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Ab 05


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Ab 05

  1. 1. Amruta Bindu +¨ÉÞiÉ Ë¤ÉnÖù @ÈÚßä}Ú ¸M¥Úß Volume 1, Issue 5 email:- January 2001 Editor in Chief : Dr. G.B. Patil, Principal Editorial Harmful Soft drinks - Guess what’s the impact? Look at the wrapper on a Coca drinks 1.5 liter bottle Editor: and in the ingredients you will find phosphoric acid in it. A Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad, minute quantity of glycol is also used (which is acknowl- Reader in Kayachikitsa edged in the soft drink world for making it “really chill”). This PGARC, DGMAMC is popularly known as anti-freeze, which prevents water from Contributing Editors : freezing at 0°C and instead drops it by 4-5 degrees with Dr.R.K.Gachhinamath minute quantities. This chemical is a known slow poison in Dr. R.R. Joshi the caliber of arsenic. So, if you manage to drink about 4 Dr. C.M.Sarangamath liter of Coke within an hour or so, you can die, it opens doors Dr. U.V.Purad to heaven. So be natural and healthy, have flavored milks, Dr.AK.Panda tender coconuts, and buttermilk, Lassi and plain water in- Dr. S.H.Doddamani stead of these “soft” drinks. Guess what’s the pH for carbonized drinks? It is 3.4, Office Assistance this acidity is strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones! Smt. P.K. Belawadi Our human body stops building bones at the age of about Sri. M.K.Joshi 30. Soft drinks do not have any nutrition value (in terms of Published by vitamins & minerals). It is high in sugar content, carbonic Publication division, acid, chemicals i.e. colourings etc. Some like to take cold PGARC, soft drinks after each meal. Guess what’s the impact? Our DGM Ayurvedic Medical body needs an optimum temperature of 37 degrees Cel- College, Gadag sius for digestive-enzyme functioning. The temperature of Phone: 08732-38014 cold soft drinks is very much below 37 degrees or even Printed at close to 0 degrees Celsius. Bhandage Offset Printer, This will dilute the enzymes & stress the digestive Gadag, Karnataka -582103 system. The food taken will not be digested. In fact it will be fermented! The fermented food produces gases, decays and becomes toxin – Ama, gets absorbed by the intestine, INSIDE THIS I SSUE circulates in the blood stream and is carried to the whole body. Hence toxin is accumulate in to other parts of the body, Seminars & Symposiums developing into various diseases. Think before you drink Sexotronics these carbonized drinks again. Have you ever thought what ®ÚÃÈæßÞÔÚ¥ÚÆÇ OæÇÞ¥Ú ¥ÚßÏo ÈÚß}Úß¡ _P}æÓ you drink when you drink an aerated drink? (.....Continued in Page - 3) DGM Campus NEWS OR SRJanuary 2001 Amruta Bindu
  2. 2. D MC m u N W G aps ESEducational Tour December 20th 2000 Felicitation to Dr. Guruswamy, Director, III rd year BAMS students of February ISM, Bangalore2000 batch went to South India tour from 4th Dr.Guruswamy, Director ISM KarnatakaDecember to 13th December, under the care State, has been felicitated by His olinessof Dr. K.S. Paraddi and Dr. C.M. Sarangmath. Jagadguru Abhinav Shivanand Swamiji, onThey visited the prestigious institutes of 20th December 2000 at Vagbhata hall.Ayurveda as such Hasan, Udupi, Kotakkal and On this occasion Dr. GuruswamyMysore. called the professionals of Ayurveda to preach13th