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  • I couldn’t get my blood sugar below 300 with medication. After using the information in your ebook for 3 weeks, it was down within the normal range! ◆◆◆
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Ab 04a

  1. 1. Amruta Bindu +¨ÉÞiÉ Ë¤ÉnÖù @ÈÚßä}Ú ¸M¥Úß Volume 1, Issue 4 email:- December 2000 Editorial Can we protect life science Ayurveda? Man is so selfish, he knows how to take from nature but Editor in Chief : not to give back. This sort of behavior is giving trouble to not Dr. G.B. Patil, only to the nature or global environment but also an ultimate Principal effect on the human race. Recently Orissa coast, i.e. the East Coast becomes a death trap for the marine life especially to Editor: that of Tuttles and on the other hand Arabian sea is rapidly loos- Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad, ing Oxygen reservoir. According to National Institute of Ocean- ography (NIO) the Arabian Sea off the West Coast has lost Reader in Kayachikitsa significant amount of dissolved Oxygen, crucial for marine life. PGARC, DGMAMC Simultaneously it produces huge amount of Nitrous oxide - laughing gas (a green house gas and potentially more harmful Contributing Editors : than Carbon dioxide) each year in the monsoon months (July Dr.R.K.Gachhinamath to November). Dr. R.R. Joshi Nitrous oxide is a green house gas and also contrib- utes to the ozone loss there by influencing the earth’s climate Dr. C.M.Sarangamath both directly and indirectly. The ozone layer disturbance directly Dr. U.V.Purad acts on human beings which gives rise to various skin disor- Dr.AK.Panda ders, as there is no protection from Sunrays. It also disturbs Dr. S.H.Doddamani the psyche of an individual. The laughing gas can have its di- rect effect over brain and spongy tissue of penis to give rise an unnecessary erection and crime rate increase through sexual Office Assistance abuse. Smt. P.K. Belawadi In addition to that a startling factor is some layers of the Sri. M.K.Joshi Ocean produces Hydrogen sulfide which is an indicator of ex- treme Oxygen deficiency there by affecting the growth and de- Published by velopment of deep marine life. This situation is alarming as the Publication division, Nitrogen cycle in the sea is disturbed because of 1) artificial manure and pesticides drained in to Ocean and 2) enormous PGARC, pickups of marine treasure with out looking for balancing it. DGM Ayurvedic Medical The above said factors are even harmful directly to the College, Gadag mankind and in specific to that of an Ayurvedist. The total pro- Phone: 08732-38014 fession is depending on the vegetation life and marine on the earth. When such man made calamities hit the nature. What is Printed at the replication of the Ayurvedist as he is shouldering the re- sponsibility of protection of the life science Ayurveda? Can we Bhandage Offset Printer, protect our natural treasure on the Earth? Probably not unless Gadag, Karnataka -582103 we grow the protective forests and minimize the use of pesti- cides and artificial fertilizer. OR SRDecember 2000 Amruta Bindu
