Jaiphal 15mg 48-49. European crude drugs Advantages:- safe and side effect free, can 50. African folk medicines, Laotian folk be safely combined with other drugs and non medicines habit forming 51. Vietnamese folk medicines Indications:- Insomnia, Psychosomatic dis- orders or Stress disorders, Violent types of Insanity Dosage:- 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime or as directed by physician Presentation:- strip of 6 capsules Price:- Rs.15/- SKION Ointment Clears chronic dermatological conditions Composition: Gandhak 4%ww Jasadbhasma 4%ww Inside of Museum : The room is crowded Sindhur 4%ww with crude drug samples. Karanj tel 4%ww52. Crude drugs from Vietnam Neem tel 4%ww53-55. Ayurvedic crude drugs and folk Rala 1%wwmedicines from Nepal Vaseline Q.S56-58. Ayurvedic crude drugs from India Action:- clears dermatitis of various aetiology,59-61. Ayurvedic crude drugs from Sri Lanka relieves itching and burning, reduces the inflam-62. Literature of Tibetan medicine (“rGyu-shi”), mation and unlike cortico steroids free from sideTibetan crude drugs, specimens of Nepal effects even on prolonged use63. Ayurvedic medicines and crude drugs Indications:- chronic dermatological disorders,from Sri Lanka and India Jamu (Indonesian chronic urticaria, neurodermatosis, seborroeiccrude drugs) dermatoses, skin rashes and pruritus.64. Tibetan medicines (Precious pills), Usage:- to be applied springly and gently onCrude drugs and Medical literature the affected areas three times a day65. Crude drugs from Myanmer P.S. along with Hemojas syrup internally forti-66. Tibetan crude drugs from India and Bhutan fies the action67. Tibetan crude drugs from Nepal Presentation:- 15 gm tube68-69. Unani medicines from Pakistan and Price:- Rs.18.75Bangladesh (Pills and Crude drugs) From:- Anuja Pharmaceuticals pvt. Ltd,70-71. Jamu medicines and Crude drugs 5 - Rajmahal, Mathuradas Vasanji Road,from Indonesia Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 069, India72. Thai crude drugs e-mail:- anujapha@vsnl.com73. Brazilian2001medicinesApril & May folk 6 Amruta Bindu
  7. 7. Women’s Page Mrs.Valli Sree Prasad and 1 Teaspoon full of honey, & Meenakshi S. Byali consumed every day morning. presents It relieves the Pradara Leuko- Leukorrhea rrhea and also Asrigdhara - hyper Menorrhagia very spe- Menstruation is themajor problem for the girls in cifically it is good for the painthe adolescence. In that it is full and specific conditions.very difficult to understand 4) Bhumyamalaki - Phyllanthusthe process of menstruation niruri (Vangasena). The seedsand in further to over come of Bhumyamaliki have to col-the problems of the men- lected and dried well to makestruation. Of course the ad- fine powder. 3gms of powderjustment to the regularity of with rice wash water everymenstruation is not difficult day morning relieves thebut certainly problematic. A Pradara. It is not exaggeratedgirl has to acquaint to the cy- that it shows the effect within 2-3 days of administration.clic menstruation along with the physiologi- 5) Kadali - Musaparadisiaca sepientum interference. The menstrual irregularities (Gadanigraha) one banana fruit with cowappear not only for the adolescent girls at Ghee of 2 Teaspoon full twice in a day willmonarch but also after attaining the youth. relieve the chronic LeukorrheaMenorrhagia and Metrorrhagia are the com- (Gadanigraha). Take the 2gms each quan-mon complaints along with Leukorrhea (white tity of Kadali fruit (young plantain drieddischarge). powder) and fruits of Badari (ZiziphusSome of the simple therapies are collected here. jujuba) churna add to equal quantity of1) Alabu: - (Cucurbita lagemaria) Bottle gourd jagary. This preparation twice daily re- has to be cut in to small pieces and finely lieves from Leukorrhea (Chakradutta) dried and powdered. The powder is to be 6) Japa pushpa - (Hibiscus rose sineusis) adding equality sufficient sugar and honey 10-12 buds of japa pushpa instantly and prepared 500mg pills. 