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Ab 06&7


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Ab 06&7

  1. 1. Amruta Bindu +¨ÉÞiÉ Ë¤ÉnÖù @ÈÚßä}Ú ¸M¥ÚßVolume 1, Issue 6 - 7 email:- February & March 2001 INSIDE THIS ISSUEThe Brain - Special Issue Placebo that heals? Editorial Many of the modern medical practitioners claim that Sexotronics Ayurveda therapy is of traditional, incomplete and have no DGM Campus NEWS sense in it. But present day researches show them the golden Book Review gates to achieve the perfect health through Ayurveda. In fact Women’s Page many Ayurvedic physicians are unable to explain the effect and Phamacodynamics of the compound drugs used in Editor in Chief : Ayurveda, as they were not aware of researches in their Dr. G.B. Patil, curruculam. In such case the word placebo action comes in Principal to picture. Editor: From antiqueness to this era of medical enlighten- Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad, ment, the placebo (I will be pleasing - Latin) has been the Reader in Kayachikitsa single most potent and versatile tool for relieving the pains that man is here to. PGARC, DGMAMC An experimental interest in placebos is awakening. It Contributing Editors : is becoming more obvious that what happens after ingesting Dr.R.K.Gachhinamath a pharmacologically active drug also happens, to some ex- Dr. R.R. Joshi tent, when a sugar pill is taken; and that at least some de- Dr. C.M.Sarangamath gree of relief obtained with an active drug is due to emotional Dr. U.V.Purad and symbolic factors. That is, the placebo effect pervades Dr.AK.Panda medical practice even in the absence of a placebo pre se. Dr. S.H.Doddamani The use of the placebos at the clinical level has been Office Assistance questioned time and again and discussed and debated in Smt. P.K. Belawadi medical literature over the past 200 years. Physicians use Sri. M.K.Joshi dummy medications all over the world. A placebo often alle- Published by viates aches and pains and induces in the over all condition of the patient and makes him feel much better. This improve- Publication division, ment is all in the mind. PGARC, Many doctors prescribe a big list of medicaments, DGM Ayurvedic Medical which may not be necessary to the patient but certainly sat- College, Gadag isfies the patient and gives the feeling that the disease is Phone: 08372-38014 grave and the dump of medicaments relieve it. Printed at A fairly large number of scientists and research work- Bhandage Offset Printer, ers are of the opinion that placebos make life easier for the Gadag, Karnataka -582103 (.....Continued in Page - 8) OR SRFebruary & March 2001 Amruta Bindu
  2. 2. DGM Campus NEWS From Sushrut Vedike Guest Lecture on BRAIN - ANALYTICAL STUDY and discussed elaborately. On 29th and 30th December 2000, a At the end of session chief Guest Mr.guest lectures on the subject “Analytical Vanahalli, Retired headmaster of model highstudy of Brain “ was conducted by Sushrut school offered his views and thoughts on AtmaVedice and Manas. Dr. S. A. Photo Patil honored him with Inauguration of wall momentum. Miss poster session by Dr. S. manjula sarganachari A. Patil, I/c Principal, hosted the program on DGMAMC with Dr. G. M. 29-12-2000. Kanti, Dr.B.G.Swami, On 30 th De- Dr.S.B.Govindappanavar, cember 2000 Dr. Kanti Dr. Sankanur and continued his lecture. Dr.Paraddi. (Left to He explained regarding Right) Dr. G. M. Kanti of S.D.M. Ayurvedic the various and structures of Brain and alsoMedical College, Udupi arrived on 29th De- the regarding the miscellaneous structures re-cember to our college as guest lecturer. Dr. lated to the brain.S. A. Patil our beloved professor, in-charge Dr. Kanti in the second session spokeprincipal proceeded over the program and in- few words about his thesis (subject of Ph.D.augurated the wall poster and Season. Chief form Pune University) for which he was hon-Guest for the function is Mr. Vanahalli, Admin- ored with doctorate by Pune university.istrator, J.C.School of Gadag. Dr. B. G. Swami Dr. S.B. Govindappanavar thanks ev-(HOD of Shareera Rachana Department and erybody in the conclusion session. Dr. S.A.Dr. S. B. Govindappanwavar (Asst. profes- Patil honored Dr. G.M. Kanti with momentum.sor and organizer of Sushrut Vedike) orga- Mr. Amrut Haridas hosted the function.nized the function. Mr. Rajeev B. Katti ended the function by giv- Dr. Kanti appreciated the work of stu- ing vote of thanks.dents and also the teachers who helped them All the staff members of college andto do the spectacular show. After the inaugu- P.G. Department and students were presentration ceremony, Dr. Kanti and others ex- in the function and made it successfully. Dr.pressed the need of developing pre clinical B. G. Swami and Dr. S. B. Govindappanavarsubjects which are base for the development guided the students very much to conduct theof clinical subjects. Sushrut Vedike opened function and to make it dimensions for the students to under- Send Articles, Collections and Clippingsstand the theories and postulations ofAyurveda in parlance with modern science. every month before 15th to appearDr. Kanti in his lecture dealt all about Brain in next issue of Amruta BinduFebruary & March 2001 2 Amruta Bindu