  2. 2. Apart from regular features a guest article on Book Review Malaria is presented. The book cost Rs.170/- (single copy with out “AYURMEDLINE” postage included), said to be worth buying it. With the caption “All about Ayurveda It could be a hand reference for Diabetes intoday” Ayurmedline, July-December 200 (third specific and Ayurvedic medicine lists (latest)issue) has arrived along with highlighting sub- in general.ject “Diabetes - know the facts and find the Book available from - Ayurmedline, 124/2,solutions”. The book consists of 656 pages (near Ganesh temple), 7th ‘B’ Main Road, 4thwith guest article and four sections 1) Cover Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 011,story - Diabetes, 2) Clinical success stories Karnataka, India. Fax:- +91-80-3365504 or3) Srotas wide traditional Ayurveda Medicine email:- ayurmedline@mailcity.comindex and 4) Pharmacological index based Seminars & Symposiums 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321on systems. Ayurveda injections also in- Seminars & Symposiums 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321cluded with it. Advertisers made colorful with 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 43210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321their product lists and posters to Ayurmedline, 3rd & 4th March 2001which is a paperback Art card bound with Taranath Govt. Ayurvedic Medical Col-Neem leaves and Bitter gourd patterns. lege & Hospital, Bellary celebrates “Taranatha Eminent Ayurvedic schlors have dis- Rajatadri” on 3rd and 4th of March 2001. Oncussed about the in and outs of Diabetes this occasion “The dawn of silver rays onwidely from all sources. More stress has been Amavatha (A Holistic National level audio vi-given to listing the different herbs that are sual symposium on Arthritis” is going to beuseful in Diabetes management in Ayurveda. organised. Delegation fee is Rs. 350/- in gen-Even the psychological problems were dis- eral and Students (III Phase BAMS) Rs. 275/-cussed in keeping in mind “Balanced mind before 8th January 2001. Correspondence canand body gives rise to perfect health”. The be made to - Dr.M. Eswar Reddy, Secretary,cover story took 42 pages, which is not suffi- Taranatha Rajatadri, Taranath Govt. Ayurvediccient to review total aspects and details of Medical College & Hospital, Bellary,Diabetes and need more pages to satisfy Karnataka. Tel:- 08392-60273, 60241.many readers. Second section “Clinical success sto- 10th and 11th March 2001ries” are on different subjects other than that 1st National Conference on “Paradaof cover story. Erectile dysfunction, and Gandhaka” to be held on 10th and 11thHaemorroids, Amenorrhoea, Malaria and thy- March 2001 at Pune. Conference organisedroid disorders are the topics covered. It also by Pune District Education Association’s Col-has research profiles of Diabetes Mellitus lege of Ayurved and Research Centre, sectorfrom different Pharmaceuticals. It placed a no 25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune -411 044,detailed report of International congress Maharastra. Deligation fee - Rs 600/- for“Ayurveda 2000”, Chennai. Teachers and others and Rs 300/- for Stu- Third section classified medical index dents. Last date 30-12-2000 and no spot reg-provides good number of Ayurvedic medicines istration. For registration contact organiserslisting under different Srotas headings. Fourth on 020-7659578 (Off) or 5898633 (Res), emailsection pharmacological index followed in - pattern. Modern updates on Diabe- Send Articles, Collections and Clippingstes also have its place to satisfy the reader every month before 15th to appearand eventually to share the knowledge forboth Ayurvedist and modern practitioner. in next issue of Amruta BinduDecember 2000 2 Amruta Bindu