December 2000 and practice Ayurveda and Ayurveda only. Dr. G.B.Patil, Principal gave a brief introduction Local Inspection Committee of Rajeev of this institution and put forward the griev-Gandhi University of Health Sciences headed ances of the employees to the Doctors visited our college for inspection. Shri.S.B.Samshi, Chairman, expressed his13th December 2000 intention to start two more P.G. centers at thisFree check up camp for women college. The Department of Prasuti andStreeroga organized a free check up campfor various gynecological disorders along withthe support of Inner Wheel club, Gadag-Betageri., from 13th to 23rd of December2000. The camp has benefited 77 patients.Dr. G.B. Patil, Principal, & Dr. V.M. SajjanH.O.D., have thanked Smt Yashodara Patil,president of Inner Wheel club, for extendingcooperation to the camp and also for H.H.Jagadguru Shivanand Swamiji blesseddistribution of free medicines to the patients. the function and wished for the colorful devel- opment of this institution with all the possible16th December 2000 help from individuals as well government. Inspection has done by Dr. Shrinivasa Dr. G.S.Juktihiremath welcomed the gather-and Dr. Nagireddi for the consideration of ing and Miss Manjula presented thePostgraduate department in Rasashastra and Dhanvantri prayer, Dr. K.S. Paraddi gave theDravyaguna, which has to be started in due vote thanks. Dr. U.V.Purad and Dr. M.C.Patilcourse at our college. organized the function.20th December 2000 22nd December 2000 Final BAMS student Mr. Nagaraj .V. Kumabara Dr. Guruswamy Director I.S.M., of DGMAMC got selected forKarnataka State, visited and inspected the the Rajeev Gandhi UniversityInstitution. Volleyball team (University Blue). Principal Dr. G.B.Patil,Send Articles, Collections and Clippings Dr. V.M. Malagoudar (Sports every month before 15th to appear Chairman) and other staff con- in next issue of Amruta Bindu gratulated him.January 2001 2 Amruta Bindu
  3. 3. N.S.S. News1st December 2000 AIDS day observed on 1st December2000. Shri J.K.Kulkarni, District Health Edu-cational Officer and Shri Siddu Yapalparvi,senate member, Hampi University, were thechief guests and Dr. G.B.Patil presided overthe function. Poems, skits, debate were pre-sented by teachers and students. (Photo:- N.S.S. Officer Dr. G.S. Juktihiremath gen- erating the awareness about AIDS in the slums)10th December 2000 Pulse polio and Health checkup campfor children and parents at JyanabharatiSchool, near Trikooteshwar temple. (Photo:- A street play on AIDS by N.S.S. Volunteers) (.....Continued from Editorial, page -1)(Photo:- Polio vaccination programme con- You gulp down carbon dioxide, whenducted at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College) nobody in the world would advise you to drink15th December 2000 CO2. Two months back, there was a compe-Jatha & street play on AIDS at Vaddarageri tition at Delhi University, “Who could drink theand Hasarukeri. most Coke?” The winner drank 8 bottles and fainted on the spot-too much CO2 in the blood.23rd December 2000 Thereafter, the Principal banned all soft drinks AIDS- A dreadful disease debate com- from the college canteen! While this mightpetition for college students. Dr.Joshi. Dr. M.C. have been an extreme measure, the resultsPatil and Dr. U.V.Purad were Judges for the do provide some