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Travel Industry Overview


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Travel Industry Overview

  1. 1. Technology Independent Expertise ©Chartered Technofunctional Tec noh Func TechnoFunc Presents Overview of Travel & Tourism Industry
  2. 2. Overview of Travel & Tourism Industry ©Chartered Technofunctional Understand the importance of travel and tourism globally in terms of benefits and linkages with the economy.
  3. 3. What is Travel & Tourism? Travel is the movement of people or objects (such as airplanes, boats, trains and other conveyances) between relatively distant geographical locations. ©Chartered Technofunctional Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes 1.France 2.US 3. China
  4. 4. Components of Tourism Industry ©Chartered Technofunctional Travel &  Tourism Tour  Operators Travel Agents Lodging and  catering Transport Information  & Guiding Attractions
  5. 5. Types of tourists Business Tourist : Those travelling for meetings, conventions, conferences or for any other purpose which is incidental to business and work. Leisure Tourist: Those who travel for pleasure. Includes travel for vacations, sport, family, education, health & fitness ©Chartered Technofunctional Types of tourists Business tourists Leisure Tourists
  6. 6. Impact of Tourism Industry ©Chartered Technofunctional Impact of  Tourism Industry Social & Cultural  Impact Economic  Impact Environmental  Impact
  7. 7. Social & Cultural Impact ©Chartered Technofunctional Positive Impact • Improved Infrastructure • Better leisure facilities • Frequent social events • Conservation of local heritage • Improved lifestyle • Restricts brain drain Negative Impact • Over crowding • Poor sanitation • Intrusion of outsiders • Demonstration effect • Increased crime • Loss of native culture • Anti social activities
  8. 8. Economic Impact • Industrialization • More employment opportunities • Greater markets • Income generation • Foreign Exchange • Better Infrastructure • Use of advanced Technology • Globalization • Brand building • Liberal trade policies • Balance of payments ©Chartered Technofunctional
  9. 9. Environmental Impact • Increased investment to improve facilities • Preservation of heritage infrastructure • Beautification of the area Positive  Impact • Over development spoils nature • Local people displaced • Damage to natural flora and fauna • Waste disposal problems • Scarcity of natural resources • Increase in pollution Negative  Impact ©Chartered Technofunctional
  10. 10. Challenges in the Tourism Industry Major challenges : • Fluctuations in currency exchange rates • Seasonal dependence • Inflation • Taxation • Lack of infrastructure • Security issues • Regulatory issues ©Chartered Technofunctional
  11. 11. TECHNOFUNC ©Chartered Technofunctional Thank you for watching/downloading our training material. Users are free to download the material for their personal use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the Chartered Technofunctional Institute. If you need copies of this material for corporate training or commercial use please contact for further details All Videos are available at for free Helping IT Professionals build successful careers TECHNOFUNC