  3. 3. properly. HIV infection and AIDS are not Aids Prospective and Management contagious. It is not spread by causal or social Dr.A.K.Panda contact. Health care workers can however infected through needle stick injury, skin and It is clear that H.I.V is the underlying mucousal exposure to infected blood or bodycauses of AIDS and aids related diseases. fluids. Prospective studies in health workersCurrently we believe that up to 80% people suffering percutaneous exposure to a knowninfected with HIV will develop AIDS. Many HIV sero positive patient indicate apatients infected with the virus are well, transmission rate is 0.32%. The virus is alsoasymptomatic and even unaware that they transmitted in utero as well as breast milk toare infected, but other, although they have not the newborn babies.yet developed AIDS have a physical, Infection with HIV causes spectrum ofpsychological, social and occupational clinical problems, which always confused toproblems and requires as much care as differentiate from other systemic disorders.those with AIDS. Patients with HIV infection HIV begins with sero-conversion andand AIDS spend most of the time out of terminates with AIDS and death. The totalhospital in the community. Hospitalization is HIV infection is divided into four groups.required in acute clinical illness. We do not Group I – Sero-convertionalways fell skilled and enough knowledge to Group II- Asymptomatic phase.look after them. Now it is a demand to develop Group III—persistent generalizedAyurvedic medicine for rapid spreading of HIV lymphoadenopathy.and the available anti HIV drugs are very Group IV – Symptomatic infection.expensive and in short supply .Our clinician It is now recognized that it may takeare always unfamiliar with diagnosis of AIDS, 10 year or more to develop AIDS after sere-which is a drawback for the invention of new conversion. 25—60% people presentAyurvedic drugs. The definition of AIDS is symptoms at time of sero—conversion asunder change since a year, as result of an acute HIV illness when antibodies areincreasing appreciation of wide spectrum of developed. These can range from mild feverclinical manifestations of infection with HIV. to encephalopathy. The diagnosis in this stageCurrently AIDS is defined as a illness may be missed without a high index ofcharacterized by one or more diseases .In suspicion and history of risky behaviors. TheJanuary 1993 the center for disease control appropriate diagnostic test in this stage is HIV-(CDC) in USA extended the definition of AIDS PCR if test for HIV antibodies is negative. Atto include all persons who are severely the time of sero-conversion there isimmuno suppressed (CD4 count<200X10 sometimes a high rate of viral replicationL) irrespective of indication of disease. leading to transient rise of viral load andW.H.O. considered AIDS if a test for HIV concomitant immuno suppression due to fallantibody gives positive result with one or more in the CD4 count. This stage is lasts upto 12conditions like Tuberculosis, >10% body weeks.weight loss with Diarrhoea or fever, After sero-conversion