  3. 3. Book Review Panchakarma Book Review A handbook for the students and practitioners By R. Vidyanath Ayurveda advocates two kinds of mea- call it as Samshodhana Chikitsa as a whole.sures, which represent the end-phase of all All these are specifically and elaborately dealtthe treatment processes, namely chapter wise in this book giving tips time toSamshodhana (evacuation or eliminatory) time from a practical point of view.and Samshamana (pacification) of which the Three types of measures are thereformer is given the first place. Maintenance with respect to Panchakarma treatment. Theyof health is by itself an in built mechanism of are Poorva Karma, Pradhana Karma andthe systems that work with in a living body Paschat karma, out of which Oilation andkeeping in terms with the internal environment Sudation falls under Poorva karma, where(homeostasis) and the external environment Dosha are brought back to Kosta from(ecological balance). This was explained in Shakha (branches) for elimination. These pro-the first two chapters of Panchakarma - a cedures are described in the 4th and 5th chap-handbook for the students and practitioners ters with self explained with photos and picturesvery well. of the drugs and plants required for the prepa- “PANCHAKARMA” primarily repre- ration of the Yogas to help the practitioner.sents the Samshodhana part. In addition the Though we are having sufficient op-importance of Samshodhana as an essen- tions to treat a number of diseases in a confi-tial preconditioning measure in Rasayana and dent manner, most of the Ayurvedic physi-Vajikarana Chikitsa can not be with overempha- cians are not practicing these therapeuticsized. The Samsarjana Krama, which is very techniques. The reason may be - due to theimportant, has been dealt in third lack of sufficient practical knowl-chapter. edge or non-availability of equip- The term Panchakarma ment and phobia of establishingrepresents five measures, Panchakarma units. This booknamely;1) Vamana (Emesis), 2) explains and informs about theVirechana (Purgation), 3) problems of establishing and run-Nirooha Vasti (Non unctuous en- ning Panchakarma units in de-ema) 4) Anuvasana Vasti (unc- tail. It offers a practical approachtuous enema) and 5) Nasya or to the Panchakarma proce-Siro Virechana (Purgation from dures. Many Panchakarma textsthe head). From another point of are available as compilations butview Nirooha and Anuvasana are this is unique to the practitionertogether considered as one, the who wishes to practicelater serving as the subsidiary to Panchakarma in their hospitals.the former, and collectively Price: Rs200/-termed as Vasti Karma. In this This book is available at -case, Raktamokshana (Blood Publication Divisionletting) is added as the fifth mea- sales counter,sure. This approach facilitates DGM Ayurvedic Medical College,to term Panchakarma as five Kalasapur Road, Gadag,depuration procedures and to Karnataka -582103, India.February & March 2001 3 Amruta Bindu
  4. 4. SLEEP The mental and physical relaxation Recent discoveries on Braineither superficially of deeply with closed eyes. Cerebral specialization and interhemi-Sleep requirement spheric communication1) Newborn –infant 18 to 20 hours Michel S Gazaniga Brain (2000) 123; 1293 – 13262) Growing children 12 to 24 hours Corpus callosum not only connects3) Adults 7 to 9 hours the two hemispheres but also plays a major4) Old persons 5 to 7 hours role in constricting theories about the relation- During sleep most of the body func- ship between perceived events, actions andtions ate reduced to the basal level feelings.Types of sleep: Induction of plasticity in human motor cor-- Non rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) tex by paired association stimulation.