food for thought. Did youdebate competition. Shri. Kendadamath of III know that soft drinks use chemicals in themBAMS won the first prize, Miss S.V. Savitri of that cause immense harm to you?I BAMS won the 2nd place. Someone put a broken tooth in a bottle27th December 2000 of “soft drink” and in10 days it dissolved! Can NSS unit participated in Jatha, pre- you believe it? Teeth and bones are the onlysented streets play in the observation of AIDS human parts that stay intact for years afterprogramme organized by Gadag district death. Imagine what the drink must be doingHealth & family welfare dept. to your soft intestines and stomach lining!30th December 2000 The fascination against the great USA- Shri Kendadamath won the third prize made soft drinks, in India, makes people hesi-in the public competition on the aids a dread- tate to pay Rs.7-8/- for a tender coconut butful disease, held at ASS Commerce College prefer to pay Rs10/- and drink these dreadfulorganized by the dept of health and family products. This is all life and culture underwelfare. western shade!January 2001 3 Amruta Bindu
  4. 4. Dr.Siva Rama Prasad Sexotronics-2 (.....Continued From previous issue ) ayugod@doctor.comor Sexology not by name of it but long ¨ Great sex is the best way to proveback in Indian history took its own place con- you’re a great lover.centrically in Ayurveda. The Vajikarana is a Just the opposite is true, says Klein. “Greattreatment proposed for the people with out sex is about forgetting who you are — forget-progeny. But it’s associated Sastras like ting your ideas about masculinity or femininity,Vatsayana Kamasutra, Anangaranga, etc. have your desire to look good, maintain your dignityelaborated about love making in ancient soci- or patrol the boundary between you and theety. The way shown by these texts have made other person.”the couple to become ideal in love making and ¨ Women want intimacy more than men.getting undisturbed marital life. There are sev- “This myth hurts both women and men”. “Iteral misconcepts about this science and myths dishonors the genuine desires for connectionabout it. that many men feel, and confuses and isolates Myths about Sex and Intimacy1 them. It also forces responsibility for good re- What makes for great sex? Everyone lationships onto women.”has his or her own ideas. What makes for ¨ Men always want sex.lousy sex? Many things, not the least of No, they don’t, says clinical psychologistwhich are these myths about sex and inti- and therapist Bernie Zilbergeld. And the soonermacy: they admit it, the more enjoyable their sex lives¨ A candlelit meal is the ideal start to a will become. He says men would experience romantic evening. less anxiety, fewer performance worries and Better, not if you want it to end in sex with greater comfort in the bedroom if they had sex“Food”2 . “ Food slows your metabolism, diverts only when their personal conditions were met.your energy and can make you sleepy.” In ¨ Erection difficulty is the worst kind ofAyurveda it is being explained the first hour sexual problem.after the meal is under the influence of Kapha. “Erection difficulties and rapid ejaculationThe second hour after the food is amicable to are among the most easily resolved sexual com-apply the sex postures and knowledge. plaints,” notes Klein.