HIV antibodiesNeurological impairment, Esophageal continue to be detectable in the blood. Thecandiditis, Invansive cervical cancer and rate of replication of HIV is slow and CD4recurrent episodes of pneumonia. W.H.O. counts are normal. The person remains wellgave alarm to the developing countries like Up to ten years. HIV related lymphoIndia that 50% of total population will be HIV adenopathy persist for at least three month ininfected in the new millennium if proper the extra inguinal sites with sudden onset andstrategies to control will not undertake pain. Symptomatic HIV disease starts withDecember 2000 3 Amruta Bindu
  4. 4. wasting syndrome and constitutional disease. Conclusion: Ayurvedic practice variesHIV encephalopathy and neurological diseases from physician to physician. The exact therapeuticare very common in our hospital. AIDS starts schedules are not yet been defined in our systemwith major opportunistic infections and minor but physicians are used the herbo-mineral drugsopportunistic infection. It is the hard nuts to according to trial and error method based uponpredict for Physician how soon a HIV infected the clinical progression. Varieties of approachespatients will progresses to AIDS. It depends can be adopted for looking after the patients withupon the age, immunostatus and antiviral or varying degree of HIV infection and AIDS .prophylaxis treatment taken by the patients Providing such care is a challenge for all of us. I The treatment of HIV infection can be have no doubt that we will respond to thatlargely divided into two groups. challenge and will be able to look back in a 1.Measures that either treat or pre- scientific eye to show some commitment andvent (prophylaxis) its complication dedication towards this global AIDS program. Anti 2. Specific antiviral agents that inhibit viral medicinal plants with Rasayana drugs isviral replication. suggested for evidence-based research for HIV The general approach to HIV infection and AIDS. In response to global epidemics of HIV/ AIDS, W.H.O established thetreatment in India is not satisfactory. Most global program on AIDS in 1986. In 1988 1stobvious impact of this disease is mortality of December is observed as first Aids day for globalyoung adults in our country. We have awareness. In this year we observe 13th World’sobserved that introduction to Ayurvedic clinical day with a slogan “AIDS makes different”. Thepractice had reduced the morbidity and involvement of communities and N.G.O’s aremortality in-patients with symptomatic HIV highly required for successful implementation ofdisease. Not a single disease can correlate HIV-AIDS prevention and control program.exactly with AIDS in Ayurveda. But AIDS hasbeen associated with slesma vikruti, ËÚ}ÚÈÚáÛ«Ú¥Ú ÈÚßÔÛÈÚáÛÂsukraksaya, dhatuksaya, ojaksaya, HsÚÓ! ËÚ}ÚÈÚáÛ«Ú¥Ú ÈÚßÔÛÈÚáÛÂbalaksaya, ojavikruti, aupasargika ojameha, «ÛÈÛVÚßÈæÈæÞ? B¥ÚOæQÄÇ ÌOÛÂvyadhi ksamatwa hani, sosha and garavisha.Previously Ayurvedic treatment dealt with ÔÚÄÈÚâ´ ÉÄOÚÐyVÚ×Ú RMdÂojaskara, Agni deepana, Dhatu prustikara and ÈÚßä}ÚßÀÑæàÞ®Û«Ú¥Ú ÑÚßÉÔÛÂlaksanika Chikitsa. ÈÚß«æÈÚáÛ}ÛW¥æ B¥ÚÁÚ ®Ú The clinical efficacy by the above OÚßÄ @M}ÚÑÚß¡ ºæÞ¥ÚÈæyÑÚ¥Ú ÈÚ¾ÚáÛÀÂtherapy can across the clinical stages andCD4 strata. But the documented ÈæàÞf«Ú ÈÚßßÑÚßOÚß ÔÛPÒ,observational studies are very few. Recently «ÚÈÚßVæÄÇ }æàÞ VæàÞ¾Úß ¥ÛÂI.C.M.R. screened some medicinal plants for BÎÛo¥ÚÁÚà ¶¥ÚßPVÛW GM¢Ú ®Ú ®ÚÂanti-HIV activity. Seventeen plants showed anti @M¥ÚÁæ! Væà~¡ÄÇÈæ! «ÛÈæÆÇ ÔÛOÚ·æÞOÚß OÚ}Ú¡ÂHIV-I and only four plants showed anti HIV –IIin that study. Among the medicinal plants «ÚOÚßQ ¸sÚ·æÞt, BÂÂ, ¶Äß ÔÚßÎÛÂ.Nimba, Kanaka, Yastimadhu, Kalajaaji, S.G.HIREMATH, III BAMSAswatha, Kesharaj and Ajashrungi are having Send Articles, Collections and Clippingsantiviral activities against to HIV-1; where as every month before 15th to appearSnuhi, Bhrungaraj had sensitivity against to in next issue of Amruta Bindu to Editor, Amruta Binduboth HIV-1 and HIV-2. There is no any antiviral Publication Division,activity found in Tulasi, Vasa, Karavellaka, Postgraduation and Research CenterChandana, Kakamachi, Katuki, Chirayita, DGM Ayurvedic Medical CollegeBhunimba, Aswagandha, Triphala and Trikatu. Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.December 2000 4 Amruta Bindu
  5. 5. vidual is placed on such basis. The Nuclear Sexotronics sex is that determined on the basis of the pres- Dr.Siva Rama Prasad ence or absence of sex chromatin in somatic cells. The trend setting branch of medicineO m is omnipresent and omnipotent.Entire Universe developed from it, either byArambhavada (theory of atomic agglomera- “Sexology” - the scientific study of sex and sexual relations from the biological point of view studying sexuality i.e. either the charac- teristic of the male and female reproductivetion) and Parinamavada (theory of evolution - element or the constitution of an individual inDarwinism and Lamarkism) or with relation to sexual attitudes and behavior. ButVivarthavada (theory of illusion). In mythology apart from the word “SEXOLOGY” theof Indian it is said as Brahma born from the “SEXOTRONICS” were preferred for thenavel of Vishnu and Parvathi made a toy out present study. The electron is the base of theof clay and given life as Ganesha. It looks entire universe. The elements though they areabsurd to hear as such stories. Whether we different, basic unit are as the same to an-understand that the technology of them is so other with different structure. Here the sex isadvanced as such of today’s test tube baby common but the style and affinity and bond-and so on or unless they are not analyzed ing are of specific. Never sex act and attitudethey becomes fantasies. Can we accept that of one area population is unique to another.with out conjugation or formation of zygote a Thus the study based on primary sex attitudelife of progeny develops? Naturally not and and attraction based on pheromones justifiesnot at all by any means. the heading “SEXOTRONICS”. One junior who is interested to know Mind, self and body makes a tripod onabout his arrival in to this universe enquired which the living word stands (Cha.Sutra.1/46).his parents about. They got overwhelmed and The living is capable of enjoying the bliss ofsaid “We got you from hospital”. The curios- sex. Thus it correspond not only body andity of the kid doubled and started shooting mind but also to that of self. It may terminatequestions about how his father born. The in to much terminology as such lust, sex act,answer as usual came out he also from hos- and psycho sex, platonic love, divine love,pital. The questioner continued about his cosmic