1-2 tabs/2-3 crushed with milk and taken with the times a day will relieve the Pradara - Leu- honey. Rice with milk is the food for the korrhea (Bhava prakasha). This is very ef- patient. It relieves earliest the Leukorrhea fective if it is given with rice wash water. (Gadanigraha). The flowers of japa are to2) Ashoka twak -(Saraka indica). It is pre- fry with Ghee and consumed daily. This pared with the lane of Ashoka added to relieves the Pradara and rakta pradara milk to take the Ashoka bark to prepare a 7) Tanduleeyaka moolam - Amaranthus course powder. This powder is added to tricolour it has iron in it. Generally it is used the 1/2 glass water and 1/2 glass of milk as green vegetable vividly in India. But the to prepare the kshera paka. Add little roots are not used. These roots have good quantity of sugar to taste. 1 cup (150ml) medicinal value. The roots crushed and of this ksheera paka kashaya every day made paste given with rice wash water. morning relieves the Pradara even though This relieves the Leukorrhea. It can be it is associated for long time practiced in another way also. Collect the (Chakradutta) roots and dry it the 1 tsf powder every day3) Vasa - Adhatoda vasaka - (Gadanigraha) morning to be given with rise wash water leaves of Vasa is to be crushed to get the (Charaka Samhita) juice. The juice is to be mixed with sugar 8) Nyagrodha - (Ficus beugalentis) theApril & May 2001 7 Amruta Bindu
  8. 8. Leukorrhea Continued from page - 7 Letters to the kashaya of Nyagrodha with Lodra (Symplocos racemosa) paste consumed every day morning relieves the Leukor- Editor rhea (Charaka) both can be powdered and Dear Editor, consumed 1-2 gms twice daily relieves I am very happy to receive your Amruta the Leukorrhea Bindu. It has taken me to my college days,9) Amara beeja - (mango seed) Collect man- then we conducted a written magazine and gos seeds in the summer season and kept in the library, which was very success- make fine powder. This powder in a small ful. Heart fully I wish for your success getting quantity of 1/2 gm to 1gm added to quan- more and more progressive popularity. You tity sufficient honey and consumed. Then have taken this venture at the need of hour for have a glass full of rice wash water in the Ayurveda. ge ’s morning. This relieves the Leukorrhea. Pa en Dr. D. Sreerama Murthy, The mango seed powder in a small dose B.A.M.S. om of 250mg. - 500mg. can be taken twice Ragahavendra Nursing Home, W with honey for the good action and quick Perala, Chirala - 523 157 relief. Dear Editor,DGM Campus NEWS Continued from page - 7 I am in receipt of the previous volumesyear 1996 of 15% of couple experience rela- of Amruta Bindu. It is always welcoming notetive of absolute infertility, in which male infer- to find a new journal for Ayurveda. The Edito-tility being present bout 1/3rd of recorded rial board and publishers are appreciated forcases. Prospective randomized placebo con- their effort. Hope every thing is fine at yourtrolled clinical studies in two groups are made end. Wishing you all success.with Vajigandhadi yoga. Dr. J.L.N. Sastry,5. The evaluation of the efficacy of Saptasama ChennaiYoga (internally) and Kushtadi lepa (exter-nally) in Sidhma Kusta by Anil Kumar Bacha Send Articles, Collections and Clippings Editor,Sidhma kusta requires special attention and Amruta BinduAyurveda advocates many remedies for this. Publication Division,They are easily available, cheap and have no Postgraduation and Research Centeradverse effects. Hence the present study as DGM Ayurvedic Medical Collegea prospective clinical trail is under taken with Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103Saptasama yaoga and Kustadi lepa. Karnataka, India. From: Book-Post Printed Matter Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Editor TO, Amruta Bindu Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research Center DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.April & May 2001 8 Amruta Bindu