¨ Sex should be a straight path to ¨ Sex ends with divorce. orgasm. John Berndt, a clinical psychologist spe- “In real life, sex is rarely like this”. “We be- cializing in divorce, believes as many as 20gin to take off our clothes, and may worry about percent of divorced couple’s end up sharing ahow we look. Some times in the dark finishing bed at some point. And most of them aren’tthe job with out any intimate feelings or get- headed for reconciliation and remarriage.ting worried as some body may hear you. All ¨ Men only like super-skinny women.of these concerns can interrupt our excite- “Most women underestimate men’s ideals forment.” Apart from this small rooms and asso- female weight and shape,” says Klein. Mostciation of children and elders in the house and men like a little more meat on the bones.waiting for a chance to speak and converse “Those skinny models are found in women’swith partner also makes to suppress the ide- magazines, never men’s.”ologies about sex (especially in India).¨ Abstinence is many things, none of References 1 them sexy. Myths About Sex and Intimacy by Jennifer Not according to relationship experts who Strailey 2believe that taking a breather from all sex, or columnist Marty Klein,from just intercourse, can rev up desire and Ph.D., “Myths about Sex and Intimacy”lead to new avenues of mutual pleasure. (.....Continued in next issue )January 2001 4 Amruta Bindu
  5. 5. Book Review Book Review THE SHALAKYA TANTRA l-ll (OPHTHALMOLOGY, E.N.T.&HEAD DISEASES) In English version /fully according to C.C.I.M. Syllabus for Graduates It is very happy to see the publica- 3. The modern co-relative topics are ex-tion of THE SHALAKYA TANTRA VOL l & ll in plained in detail immediately after the descrip-English version. It is the first book of it’s kind tion of Ayurvedic topicswhich Dr. D. Lakshmana Chary writes. We 4. The Hindi shloka are explained separatelyknow that there is a great lacuna for the avail- at the first in each chapterability of Ayurvedic textbooks with full sylla- 5. Illustrations of color and black and whitebus of C.C.I.M. for B.A.M.S.& M.D. (AY). Very are attractively presented in full sheetfew books are in English version, some in Hindi 6. Some descriptions, summary of the top-or in regional languages. At present in most ics, different diagnosis etc, are presented inof the Ayurvedic colleges taking admissions table formfrom different places of India so there is a needof books in English version which is the com-monest language to the all, to cross the stum-bling block of confusion. 7. In addition to the syllabus contents, (a) Nearly 1000 Anjana yoga from differ- ent Samhita (b) Detailed description of panchakarma - also useful for KC-IV Of final B.A.M.S. (c) Other important modern diseases also explained In addition to the above the traditional books (d) A modal case sheet of Shalakya en-of Ayurvedic science does not contain the lat- closed at the last, which is prepared by au-est developments pertaining to Ayurveda and thor.Allopathic and the contents are also scat- 8. This Book is written in the style of guide,tered. So there is need have revised Ayurvedic as the handbook to the lectures and textbooktextbooks in English about the Shalakya to the students. So it is doubtless that this isTantra in 2 Volumes. By keeping these points a good book, impressing to the most of thein view, some