love, etc. But the truth is body, sensegrand father. Father replied that God has given organs, mind and self together deal a subjecthim. The kid concluded, “There is no normal and prepare the ground of bliss.deliveries occurred from our family all are of The life is like ocean. The depth andGod’s gift”. This shows the necessity of Sex thoughts are of individual not known to oth-education and giving awareness of sex and ers. In that the sex takes a specific place.its importance at the present day scenario. Sexuality is one area where individuals can Still as on today many girls believe that experience the world through another com-by kissing the children are born on the other panion. One’s experience and sexuality differshand males believe that children get born from another and all the persons will have in-through defecation. These are the only mis- dividual personalities there by many ways ofunderstandings and exorbitant knowledge of appreciation of sex. Information, which can notmyths. be expressed verbally, can be expressed and exchanged on the deeply intuitive levels in the Sex (seks) by definition is a distinc- sex. An experience of sex is unrevealed, onlytive character of most animals and plants, it has to be enjoyed. Sex is easy to see andbased on the type of gametes produced by complex as universe to activate and to creategonads, Ova (macro-gametes) being typical offspring simultaneously achieving eternalof the female, and sperm (micro gametes) of bliss. We dive in to ocean of sex and appraisethe male, or the category in which the indi- the SEXOTRONICS. (.....Continued in next issue )December 2000 5 Amruta Bindu
  6. 6. ÁÚMW«ÛlÞÅé, ®ÛÃMËÚß®ÛÄÁÚß sÛ.f.¸.®Ûmæ «Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É. ÔÚ ÔÚÖ «Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É.¥ÚàÁÚ¦M¥Ú eæàÞ}ÛsæàÀOæàM}Ú ¶ÁæàÞÈÚß«ÚÑÛÀÈÚáÛÀW«Ú ÈÚ߬ Ò¥Ú§®Ú°«Ú %@¬ÑÚ¡ «Ú«Ú­ @sæÃÑé HsÚÓÂÔè¥Ú @ÈÚ«Ú %ÔÛÀMW¥Ú§ÈÚ ÔÛÀMVÚ AVÛÀ«ÚÅÛÇ ÉOÚä}Ú OÛÈÚß«æVÚ×Ú ®ÚÁÚÈÚß Èæç ¶ÑÚÉ VÚàØÔÛMVÚ B¥Ú§ ÈæßçOÚlßo dÁÚ}Û ÁÚßÈÚáÛÄß @ÈÚÁÚ«Úß­ ÑæÞ «ÛËÚVæàØÑÚßÈÚ¥æÞ «Ú«Ú­ VÚß fÁÚP Èæßlßo, ·Û¿ß }ÚßM¶ GÆ@sÚP }ÚßM¸OæàMsÚß «Û«Úß @ÈÚÂVæ BÈÚÂVæ ¶ÁÚMWÆà ¾ÚáÛMÈÚ¥æÞ%«Ú, ¥æÞ%«Ú, ¾ÚáÛÈÚ×Ú¥æÞ«Ú @M}Ú ¶M¥Úà ÈÚáÛ}Úà @ÈÚëڭ D×ÚÑÚMWÆÃEÁÚ EÁÚ ÑæÂVÛÀsÚ~¥æ§%MÈÚ ÕÞMVÛÀOÛ%¥Ú A¥Úà ¬ÞÈÚâ´ ÈÚáÛ}Úà ·Û×ÚÔÚßÎÛÁÛWÂVÚàظ¥Ú§OÚyß| ÑÚßlo OÚÁÚOÛÄ¥Ú ¶y| ........«Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É. ......GĸVæ }æàVÚÆ«Ú Ôæà¥ÚP ÈÚáÛt¥ÚMVÚ ¥æÞÔÚ ÔÛÉ«Ú ÑæÞsÚß ¶ÁæÞ ÔÚ«æ­ÁÚsÚß ÈÚÎÚ% ¸tÃOÚsæVÚà ÁÚMW«Ûl OæçOæàloMVæç~ A¥ÚÁÚ «Ú«Ú­ ÑæÞsÚß «Ú«Ú­ ËÚ}Úßà ɫÚÈæßÞÅæ @ÎÚo @Æà ÔÛÀMVÚ%¦¾Úß®Ú ÈÚáÛÈÛ @M¥Ú%ÈÚVÚ ÈæßÁæ¥Ú¥Úߧ @«ÚºÚÉÑÚ ·æÞOÚÄÇ®% Ú @ÈÚ«ÚÁÚOÚ¡ ÑæÞÂÒ OæàMsÚÈÚÁÚÆÇ ÑÚÕ}Ú BÁÚ}æç~ «æàÞtà ·æ¥ÚÁÚVæàM¸ D}Ú¡ÁÚ OæàloMVÛ}Úß .... «Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É. ...... GM¢Û OÚÁÛÈÚß}Ú¡ B¦§~¥Úß ¬ÈÚß½«Úß­ ÑÚ¬ÔÚOæ ¶ÁÚOæàsÚ¥Úß ÔÚàÑÚÄMW¾Úß VÚM¨ÚGM¢Ú}Û ÁÚMW«Ûl¥Ú ®æçÅÛÊ«ÚVÚ×Ú«Ú­ ¾ÚáÛÁÚà «ÛËÚ ÈÚáÛsÚÅÛÁÚÁÚß «Ú«Ú­¶OÚ·ÛÁÚÅæ ÈÚßÄWÒ ¸no}ÚÄÇ! ÑÚß}Ú¡ÆÁÚßÈÚ ®æãÃÞnÞ«Ú ºÚM¨Ú«Û «Û @«Úà­ VÚ¨ÛÉÞÁÚÁÚß OæM®Úâ´ ÔÚßsÚßW¾ÚßÂWM}Ú ¸Ø ÔÚßsÚßW¾ÚßÁæÞ¥æÞËÚ®ÚÁÚ¥æÞËÚ ÑÚß~¡¥ÚÁÚà G¥Ú§ GØÙÄÇ «Ú«ÚVæ ¶ÔÚ×Ú ^æM¥Ú ÁÚMW«Ûl¥Ú ÈÚáÛÀ×Ú¥ÚÈÚÁÚß VÚØVæàXÈæß½ ÈæÞÎÚ¶¥ÚÆÒ¥ÛMVÚ @¥ÚOÛW AWÁÚßÈæ«Úß ËæÊÞ}Ú OÚyVÚ×Ú VÚMsÚ }Ú«Ú­ AOÛÁÛ ¶¥ÚÆÑæàÞ ÔÚß×ÚOÚ «Ú«ÚVÛÀOÚ ·æÞPà t.G«é.G @«ÚߺÚM¨Ú ? ÈÚߥڧOÚMsÚ Õt¾æà¥ÚÁÛ ÔÛÀMVÚ ÑÛOÚß OæÞÈÚÄ AÁé.G«é.G.ËÚßºÚ ÑÚMºÚM¨Ú !