- Rapid eye movement (REM) Katja Stefan Brain (2000) 123; 572-584Mechanism of sleep: Human motor cortex may be made to1) Inhibition of ascending Reticular Activat- work more efficiently, by using it repeatedly, ing system (ARAS) it is responsible for like how we make the children to learn by ask- wakefulness, because of its afferent and ing them to repeat the things. efferent connections with cerebral cortex, Brain activation during maintenance of the inhibition of ARAS induces sleep standing posture in humans2) Neurotrasmitters causing sleep Yosuome Ouchi brain (1999) 329-338 a) Raphe nucleus of pons –when it is Cerebellar vermis efferent system stimulated sleep is induced this is due plays an important role in maintenance of release of SEROTONIN by the nerve standing posture, and visual association cor- fibers arising from this nucleus, se- tex regulating postural equilibrium while stand- rotonin induces REM sleep. ing. b) Locus ceruleus of pons - stimulation of this sleep by the release of nor- adrenaline by the nerve fibers arising it nor adrenaline induces NREM sleep. CERBRO SPINAL FLUIDCSF is a clear, colorless, transparent fluidVolume - 150ml Rate of formation - 0.3ml per minute Specific gravity - 1005 Reaction - alkalineComposition Water - 99.13% and Solids - 0.87%Solids:Organic: Proteins, aminoacids,sugar, cholesterol, urea, uric acid reattinineand And lactic acid. Chandelier cells and epilepsyInorganic: Sodium, calcium, potassium, Javier de Felipe, Brain (1999) 122; 1807-1822magnesium, chlorides, phosphates, bicarbon- Chandelier cells are special type inhibitoryates and sulfates neurons in cerebral cortex. Loss of theseLymphocytes: CSF contains 5 lymphocytes/ cells is key an etiology of epilepsy In humans.cum. The CSF secreted by ventricle does not Veins of this area communicate with the su-contain any cell lymphocytes are added when perior and inferior ophthalmic veins, whichit flows in the spinal cord. drain in to cavernous sinus.February & March 2001 4 Amruta Bindu
  5. 5. Dr.K. Siva Rama Prasad Sexotronics-3 (.....Continued From previous issue ) or ksrprasad@lycos.comHistorical aspect (1908-1983) scholars to devote a great deal of attention to The study of human sexuality is not a sexual questions. These studies, originallyrecent interest. The history of sexual medi- written in Arabic, were translated and intro-cine is the history of human existence; the duced into medieval Europe. (The Birth ofthread of sexuality is woven deeply in its fab- Sexology: A Brief History in Documents, se-ric. (Brahmbhatt, Raj : History of Sexual Medi- lected and annotated with an introduction bycine. Therapy of Common Sexual Problems: Erwin J. Haeberle, pp. 4-12)A Handbook. 1998. p.1-11) In the Western civilization attempts at Sex is a mystery. It is a fascinating a rational and systematic study of humansubject to study when you think of the fact sexual behavior started at least to the ancientthat life would come to a halt without this most Greeks. Indeed, physicians like Hippocratesnatural of instincts. The prime purpose of sex and the philosophers Plato and Aristotle canis survival. be claimed as the justifiable forefathers of sex Over the years, therapeutic ap- research, since they made extensive obser-proaches to help people with sexual problems vations and offered the first elaborate theo-have changed, indicating new findings and ries regarding sexual responses and dysfunc-therefore, progress in the study of human tion, reproduction and contraception, abortion,sexuality. The emphasis of psychoanalysis or sex legislation, and sexual ethics.physical treatment is based on modem psy- Together with re-edited Greek andchological, principles and has improved our Roman manuscripts, they became standardunderstanding of sexuality. Various investiga- texts at newly established medical schoolstive modalities and intracavernous vasoactive and stimulated a rebirth of anatomical re-drugs, implants and recent oral pills have search in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.changed the scenario of human sexuality. This The names of Fallopio (Fallopian tubes), deis an attempt to tell in brief the history of sexual Graaf (Graafian follicles), Berthelsenmedicine and its pioneering practitioners. (Bartholin’s glands) and Cowper (Cowper’s The Birth of Sexology was prepared glands) recall, even today, the first floweringto commemorate 75 years of Sexology (1908- of modern anatomy and remain associated1983) for the 6th World Congress of Sexol- with the then newly discovered parts of hu-ogy, May 22-27, 1983, Washington DC. An man sexual anatomy.exhibit was presented at the conference, The Age of Enlightenment ushered inwhich consisted of 50 display boards, the first a vigorous and increasingly secularized dis-of which acknowledged the support of The cussion of sexual ethics and produced theKinsey Institute for the project. The exhibit first programs of public and private sex edu-subsequently had a successful run in several cation as well as new classifications andcountries, including Germany, Denmark, Swe- documentation of sexual behavior. In the 19thden, and Switzerland, before finding a perma- century, new concerns about overpopulation,nent home in Shanghai, at the Shanghai Sex sexual psychopathy and degeneracy gave riseSociology Research Center. to the concept of “sexuality” and led to inten- In imperial Rome, Greek physicians sified efforts on many fronts to get a firmerlike Soranus and Galen further advanced and intellectual grasp on a subject matter that rap-systematized ancient sexual knowledge. idly seemed to grow ever more complex.Their work, in turn, prompted later Islamic (.....Continued in next issue )February & March 2001 5 Amruta Bindu