Ayurvedic books in English are staff and students as it is a maiden effort,being published as per C.C.I.M. syllabus. hence fulfil the needs of Ayurvedic Commu-Shalakya Tantra, which is the first of it’s kind Ayurvedic History and its Salient features Book available at :-as follows. Dr. D.LAKASHAMANA CHARY M.D. Ph.D 1. The two volumes are in A/4 size with each H.O.D.of shalya shalakya department425 pages N.K.J.Ayurvedic Medical College 2. The and every topic is explained in point Siddharudha colony, Shivakumar mathwise, in detailed as the notes BIDAR - (KARNATAKA) 585 403January 2001 5 Amruta Bindu
  6. 6. ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÚ¥ÆÇ OæÞ¥Ú ¥ÚßÏo ÈÚß}Úß¡ _P}æÓ Ú Ç sÛ.Ò.GÈÚáé.ÑÛÁÚMVÚÈßÚ pÚ. OæÞ¥ÚÈM¥ÚÁæ A¥Ú% ÈæM¥Úß AVÚß}Ú¥.æ PÇ«­Ú },æ ÈÚáÛ¥Ú%ÈÚ}æ Ç æ ¡ D®Ú«ÛÀÑÚOÁßÚ . ÚOæÞ¥Ú¥Ú OÚÈßÚ %ÈÛW¥æ. ËÚÂÞÁÚ¥Ú D}Ú°~¡ ÈÚß}Úß¡ ·æ×È{Væ¾ßÚ ÆÇ OæÞ¥ÚÈ´âÚ Ç Ú Ú Ç Ïo¾àÞM¦Væ dÅæàÞ¥ÚÁÈ«ßÚ ­Mlß ÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥.æ æ Ú Ú ¡ÈÚßßRÀ ®Û}Úà ÈÚÕÑÚß}Ú¥.æ ËÚÂÞÁÚ¥Ú ®ÛM^Ú·è~OÚ ÑÚMYÚl«æ¾ßÚ ÆÇ ¡ ®ÚÃÈæßÞÔÚÁæàÞVÚ¥ÚÆÇ ©ÞYÚ% OÛÄ¥ÚÈÚÁæVæ OæÇÞ¥Ú¥ÚA®é ÈÚßÔÛºÚà}Ú¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ OæÞ¥ÚÈ´âÚ ¥æÞÔÚOQæ ÑÚM¾æàd«æ ÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥æ Ç ¡ ¥ÚßÏo¾ÚáÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ. OÚÃÈæßÞy OæÇÞ¥Ú¥Ú¥ÚßÏo @©OÚÈÛW ËÛSæ¾Úß«Úß­OÚ±¥Ú ®ÚM^Ú ºæÞ¥Ú¥ÆÇ ÈÚM¥Û¥Ú OæÞ¥ÚOÚ OڱȴâÚ ¥ÚÃÈVßÚ y¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ Ú Ú Ç Ú Ú AËÚÿßÑÚß}Ú¡¥æ. OæÇÞ¥Ú¥Ú ÈÚ䦧¾Úß ÈÚßàÄOÚ OÚ±Ú¥Ú ¥ÚÃÈÚVÚßy¥ÚËÚÂÞÁÚÑ¤Ú OæÞ¥ÚÈ«ßÚ ­ ®æãËÚzæ ÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥.æ ( ¥ÚÃÈÚ : OæÞ¥ÚOÁàÞ ÈÛÀ¯: ) Ç Ú ¡ Ç Úæ ÉOÚä~¾ÚáÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ. (¶ÔÚߥÚÃÈÚ ËæÇÞÎÚ½: ¥æàÞÎÚ ÉËæÞÎÚ:) ¬¨Û«Ú( ºÛÈÚ®ÃÚ OÛËÚ ) ÉËæÞÎÚ}¿ßM¥ÚßMmÛ¥Ú ÈæßÞ¥Ú ÉOÚä~¾Úßß OæÞ¥Ú ÈÚß}Úß¡ ¥ÚÃÈÛ¦VÚ×Ú æ Ç AÈÚáÛËÚ¾áÚ ÛÌÃ}Ú OæÞ¥ÚOÚ OڱȴâÚ OæÞ¥Ú¥Ú ÈÚßàÄÈÛW¥Úߧ Ç Ú Ç ÈÚ ß àÄOÚ ¨Ú à Ï}Ú V æ à Þ×Ú ß Ù}Ú ¡ Å æ Þ ¶ÁÚ ß }Ú ¡ ¥ æ . ¬¨Û«Ú ÈÚ ß }Ú ß ¡ÑæÞÉÒ¥Ú AÔÛÁÚÈ«ßÚ ­ ®Ú^«OQæ ÑÚßĺÚÈÛWÑÚÄß ¥ÚÃÈ}ÊÚ¥Ú ÑÚMÑÛQÁÈ«ßÚ ­ Ú ÚÚ Ú Ú Ú ¨ÚàÎÚÀÉËæÞÎÚ}Þ¿ßM¥Ú ÈæßÞ¥Ú ¨Û}ÛÊW­ÈáÚ ÛM¥ÚÀ, ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈäÚ ¦ª DMmÛW æÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥æ ( ÑæàÞ @«Ú­ ÑÚMYÛ}Ú OæÞ¥Ú«Û}é ). B¥ÚÂM¥Ú AÔÛÁÚ¥Ú ¡ Ç ËÚÂÞÁÚ Ëæç£ÄÀ}æ ®ÛîÈÛVÚß}Ú¥.æ C Ì£Ä}æ ¿ßM¥Ú OæÞ¥Ú®ÃÚ ¨Û«Ú ¡Ú ¡ ÇÑÚMÔÚ«Û¦ ÑÚÊÁà®Ú ¶¥ÚÅÛVÚß}Ú¥æ AÔÛÁÚ¥Ú ÑÚÊÁà®Ú¥Ú ¶¥ÚÅÛÈÚzæ Ú ¡ Ú ¥æàÞÎÚV×ßÚ ÈÚÀ¿ßÑÚß}ÚÈæ B¥ÚÂM¥Ú ÈæßÞ¥Ú ¨Û}ÚÊW­¾ßÚ ~ÞÈÚä ÉOÚä~, Ú ¡¾æàM¦Væ ®Ú^«,Ú ®ÚÂÈÚ}%«Ú, ËæàÞËÚy ÈÚß}Úß¡ ®æãËÚy PÃ¾ß Ú Ú æ ÈæßÞ¥Ú¥Ú D®ÚÔ},Ú ÈæßÞ¥Ú¨Û}ÚßÉ«Ú ÈÚßàÄVÚ×Ú ÉOÚä~ DMlVÚß}Ú¥.æ Ú ¡«Ús¾ßÚ ß}Ú¥æ ÑæÞÉÑÚßÈÚ AÔÛÁÚ¥ÆÇ BÁÚßÈÚ ¥ÚÃÈÚ ,Ò­Vé, ¯_`Ä VÚßyVÚ×ßÚ æ ¡ Ú (ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈ:Ú ¥æÊÞ }ÚþàÞÈÚßà%ÄM ÈÚäOQÚ ÈÚ®ÛÈÚÔ«M ^æÞ~ ..)(ÈÚ®ÛÈÚÔ«M æ ÚÚ ÚÚOæÞ¥Ú«Ú OÚÈß%OæQ ÑÚÔÛ¾ÚßÈÛVÚß}ÚÈæ .^Ú¾áÚ Û®Ú^¾ß ÈÛÀ®ÛÁÚ¥ÆÇ Ç Ú ¡ Ú Ú Ú }æçÄ ÈÚ~%OæÞ~)ÈÚßÄÁÚ௠OæÇÞ¥ÚÈÚâ´ ¯}Ú¡¥Ú DÎÚ|¥ÚVÚßy¥æàM¦Væ ÑæÊÞ¥Ú ÈÚß}Úß¡ ÉOÚä~ ®ÚÁM®ÚÁ¾ßÚ ÆÇ ÈÚä¦Và×ÚßÙ}¡Ú ¶ÁÚßÈÚ OæÞ¥ÚÈ´âÚ AÈÚß, Ú æ §æ ÇÈÚßà}ÚÃ¥æàM¦ ÔæàÁÚVæ ÔæàÞVÚß}Ú¡¥æ. ÑæÞÉÒ¥Ú ®ÛM^Ú·è~OÚ ÈæßÞ¥Ú¥àM¦Væ ÑæÞÂOæàMsÚß ®ÚÁÑ°Ú ÁÚ ¥ÚàÏ}ÚVà×ÚßÙ}È.æ ®ÚÁÑ°Ú ÁÚ æ Ú æ ¡Ú ÚAÔÛÁÚ¥ÆÇ A®é ºÚà}Û}Ú½OÚ ÈÚߨÚßÁÚ ¥ÚÃÈ,Ú Ò­V§Ú VÚßzÛ}Ú½OÚ AÔÛÁÚÈ´âÚ Ú ¥æàÞÎÚ{¾Úß ÈÚßàÄOÚ OæÞ¥ÚÈ´âÚ ÈæßÞ¥Ú¥Ú ¯_`Ä, ÑÛM¥ÚÃ, Ò­V§Ú ÈÚßßM}Û¥Ú ÇAÈÚáÛËÚ¾ßÚ ¥ÚÆÇ AÈÚÑÛ¤ ®ÛOÚ¥ÆÇ ®Ú^«ÈÛW ÈÚßàÄÁÚ௠OÚ±¥Ú Ú ÚÚ Ú VÚßyVÚ׫߭ ®ÛîÈáÛtOæà×ÚßÙ}¥.