ÁÛÈÚß«Ú ÔæÑÚÁÚ ÔæÞØOæàM%}Ú @ÈÚ«Úd«Ú½ºÚàÉßW ¶sÚ¥ÛsÚߥÚPQM}ÚÚ B¥ÚÂM¥ÚÅæÞ ¬ÞÈÛVÚßÉ ¶ÔÚ×Ú ÈÚßM¥Úd«Ú½ºÚàÉßW ¶sÚ¥ÛsÚ¥ÚPQM}Ú ...... «Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É.......ÁÛÈÚß«ÚMVÚ fÞÈÚ«Ú ÈÚáÛt¥ÚÁÚ @dß%«ÚÈÚáÛ}Úà VæÄÇ ¶ÄÇ«Úß OèÁÚÈÚ^ÚOÚà ÈÚãÀÔÚB¥ÚÁÚ VæàsÚÈæ«ÚÁÛ ¾ÚáÛOÚ A¥ÚÁæ «Û«Úß «ÛËÚVæàØÑÚßÈæ«Úß ¬ÈÚß½¥æÞÔÚ¥Ú Ñæç¬OÚ ÈÚãÀÔÚÁÛÈÚßÁÛdÀ¥ÛVÚ OÚäÎÚ|ÆÞÅÛ ÈÚáÛsÚ~ÞÈÚM}Ú .......... «Û¬Ã G®Ú° G^é.I.É. ...... ÁÚMW«Ûl AsÚÈÚÖÂVæ, AVæà¥Ú ÕMVÚ ¥ÚËÚOÚVÚØM¥Ú «Úsæ¦¥æ «Ú«Ú­ ÈæßÞÅæ OèþÚß% ÁÚMW«Ûl AsÚÈÚÖÂVæ, AVÚà¥ÚÚ ÕMVÚ ¶VÚX¦ÁÚßÈæ«Úß A ¬ÈÚß½ ºÚMsÚ ¨æç¾Úß% HsÚÓ! ÈÚßàvÚÁæÞ ÈÚßßM¥ÚßÈÚÁæÒ ¬ÈÚß½ ÔÚß^Úß` OÛ¾Úß% ÑÚOÚÄ ÈÛÀ©VÚ×ÚÅæÇÅÛÇ ®ÚÂËÚß¨Ú ºÛÁÚ}Ú ÑÚMÑÚí~¾Úßß KM¥æÞ ®Ú¾ÚáÛ%¾Úß ÑÛÈÚâ´ «æàÞÈÚâ´VÚØVæÅÛÇ A^ÚÂÒ A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú¥Ú ¦«Ú^Ú¾Úß% - Fß}Úß^Ú¾Úß% ¥ÚßÁÚß×Ú ¥æàÁæ C HsÚÓ! @²´ÃÞ«Ú 2«æÞ ¸. G. GÈÚáé. GÑé HOæ Væà}æ¡? ^Úà®Úâ´ ËÚäMVÚ¥ÚÈæßÞÅæ Send Articles, Collections and Clippings eÛVÚ J¶¹ÂVæ every month before 15th to appear @ÆÇÄÇ OÚß_%¾Úß }ÚVÛ¥æ in next issue of Amruta Bindu to @ÆÇÄÇ “one by two system”. Editor, Amruta Bindu Nivedita. S. Kulkarni, I BAMS (Sr)December 2000 6 Amruta Bindu
  7. 7. HséÓ ¦«Ú @ÂÈÚâ´ «Û~Ø¥ÚM}æ ¬Þ~Ø¥ÚM}æA^ÚÂÑæàÞy ¶¬­ A^ÚÂÑæàÞy ¶¬­ dVÚÈæÅÛÇ ~Ø¥ÚM}æC HséÓ ¦«ÚÈÚ«Úß­ ÈÚáÛ«ÚÈÚ ^ÚlVÚ×Ú ÁÛdÔæÞ×ÚßÈÚ B¥ÚÁÚOÚ}æ¾Úß«Úß­ fÞÈÚ«ÚÉtÞ @ÈÚ¬WÁÚßÈÚ VÚß¾æßÞ ÈÚßd ÑÚßÁÛÑÚßÁÚÁÚ«æ­Þ ¸sÚ¥Ú JM¥Úß ^Úl D¥Ú¾ÚßÈÛ¿ß}Úß D¥Ú¾ÚßÈÛ¿ß}Úß @¥ÚßÈæÞ AÈæàÞÔÚOÚ OÛÈÚß«Ú Al C ÈÚßÔÛÈÚáÛ ¥ÚPÐzÛ²´ÃOÚ¥ÚÆÇ OÛÈÚߥÛÑæ ÑÚÈÚ%ÂVÚà ÑÚÔÚd ¥ÚËÚOÚVÚ×ÚÆÇ ÉËÚÊÈÛÀ¯ ¾ÚáÛW @ÑÚßÁÚOæÐ}Ú¾Úß«Úß­ ÈÚÕÒ¥ÚÁæ ¶¥ÚßOÚß }ÚßM¶ @ÑÚÔÚdÈÚß«ÚßOÚßÄÈÚ «ÚsÚßWÒ}Úß OÛÈÚß ÈÚ¥Úß D¾ÚßßÈÚ ·æMP¾ÚßM}æÔÚÁÚsÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß ÔÚÄÈÚâ´ ÔÛ¦VÚØM¥Ú @¥ÚOæQ ÈæàÞt¾ÚáÛVÚ¥Ú fÞÉVÚ×æÞ ÉÁÚ×ÚÈÚM}æ ÑæÞÁÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß C OÛ¾ÚßÈÚ«Úß­ B¥Úß ¾ÚáÛÁÚ«Û­¥ÚÁÚß ÑÚßsÚßÈÚ¥ÚM}æ ~Ã¥æàÞÎÚ - ÑÚ®Ú¡¨Û}Úß - ~ÃÈÚßÄVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ÔÛVÛW DØÙÔæàÞVÚßÈÚÈÚßß«Ú­ ¬VÛÈÚÕÑÚ·æÞOÚM}æ «ÛËÚÈÚáÛt Oæà«ÚVæ KdÑé OÚпßÒ ÈÚÕÑÚ¦¥Ú§ÆÇ AVÚßÈÚ¥Ú ¶}ÚßP«ÚľÚßÈÚM}æ @¥ÚPQÁÚßÈÚ ÔæÞÑÚÁæ HséÓ @M}æ ÈÚßä}ÚßÀ®ÛÚáÛVÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß ~Ø¿ßÁÚzÛ| HséÓ @M¥ÛVÚ ¬«Ú­ÈÚÁæ ¬«ÚVæ OæàsÚßÈÚÁÚß ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ ÑÚdÈÚßß«Ú­sæ¿ß A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú}Ú}ÚÊ¥Ú @«ÚßÑÛÁÚ B¥Úß GÅæÇsæ «Úsæ¾ÚßßÈÚ ®ÚÃ}ÚÀOÚÐ ¬d®ÛÆÒ ¦«Ú ÁÛ~à Fß}Úß ¶ÃÔÚ½^Ú¾Úß% B¥ÚÁÚ ®Ú¾Úß«Úß­ @Â}ÚÈÚ«æÞ eæÀÞÎÚo¥ÚàÁÚÈÛW C ÈÚßÔÛÈÚáÛ ¿ßM¥Ú @Â}Úß ·Û×Ú«Úß­ ÑæàVÚÑÛW ÑÚàÑÚßÈÚ«æ ËæÃÞÎÚo T. Virupakshi. N., II BAMS Savitri H. Chavadi, I BAMS (Jr) ÈÚßM¥Ú - DVÚÃVÛÉß The Canine Immune System and Disease ResistanceGÄÇ ÁæàÞVÚVÚØVÚß ÉÌÎÚoÄOÚÐy ÉÁÚß}Ú¡¥æ By W. Jean Dodds, DVMA¥ÚÁæ HséÓ ÑÚÈÚ% ÄOÚÐyVÚ×Ú ReÛ«æ¾ÚáÛWÁÚß}Ú¡¥æ B-Cell Immunity ¶ÁÚßÈÛVÚ ÑÚßM¥ÚÁÚ }Ú䯡OÚÁÚ ÈÚßM¥ÚVÛÉß B-cell immunity includes the circulat- ing antibodies or immunoglobulins such as IgG, ÈÚßàÁÚß ~MVÚ×Ú«ÚM}ÚÁÚ AVÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß DVÚÃVÛÉß IgM, IgA, IgD, and IgE. These antibodies pro-¥ÚäÏo¾Úß ¯ÃÞ~¾Úß«Ú­Îæo ÈÚáÛt vide an important defence mechanism against®ÚÁÚÒ¡ðÞ¾Úß ÅæçMWOÚ ¯ÃÞ~¾Úß«Úß­ ÈÚßÁæ¿ß disease in healthy individuals but can become hyperactive or hypoactive in a variety of dis- GÅÛÇ @®ÚÂ_}ÚÈÚÀP¡VÚ×Ú ÁÚOÚ¡ÈÚ«Úß­ HséÓ¥æM¥æ ~Ø¥ÚßOæàØÙ ease states. Hyperactive or increased levels BÄǦ¥Ú§Áæ ¶M¦}Úß ¬ÈÚßVæ ¥ÛØ of immunoglobulins can occur in two ways: acutely, as a reaction to disease or inflamma-¨æç¾Úß%¦lo}Ú«Ú¦M¥Ú ÁÚyÁÚMVÚ¥ÚÆÇ tory insult (“acute phase” reaction); or chroni-ËÚ}ÚßÃVÚ×Ú«Úß­ Ñæ¥æ¶t¾Ú߶ÔÚߥÚß cally, as in autoimmune or immune-mediatedÌRMt¾ÚßM}æ @sÚWOæà×ÚßÙÈÚ ËÚ}ÚßÃVÚØVæ GÆǾÚßÑÛÈÚâ´ BÔÚߥÚß diseases, chronic infections, and certain types of bone marrow and organ cancers. H«Úß @¾Úß¥Ú OÚàÒVæÞOæ BM}ÚËÛ®Ú Hypoactive or decreased levels of immuno- BM¥æÞ ¬ÆÇÒ, AVÚ¦ÁÚÆ ÈÚß}æࡶ¹ÂVæ ®Û®Ú globulins can result from rare genetically ®Û¯VÚØVæ ÈÚÁÚ¥Û«Ú GM¶M}æ based immunodeficiency states such as ag- ammaglobulinemia or hypogamma- Ñæà×æÙVÚØM¥Ú ¶ÁÚ¥æÞ BÁÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß «ÚÈÚß½ @¥ÚäÎÚoÈÚM}æ globulinemia, and from the immune suppres-¥æÞËÚ¥Ú ·æ«æ­Äß·Û¥Ú ¾ÚßÈÚOÚÁæ sion associated with chronic viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection, cancers, ageing, mal-ÑæÊÞ^Û`^ÛÁÚÚ @ØÒÂ, HséÓ ÈÚßßOÚ¡ÑÚÈÚáÛd ·æ×æÒ nutrition, drugs, toxins, pregnancy, lactation, Manjunath Sajjan, IIBAMS and stress. (Internet Surfing)December 2000 7 Amruta Bindu
  8. 8. DGM Campus NEWS Read Amruta Bindu for latest Informations4th to 10th November 2000 NSS activities Postgraduate and research center of Under the supervision ofthe DGMAMC has conducted a special camp Dr.Jukttihiremath, NSS Officer of DGMAMC,on Ghridhrasi from 4th till 10th November 2000. students have organised free camps at dif-More then 50 patients have availed the facility ferent localities and mobilised the people to-as well as outpatients and in-patients. Free wards attaining perfect health. On 18th Octo-medication was distributed to all patients who ber 2000 free health check-up at Kadampurattended the camp. and on 22nd October at Binkadakatti are of grand success. Hundreds of patients utilised7th November 2000 the opportunity. Mr. Kumbar.N, III Phase stu- In the college premises, a special dent was selected in Volleyball team of Rajivguest lecture on the chest and lumbar X-rays Gandhi University of Heath Sciences, Banga-has delivered by Dr.V.S.Karant, eminent ra- lore to play in Inter University Volleyball tour-diologist of Gadag. Dr. K.Siva Rama Prasad, nament held at Trichi. «ÚàOÚßÈÛ ¶¬­Reader in K.C. of PGARC preceded the func-tion. The lecture elaborated the different am-bient factors come across the thoracic andlumbar diagnosis of radiology. ÑÚßÁÚ}Ú ÑÚßROæ ÑæàÞÄßÈÚ ÈÚß«ÚOæ OÛ¦ÔÚߥÚß HséÓ ^ÚM^ÚÄ ÈÚß«ÚOæ13th to 18th November 2000 ÈæàÞÔÚ ÈÚáÛ¾Úß¥Ú ÈÚß«ÚßdVæ Asthma is a disease makes man hu- ÈÚáÛt¥Ú ®Û®ÚOæQ, }ÚOÚQ OÛtX^Úß`miliated. Postgraduate and research centerof the DGMAMC has conducted a special ÁÚOÚ¡ ÑÚàf¾æà×Úß, ÁæàÞW¾æà×Úßcamp on Asthma from 13th to 18th of Novem- @sÚW OÚßØ}Úß ¶ÁÚÑæ×æ¥Ú®Úâý°ÈÚâ´¥Úßber 2000. A total number of 75 patients of JM¥æÞ ÑÚ°ËÚ%Oæ ¥æÞÔÚÑæÞÂ¥ÚÁÛ¾Úßß¡upper respiratory tract adopted the specialtreatment provided at the free of cost. ÁæàÞVÚ¬ÁæàÞ¨ÚÈÚ ÑÚßlßo @¥ÚÁÚÅæÇ ·æ×æ¾ÚßßÈÚ¥Úß @¾ÚߥÚÈÚÂVæ ~ØÒ B¥ÚÁÚ @ºÚ%lÈÚ Ìë™ÌÌâOÌ: ¨Ì˜Ì™ÌâŠÌÎŒÌ ™ÌÌâ%™Ì˜Ì™Ì˜ÌÙzù՜ú™ÌâtÌÆ * @«ÚÀÑÚMÑÚí~¾Úß ÔæàÄÑÚß HséÓ Oæà×æ¾Úß Ì̲ÌÌæ ̲ͥÌÙ~ù: ¨ÌÙ~ù²tÌÙ ¨Ì˜Ì™Ìâ†Ìâ Ì FòÌâÌ™ÌâtÌÆ ** «Ût«æàØÂÑÚ¥æÞ «ÛsÛ^æ, OÛsÛ^æ «ÚàOÚßÈÛ. Z̜úFò ²ÌÉÍ·þtÌ ÍÌzùÌÌ 8/23 Maharaja Malagitti, IIIBAMS From: Book-Post Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Printed Matter Editor Amruta Bindu TO, Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research Center DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India.December 2000 8 Amruta Bindu