  6. 6. Hair Care From the Quality case ofMeenakshi S. Byali & Savitri H. Chawadi Women’s Page How to get Black brilliant & velvety hair (Minnu) B.A.M.S. Ist Phase Materials: 1 TSFHow to get smooth shining Amla Powder, 10 to and silky hair (Minnu) 15 Hibiscus leaves,Materials:- clean water, Hibiscus flowers and cotton cloth, Coconut oil coconut oil Procedure: Grind aProcedure:- first take 3 to 4 spoons hand full of Hibiscus(or according to your length of hair) flowers (either whiteof oil and warm it. Apply the warm or red flowers) andcoconut oil on your hair and rinse it 10 to 15 leaves of Hi- ge ’s biscus leaves. Pa enfor 4 to 6 minutes. Take warm waterin a pitcher and dip the cotton cloth When it becomes a omin it. Squeeze the cloth till the half way paste place it in a Wwater is drained and cover your hair container and addwith it. Remain in that position for 15 100 gms of Coconutto 20 minutes then remove the wet oil. Heat it for 3 to 5cloth. Repeat this procedure with the coco- minutes on simple flame. Add Amla powdernut oil. This can be done according to conve- to the coconut oil and continue the warmingnience. But making this procedure regularly for another 3 to 5 minutes. Filter the oil whengives more impact. After the procedure you it gets cooled and pour it to an airtight con-can us either Shikakai powder or good sham- tainer or glass bottle. This is for the daily use.poo for the removal of oil from the head. Tip: if you want to have the flavor, eitherResult:- smooth, shiny and silky hair Vetivera roots or Bavanchi seeds can beTips for the stopping the falling hair (Minnu) added.Materials: one egg, 1/2 Banana, Result: the dark brilliant and velvety hair is3 to 4 teaspoons full of Curd, witnessed with in few weeks.3 to 4 teaspoons full of Mehandi and Prevention procedureone teaspoon of warm Coconut oil. for black hair (SaV3)Procedure: initially take the non-boiled egg Materials: Pinch ofand have the contents in to the bowl. Add Black pepper powder,Curd and Banana to the bowl and stir it well Milk, sugarto make the paste. When it becomes thor- Procedure: Mix thor-oughly mixed add warm coconut oil and oughly all the above in-Mehandi. Continue the stirring for few min- gredients and drinkutes till the total content is mixed properly. twice a day for 21Keep the mixture a side for two hours. After days.two hours apply this paste to the hair from Result: It prevents the whitening of hair or pre-the roots till to the tips. Allow it to dry for an- mature graying and makes one to be healthyother one to two hours. Wash and rinse with forever. It also prevents the common cold anda convenient shampoo whichever easeful to or Shikakai and Rita combination. For stoppage of falling hair (SaV3)Result: with in 3 to 5 washes you feel and 1) Keshavardhini Tailarealize that hair fall has been stopped and in Materials: 1/4 Kg Lemon grass, 1 Kg Coco-further the hair is long and healthy. nut oil . . . Continued in the page 7February & March 2001 6 Amruta Bindu
  7. 7. product New product launchMadhucure Orthofit Gel(Fizikem Laboratories) (Fizikem Laboratories)“A comprehensive approach in Diabetes Composition: each 30ml containsmanagement” Mahanarayana Taila (Br) 9.6 mlEach 600-mg capsule contains Prabhanjana Vimardhana Taila (Sy) 7.2 mldried herbal extracts of – Balaswagandha Taila (Sy) 4.8 ml Pterocarpus marsupium (Vijayasara) 100mg Amavata Taila 1.8 mlGymnema sylvestre (Madhunasini) 100mg Devadar Taila 1.2 mlBerberis aristata (Daru Haridra) 100mg Nilagiri Taila 0.48 mlCurcuma longa (Haridra) 75mg Pudina Sat 0.12 gmSwertia chirata (Bhunimba) 75mg Karpura 0.24 gmSchizium jambolana (Jambuka) 75mg Action: Local stimulant, counter irritant andBlack bitumen (Shilajit) 75mg topical anti-inflammatoryAction: Hypoglycemic, Anti-periodic, Restor- Indications: local application on inflamatoryative, Alterative, Immune-modulator and conditions like sprains, Osteoarthritis, Rheu-Rejuvenative. matoid arthritis, bursitis and swellings causedIndications: Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes in- by injuries.sipidus and other urinary flux Presentation: in collapsible tube of 30 gms- fights the neuropathy, nephropathy and Price: Rs.39.95 retinopathy- avoids Diabetes Impotency From:Fizikem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.Dosage: 1 to 2 caps two or three times a 11-38-24, Rajamahal, Palle street, P.B.No 84,day or as directed by physician Vijayawada –520001.Presentation: Blister strip of 10 caps each e-mail:- fizikem@hotmail.comPrice: Rs.25.00 Website:- Other products of Fizikem:- Orthofit capsules and Oil, Ozomen Forte capsules L- Guard capsules and Syrup, Fizinorm fort capsules, Femitone capsules and syrup Oracid capsules and syrup, Fizi slim capsulesProcedure: Cook the 2) second Procedurecoconut oil in a steel con- Materials: One Lemontainer at minimum fire. Procedure: Make out the juice from the oneWhile boiling add the lemon apply it on the scalp. Leave it to drylemon grass (it appears for 1/2 to 1 hour. When it gets dried uselike grass and smells shikakai to clean the scalp. Here betterpleasant). It would be bet- Hair avoid shampoo for better results.ter if the grass is finely Result: stoppage of falling hair and Care dandruff is witnessed along with growthcut. After adding thelemon grass allow the oil for 5 minutes to of hair is noticed.flames. Let the oil get cooled to room tem- Send articles to Editor, Amruta Binduperature. It is ready for the daily use when it Publication Division,is filtered and preserved in a container. Postgraduation and Research CenterResult: stoppage of falling hair and growth DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103of hair is noticed. Karnataka, India.February & March 2001 7 Amruta Bindu
  8. 8. Drink can boost brainpower Letters to the EditorØ London – Alcoholic drink in moderate Dear Sir, amounts might make a person more I have gone through your publication “Amruta clever, (New scientist magazine) Bindu”. It was very useful for the Ayurvedic stu-Ø Japanese scientists have discovered that dents and Doctors. I want to have your publi- alcohol boosts a person’s intelligent quo- cation regularly. I wish to send the subscription for this newsletter. My son is studying 3rd BAMS. tient but only if not too much is drink. It It will be very useful for him and also to me. seems serious drinking dulls the brain Awaiting for reply,Ø The IQs of 2000 people aged 40-79, V. Badappa, Hasan found that, on average, men who drink At present we are not collecting any moderately –defined as less than 540 subscription for this Amruta Bindu Newsletter. milliliters of sake or wine a day-had an People those who wish to have can write a let- IQ 3.3 points higher than men who were ter with their address. - Editor tea total. (Source – The times of India Placebo - Continuation from page - 1 dated 12/12/2000) unintelligent, neurotic and inadequate patients.Men don’t really listen when women speak Also, setting a fee for prescribing a placeboØ Chicago – functional magnetic resonance could pose problems. Too low a fee might Tomography, a technique used to observe make the patient suspicious and if too high, the physician would be making an unjustified brain processes, has confirmed what profit out of the deception. women have long suspected. Those men But there is a school of thought, which only half-listen to what they are being told. condemns the use of the dummy medications.Ø Men in general use only half of the brain Some medical writers argue that placebo a when listening, whereas women use both, specific instance of the more general issue but this does not necessarily mean that of mendacious. The basic idea of manipula- women are better listeners than men. tion or deception by the physician, they hold,Ø Michael Philips, a Neuro-radiologist and is against the dignity of the patient even if they his team studied the brain activity of 20 judge the results of that falsehood to be for men and 20 women by means of func- the good of the patient. tional magnetic resonance tomography. In the practice of the Ayurveda few of Most of the men attended to the reading the physicians write a big list as such of the with only the left side of the brain, where bottle practitioners and out of which may not the hearing and speech centers of the have any effect or general health promoters. human brain are situated. On the other When we can judge the prescription for our hand the women tended to use the right selves with minimal prescription we can offer side as well. (Source-the times of India best heath for the patient. We can forget the dated – 12/12/00) word placebo from our dictionary. SR From: Book-Post Printed Matter Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Editor TO, Amruta Bindu Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research Center DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.February & March 2001 8 Amruta Bindu