æ ÈÚß}Úß¡ @«ÚÀ¥æàÞÎÚV×Ú ÉOÚä~ ÚÚ ¡Ú Ú ¡Ú ÚD}Ú°~ò¾ßÚ «Úß­ DMlßÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥.æ AVÚ ËÚÂÞÁÚ ®æãËÚOÚ OæÞ¥ÚÈ´âÚ OÚ±¥Ú ¡¡ ¡ Ç Ú DMmÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ.B®Ú°}Úß¡ ®ÚÃOÛÁÚ¥Ú ®ÚÃÈæßÞÔÚVÚØVæ B¥æÞ ÈÚßàÄVÚßy¥æàM¦Væ D}Ú°~¡ AVÚß}Ú¥æ ¡ OÛÁÚyÈÛW¥æ ÕÞVæ @«æÞOÚ VÚßy¾ÚßßOÚ¡ ÉOÚä}Ú OæÇÞ¥ÚÈÚâ´ ÉOÚä ÉÁÚߥڧ AÔÛÁÚ ÈÚߨÚßÁÚ AÔÛÁÚ @»ËÚM¥Ú«,Ú dsÚ, Ò­V,§Ú EÎÚ½¥æàM¦Væ ÈÚßà}Úà ÈÚß}Úß¡ OæÞ¥Ú¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ ¬ÔÚ%ÁÚyÈÛVÚß}Ú¥æ Ç ¡VÚßÁÚß, ¥ÚÃÈÚ ¥ÚàÌ}Ú AÔÛÁÚ dÅÛ¦VÚØM¥Ú @W­ÈÚáÛM¥ÚÀ (ÈÚßà}ÚÃÑÀÚ OæÞ¥Ú ÈÚÔ«M ÑæÊÞ¥ÚÑÀÚ OæÞ¥Ú É¥ÚÃ~: )C OÛÁÚy¦M¥Ú Ç ÚÚ ÇAÈÚáÛfÞy% DMmÛW OæÞ¥ÚOÚ OÚ±¥Ú ÑÚM^Ú¾ßÚ ÈÚß}Úß¡ ÈÚä©´ § AVÚß}Ú¥.æ Ç Ú ¡ ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÚ¥ÆÇ @~ÞÈÚßà}ÚÃ, AÉÄÈÚßà}ÚÃ, @~ÞÑæÊÞ¥Ú, ¥ÚßVÚ%M¨Ú OÚMsÚß ÚÈÚä¦VàMsÚ OæÞ¥ÚOÚ OڱȴâÚ ¥ÚÃÈVßÚ y¦M¥Ú ÈÚýæ¾áÚ ÛW ®Û^ÚOÚ ¯}Ú¥Ú §æ Ç Ú Ú â § ¡ ¶ÁÚß}Ú¡Èæ. ÈÚßà}ÚÃ¥Ú ¬ÔÚ%ÁÚy¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ @¥ÚÁÚ ¯_`Ä,¥ÚÃÈVßÚ yÈÚ«ßÚ ­ ÈÚ¦%Ò @W­¾ßÚ «Úß­ ÈÚß}ÚÎßÚ o ÈÚßM¥ÚVàØÒ ¥æàÞÎÚV×Ú Ú ¡ æ Ú ÑÛM¥ÚÃVßy¦M¥Ú ÈÚßà}ÚÃÈÔÚ ÑæàÃ}ÒÓ«ÆÇ D®ÚÅÞ¯}ÚÈÛVÚß}Ú¥.æ Ú Ú Ú Ú æ ¡D}æQúÇÞËÚÈÚ«Úß­ DMlßÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¡¥æ. B¥ÚÂM¥Ú ÅÛÅÛÑÛÃÈÚ, B¥ÚÂM¥Ú ÈÚßà}ÚÃÈÔÚ ÑæàÃ}àVÚ}Ú ÉOÛÁÚV×ßÚ DMmÛVÚß}ÚÈ.æ Ú æ Ú ¡^Ú¦%,ÔÚßÃ¥Ú¾ÚáÛÈÚËÚߦ§ ÈÚßßM}Ú¥Ú ÄOÚÐyVÚ×Úß OÚMsÚ߶ÁÚß}Ú¡Èæ. @¬¾ÚßM~Ã}Ú Ò¤~¿ßM¥Ú ÉOÚä}Ú ®ÚÁM®ÚÁæ ÈÚßßM¥ÚßÈÚÁ¥ßÚ Ú æÈÚÈßÚ «ÚOÈßÚ %¥ÚÆ.Ç ËÛSÛÌ%}Ú ¥ÚÃÉÞºÚà}Ú ¥æàÞÎÚV×ßÚ OæàÞÎÚoOQæ AVÚÉßÒ Ú Ú ËÚÂÞÁÚ¥Ú Ëæç£ÄÀ¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ @ÈÚOÛËÚ ®Ús¥Ú OæÞ¥Ú ®ÚÃ¨Û«Ú ¥æàÞÎÚV×ßÚ æ Ç ÚAÈÚáÛËÚ¾ßÚ ¥ÚÆÇ ¶M¥Úß OæÞ¥ÚOO±È«ßÚ ­ @}ÚÀ©OÚ ÈÚýæVàØÒ ~ÞÈÚÃ Ç ÚÚ Ú Ú â §æ VÚM»ÞÁÚV}ÈÛW ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈÔÚ ÑæàÃÞ}ÚÒÓ«Ú ÈÚßàÄVÚ×Û¥Ú ÈÚäOQÚ ÈÚß}Úß¡ ÚÚ ÚD}æQúÞËÚÈ«ßÚ ­MlßÈÚáÛt ÈÚÈßÚ «Ú¥Ú ÈÚßàÄOÚ ÔæàÁÚVæ ÔæàVÚß}Ú¥.æ B¥Úß Ç Ú ¡ ÈÚ®ÛÈÚÔ«V×ÆÇ ÑÛ¤«ÑMËÚþßÚ ÈÚáÛt ^Ú¾àÞ®Ú^¾ßÚ d«ÚÀ ÑÛ¤¿ß ÚÚÚÚ ÚÚ æ ÚOæÞ¥ÚOÚ OÚ±¥Ú AËÚßOÛ ÈÚýæ¾áÚ ÛW¥æ. Ç Ú â § ÉOÚä~¾Úß«Úß­ DMlßÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¥æ B¥ÚÂM¥Ú ®ÛÃOäÚ }-ÉOÚä}Ú ÑÚMºÚÉÒ ¡ Ú _ÁÚOÛ ÉOÚä~¾ÚßÆÇ OæÞ¥ÚOÚ OڮȴâÚ OÚÃÈßæ Þy ¥æàÞÏ}ÚÈÛVÚß}Ú¡ Ç Ú Ò¤ÁÈã @ÑÛ¥ÚÀÈÛ¥Ú ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÚÈ´âÚ DMmÛVÚß}Ú¥.æ ( ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÛÑæÞËÛM Ú Ú ¡ ¡ËÚS¾ßÚ «Úß­ ËÚÿßÑÚß}Ú¥.æ ÕÞVæ OÚÃÈßæ Þy ËÚS¾ßÚ «Û­ËÃÚ ¿ßÒ¥Ú OæÞ¥ÚOÚ æ ¡ æ Ç Ñæõç¾ßÚ À%M @ÑÛ¥ÚÀ}ÛM ÈÛd«Ú¾ßÚ ~ ®ÚÃOäÚ ~-ÉOÚä~ ºÚà}Ú}ÛÊ}é// ¤OÚ±ÚÈÚâ´ ¥æàÞÎÚ-¥ÚàÎÚÀ ÉËæÞÎÚ}æ¿ßM¥Ú »«Ú­ »«Ú­ ÉOÚä~VÚØVæ ^Ú. ¬.) ÑÛ¤¿ß ÉOÚä~¿ßM¥Ú ÆÞ«Ú ÑÛÈÚߥæàÞÎÚV×ßÚ @Ä° ¬¨Û«Ú ÚOÛÁÚyÈÛVÚß}Ú¥.æ D¥Û: ÈæßÞ¥Ú ¥ÚßÏo¾àM¦Væ ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÚÈ«ßÚ ­ , ¡ æ Ú ÑæÞÈÚ«¿ßM¥Ú OæÞ¥Ú ®ÚÃ¨Û«Ú ¥æàÞÎÚV׫ßÚ ­ ÈÚä¦VàØÒ ÁæàÞVÚÈ«ßÚ ­ æ Ç ÚÚ §æ ÚÁÚO,¡Ú }ÚÊ^Û, ÄÒOÛ, ÈÚáÛMÑÚ ¥ÚßÏo¾àM¦Væ OÚßÎÚoÈ«ßÚ ­ , D¥ÚO¥ßÚ æ Ú Ú DĹyVæàØÑÚß}ÚÈ.æ C OÛÁÚy¦M¥ÚÅÞ ""ÈÚßÕÁÚ ÔæÞ}Úß»:¾æß%Þ ¡ æJanuary 2001 6 Amruta Bindu
  7. 7. ®ÚúÈM~ ÈæßÞÔÛÑæÞÎÚß «Ú }æÞ ¬ÎæÞÈÚÀ"" GM¥Úß ¬¨Û«Ú ®ÚÂÈÚd%«æ¾ßÚ Ú Ú ¡ Seminars & Symposiums 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 Seminars & Symposiums 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321ÈÚßÔÚ}ÊÚÈ«ßÚ ­ ÔæÞØ¥Û§Á.æ ÕÞVæ ®ÚÃÈßæ ÞÔÚÁàÞVÚ¥ÆÇ OæÞ¥Ú ®Úè۫ڥàÞÎÚV×Ú Ú æ Ú Ç æ Ú 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321_ÁÚOÛ ¨ÛÁÚy ÉOÚä~ OÚMsÚ߶ÁÚß}Ú¥.æ ¡ 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 February 4 -2001_P}ÛÓ- 1. OæÇÞ¥Ú,ÈæßÞ¥Ú, OÚ±ÚÈÚ¥ÚQ%, ÉÁÚߥۧÔÛÁÚ,@¥ÚÀËÚ«Ú, State level convention of IntegratedÌÞ}Úd,ÈÚßßM}Û¥ÚÈ´âÚ V׫ßÚ ­ ÈÚf%ÑÚ·ÞOÚß. ÚÚ æ Medical Practitioners will be held at Banga-2. ÈÛÀ¾ÚáÛÈÚß:-¬}ÚÀÈÚ㬾ÚßÉß}Ú ÈÛÀ¾ÚáÛÈÚß _P}æÞ¾ÚßÆÇ ®ÚÃÈßÚ ßR lore on 4th feb.2001 at Agriculture technology Ó hall, opposite Sanjevani office Miller tank bed.®Û}ÚÃÈÕÑÚß}Ú¥.æ ÈÛÀ¾ÚáÛÈÚߥÚÈßÚ àÄOÚ ÁæàÞW¾ÚßÆÇ ÈæßÞ¥Ú¨Û}ÛÊW­ Delegate fee Rs.250/-. Sub;legal chllenges Ú ¡ÈÚ ¥ Ú % «Ú È ÛW AÈÚ ß Èæ ß Þ¥Ú ¥ Ú ®Ú ^ Ú « Ú È ÛVÚ ß }Ú ¡ ¥ æ . (ÅÛYÚ È Ú M faced by integrated practitioners. All theOÚÈßÚ %ÑÛÈÚߢڴÀ%M ¦Þ®Û¡W­Áé ÈæßÞ¥ÚÑÚ OÚоßÚ M/ ɺÚO¡Ú YÚ«VÛ}ÚÃ}ÊÚM important documents will be given to del- Ú egates. Contact;Dr.C.Murlidhar, convenerÈÛÀ¾ÚáÛÈÚáÛ}é D®ÚeÛ¾Úß}æ/) I.M.P.STATE CONVENTION, Murali clinic ,Oil3. ÈæßÞ¥Ú ÈÚß}Úß¡ OÚ±Ú ÈÚä¥Ú§ @ÈÛÀ¾ÚáÛÈÚß, ÈæßÞ¥Ú¨Û}ÛÊW­ mill road,Bangalore-43ÕÞ«Ú}ÛVÚØM¥ÚßMmÛVÚßÈÚ ®ÚÃÈæßÞÔÚ ÉOÚä~¾ÚßÆÇ ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈÚâ´ 3rd & 4th March 2001@»ÈÚ À OÚ ¡ È ÛWÁÚ ß ÈÚ ¥ Ú Â M¥Ú @ÈÚ Ñ Ú À OÚ } Û«Ú ß ÑÛÁÚ AVÛVÚ À Taranath Govt. Ayurvedic Medical Col-ÉÁæÞ^Ú«OàsÚ·ÞOÚß. @¥ÚOÛQW ~ÃÈäÚ }ÅÞÔÚ, OÚlßPOÛÊ¢,Ú HÁÚMsÚÑ­æ ÞÔÚ Úæ æ Ú æ lege & Hospital, Bellary celebrates “Taranatha rd thBÈÚ â ´ VÚ × Ú « Ú ß ­ ¾Ú ß ¢ÛÈÚ Ñ Ú À Oæ à sÚ · æ Þ OÚ ß . Ëæ à Þ¨Ú « Û«Ú M }Ú Á Ú Rajatadri” on 3 and 4 of March 2001. On this occasion “The dawn of silver rays onÅæÞR¬Þ¾Úß,ÁÚàOÚÐ, DÎÚ,| ËæàÞÎÚOÚ ¥ÚÃÈÀÚ VÚ׫ßÚ ­ D®Ú¾àÞVÚÑ·ÞOÚß Amavatha (A Holistic National level audio Ú æ Ú æ@¥ÚOÛQW ÈÚßßÑÛ¡,ÌÅÛf}Úß, ÔÚÂ¥ÛÃ, VÚßVÚß×ßÚ OÚÄ°V׫ßÚ ­ ÑæÞÂÑÚ·ÞOÚß. visual symposium on Arthritis” is going to X ÚÚ æ4. OæÇÞ¥Ú ËæàÞÎÚzæ¾ÚßÆÇ ÌÅÛf}Úß, ÈÚßßÑÛ¡ ÈÚß}Úß¡ ÔÚÂ¥Ûà be organised. Delegation fee is Rs. 350/- inÈÚßßRÀÈÛWÈæ. BÈÚ´â V×ßÚ OæÞ¥ÚÈ«ßÚ ­ ËæàÞÎÚzæ ÈÚáÛsÚßÈÚ¥ÁÚ ÈÚßàÄOÚ general and Students (III Phase Correspon- Ú Ç Ú Ú th 275/- before 8 January 2001. BAMS) Rs.ÈæßÞ¥Ú¨Û}ÚßÉ«Ú Ëæç£ÄÀÈÚ«ß­ ÔæàÞVÚÅÛtÒ ÈæßÞ¥Ú¨Û}ÚÊW­¾ß«Úß­ dence can be made to - Dr.M. Eswar Reddy, Ú ÚÈÚ ¨ Ú % «Ú È Ú á ÛsÚ ß }Ú ¡ È æ . ®Ú à Èæ ß ÞÔÚ ¥ Ú Æ Ç ®æ ã ÞÎÚ z æ ¾ Ú ß ÉOÚ ä ~ Secretary, Taranatha Rajatadri, Taranath Govt.DMmÛWÁÚßÈÚ¥ÂM¥Ú BÆÇ ÌÅÛf}Úß ÁÚÑÛ¾Úß«ÚÈÛW OæÄËÚÈáÚ ÛsÚß}Ú¥.æ Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Bellary, Ú ¡ Karnataka. Tel:- 08392-60273, 60241.ÑÚßËÚä}ÑMÕ}Ú¾ßÚ ÆÇ ÑÛÄÑÛ¦VÚy ¥ÚÃÈÀÚ VÚ×OÛÊ¢¥ÆÇ ÌÅÛf}ÚßÉVæ ÚÚ Ú Ú Ú 10th and 11th March 2001ºÛÈÚ « æ O æ à lßo D®Ú ¾ æ à ÞWÑÚ Ä ß Ôæ Þ Ø¥Û§ Á æ . B¥æ à M¥Ú ß 1st National Conference on “ParadaËæÃÞÎÚoOÄ°ÈÛW¥æ. BM¥ÚþßÚ ÈÚ ~ÞÈÚÃËàÞÎÚzæ ÈÚáÛsÚßÈÚ¥ÃÚ ÈÀÚ ÈÛW¥Úß.§ and Gandhaka” to be held on 10th and 11th Ú æAÈÚáÛËÚ¾ßÚ VÚ}Ú OæÞ¥Ú¥«ÛËÚOÛW B¥ÚÁÚ ÁÚàOÚÐ, ~OÚ,¡ ËæàÞÎÚy, AÈÚß®Û^ÚOÚ March 2001 at Pune. Conference organised Ç Ú by Pune District Education Association’s Col-VÚßyVÚ×ßÚ D®Ú¾ßÚ ßOÚÈÛWÈæ. ¡ lege of Ayurved and Research Centre, sec-5. ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈÔËàÃÞ}ÚÒ«Ú ÈÚßàÄÈÚ«ßÚ ­ ÑÚMÁÚPÐÑßÚ ÈÚ ÈÚß}Úß¡ D}æÞfÑÚßÈÚ tor no 25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune -411 044, Ú Úæ Ó ¡¥Ú߶%Ä}æ¾Úß«Úß­ ÔæàÞVÚÅÛ¦ÑÚÄß ÈÚßà}ÚÃ>ÓMVÚÃÔÚ{Þ¾ÚßÈÚâ´ , Maharastra. Deligation fee - Rs 600/- forOæÞ¥ÚËàÞÎÚOÈã dM¶à ËæÃÞÎÚo ÈÛW¥æ B¥Úß }Ú«­Ú OÚÎÛ¾Úß, ÁÚàOÚÐ , Teachers and others and Rs 300/- for Stu- Ç æ Ú Ú dents. Last date 30-12-2000 and no spot reg-ËæàÞÎÚOÚ VÚßy¦M¥Ú OæÞ¥Ú ËæàÎÚz¾ßÚ «Úß­ ®ÚúÛÈÚ¦M¥Ú ÈæßÞ¥ÚÈÔÚ istration. For registration contact organisers Ç æ ÚËæàÃ}Ò«Ú ÈÚßàÄVÚ×Û¥Ú ®ÛOÚ ÈÚß}Úß¡ }æçÄ ÈÚ~%OÛVÚØVæ ¶ÄÈÚ«ßÚ ­ on 020-7659578 (Off) or 5898633 (Res), email ÚÓOæàsÚß}Ú¥.æ (It stimulates the B-cells of Islets of langerhans - ¡and increase the renal threshold) Send Articles, Collections and Clippings Editor, Amruta Bindu6 AÈÚß ÈæßÞ¥Ú¥Ú ¯_`Ä Ñæ­ÞÔÚ ÉOÛÁÚVØM¥Ú DMmÛ¥Ú ÁÚOV}Ú OæÞ¥Ú Ú ¡Ú Ú Ç Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research CenterÈæßÞ¥ÚÈ«­Ú ÁÚOÈÔÚ ÒÁæV×Ú D®ÚÅÞ¯}Ú OæÞ¥ÚÈ«ßÚ ­ ËæàÞÎæÞzæ ÈÚáÛsÚÄß Ú ¡Ú Ú Ú æ Ç Ú DGM Ayurvedic Medical CollegeR¦ÁÚ, ÈÚßMfÎÚ,r @ÑÚ«,Ú OÚlßP B}ÛÀ¦ ¥ÚÃÈÀÚ VÚ×ßÚ ®ÚÃÈßÚ ßRÈÛWÈæ. Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.January 2001 7 Amruta Bindu
  8. 8. (The woman body is wonderfully com- Ø Beautiful Skin care of Faceplex and delicate. Multiple roles as the mother, Materials required: - Multani mitti, Rose waterdaughter, wife, homemaker, wage earner is or distilled water, lemon, cold waterphysically and mentally quite taxing. As a Procedure:- Take 2 to 3 tea spoon full of Multaniwoman, you might share some common health Mitti add to 1 to 2 tea spoon full of Rose waterrisks with men, such as Hypertension, Diabe- along with 5 to 6 drops of Lemon. Stir the mix-tes etc. but because of your special reproduc- ture well and make it a fine paste. Apply thistive role, you are at risk of some distinctly fe- paste on your face and allow it to dry for half anmale disorders. Ayurveda is a health care sys- hour. Later on wash your face with cold watertem sensitive to women’s special health needs. for better result.Women are far more sensitive to the rhythms Result:- You will find a more beautiful, shiny andand cycles of nature and Ayurveda is founded glorying skin. This treatment can be practicedon the principle of keeping the body toned in tunewith nature. And natu- for removal of pimples also.rally women find Ø Use rose water with lemon drops twice aAyurveda very suitable. day, it acts as a dirt remover and skin be-Ayurveda has formu- comes fair.lated tonics, health care Meenakshi. S. Byali (I BAMS) ge ’ssupplements and such Pa enother health care prod- omucts for prenatal, post Letters to the Editor Wnatal and neonatal careand to ensure reproduc-tive health. Effectiveherbal remedies are Women’s Page Congratulations!available for the problem of menopause and con- Dear Doctor,ditions such as pre-menstrual tension. I have been receiving your “AmrutaAyurveda has best natural health supplements Bindu” regularly. Thanks for the same. I doand products to manage the changes in the appreciate the most informative content andbody right from puberty to menopause. nicely printed Magazine of yours. Here I seeAyurveda can work miracles. Ayurvedic the young students opening up their talenthealthcare is the perfect solution for women to in a commendable manner.stop the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation Congratulations!therapy will keep health, beauty and zest intact Dr. G.S.Mudagal,throughout the years. Physician and Heart specialist,This section deals with some common prob- Sona Complex,lems of women and beauty care. …….Editor) K.C.Rani Road, Gadag From: Book-Post Printed Matter Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Editor TO, Amruta Bindu Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research Center DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.January 2001 8 Amruta Bindu