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how to make 400 daily online thrugh online marketing techniques and various other ways . make $400 + daily with this loot 4 leads ebook.. proven ways on how to make money on a daily basis online.

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  1. 1. Make $400 Daily With Only 5 Minutes Of Work
  2. 2. Hello friends, I am not a professional copywriter, so you will find a lot of mistakes and lack of professional touch in this e-book. But I have not made this e-book for sale, it is just a blackhatworld exclusive and is to inform you my EXACT blueprint which I am using to make $400/day with only 5 minutes of work. Yes! Exactly 5 minutes of work is making me $400/Daily. I could not dare to write this e-book until and unless this success is continuous, but after confirming my success on 10th day, I am going to write it this e-book. Yes, this is the 10th day and I am making same amount consistently i.e. $400/day at an average. It is 1.25 A.M and I am so much excited to begin this e-book to inform you people about my success and method. The method which you can use again and again. First of all, it is a spamming method. Yes spamming! If you are afraid of spamming then do not read further, you will waste your time. But, if you can dare to take risk, then money is not away from you. Few weeks back, I found a thread on blackhatworld forum where a member was sharing a list of 100K emails with complete personal details, like name, postal address, zip and IP address etc. in text files, but no one knows, about which niche those emails belong to. On the other hand, the text files were containing too many duplicate records. I removed all the duplicate records and here are unique 96887 records. Click here to download files containing unique records only. There are 30+ text files containing 2500+ records in each. I thought about doing a sort of experiment with those emails just a week ago and today I am making $400/day with only 5 minutes of work daily. Here are step by step details what I am doing to make $400/day with 5 minutes of work. First of all, I was in the great need of extracting emails from those text files. I mean, those text files contain all information like Name, IP address, Postal address, Zip etc. etc. which is totally useless for this work and due to bad format those can not be saved as CSV file or as Outlook address book too. It took a lot of time and after searching for 2 days, I found a method of extracting email IDs from these files. I found a website, where we can upload the text file in any format and all email ids will be extracted out of it automatically and you can download a file containing ONLY email ids. It is really useful, isn’t it? This website is made by same company which has made world famous software Acute Email IDs Production Engine. As they deal in only email marketing softwares and scripts. When I uploaded a file on this website first time, it was totally free to use. But after a week now, I saw that they
  3. 3. are charging a little fee like $2.99 per file processed, as they have changed a lot of things. Well, this is not a big amount to think upon. I just processed few files on that website, one after other and I was having files containing 2500 email IDs each.
  4. 4. File format before Processing (Really Bad):
  5. 5. File format after extraction (Perfect for our work):
  6. 6. Ok, now I did not know with which niche these email ids are related to. Some of the guys were saying in blackhatworld that they belong to business opportunity, some were saying they belong to making money etc. etc. so, we can not decide anything about it. I thought, if they are not related to specific niche, then why not offer them a general product. Yes, this was the very first idea that came to my mind. To offer this list, I found the MOST general product which proved to be the best for this list and I am making $400/day selling this product to this list Daily. I thought that every person who is having an email ID in this list, should also own a computer (at least most of them will), so why not offer them a product related to computer only. Further, every computer user wants its computer to perform best and in the fastest way. So, I found some articles providing tips on ‘How to speed up your computer’. I edited those articles and converted them to an e-book of just 18 pages. Now, my product is ready. I made my first e-book to sell in just 2 hours. It was not difficult at all ! I registered a new domain name with and made a new account on Yes, you should make a new account on even when you have an account already, because you are going to send spam mails and HostGator can ban your account. So, if you make a new account then your other websites and online business will not suffer in case your account is banned. There are a lot of coupon codes available using which you can get a new HostGator account at $0.01/month for first month. If you talk to hostgator live chat then they can tell you which coupon code to use. You must be thinking why only HostGator and not any other host. You can choose any host of your choice, but I found that HostGator is giving a facility to send 500 emails/hour with your hosting a/c using their SMTP. Means you can send 500 X 24 = 12000 emails daily using your HostGator account. I did not find any other host providing such facilty, if you know another one, then you can go for that. Note: If you want to send more emails then you can use VPS on HG to send unlimited emails.
  7. 7. I made a one page website, but it was quite appealing. I also made a title cover for the e-book and it was very attractive. Your graphics play a big role in your sales. Because the visitors judge the quality of your product from the appearance of your website and product images. Email me at if you want to see my website, I am not going to mention it here. Thereafter I made an account on and uploaded my e-book on it. If you are also planning to sell an e-book or a software, this is the best one. I will like to tell you that you will get a 7 days free trial, when you make an account on e-junkie, but never do the mistake of running your businesses on trial. Why? Because you are going to send emails to general public, they are not the internet marketers. Mostly people do NOT check their emails daily. Only we internet marketers are there who keep on sitting in front of computer, the whole day, lol.. A lot of people are there who check emails on weekends only, when they are free. Some of them check even after 10 days or after a month, whenever they get the time. So, if you are working on 7 days trial it means you are going to lose a BIG CHUNK of your sales, because e- junkie will delete your product on 8th day. This is just a bit of advice to start your subscription from very 1st day. It will cost you only $5/Month. Login to your e-junkie account > Seller Admin > Start Subscription. A $5/Month plan will be sufficient for you. I did not choose any big plan, because in $5/month I was having a lot of space to upload my e-book. So, no need to waste money. You can also go for or if you do not like e-junkie. But again, whether you choose payloadz or tradebit. You should start a subscription and should not rely upon trials. Ok, now the product as well as the website was ready. I kept the price only at $19.99. Now, I was in the need of a software to send emails. I have a cracked version of Atomic Mail Sender. It is an old version, but works well. Click here to download it now. So, now Daily, I spend only 5 minutes to setup a campaign and every evening, I have $400 in my PayPal. Here is the template of the email I send to the visitors. In this way, it does not look like a spam mail.
  8. 8. You can make any page on your website to show the visitor when they click on ‘unsubscribe’ etc. things. Just write on that page, “You have successfully unsubscribed from the list, thanks” It is only a fake info. As I told you already that I talked to HostGator and they confirmed that I can send 500 emails/hour with their SMTP a/c using my hosting a/c. So, there is a need to make some settings in Atomic Mail Sender so that we keep ourselves under radar and server does not reject sending emails.
  9. 9. As you can see that I have setup a limit of sending 400 emails/hour, so it will never cross the limit of 500 emails/hour. You can set it maximum to 450 msg/hour but 400 is safe and works well.
  10. 10. To enter your HG SMTP settings, goto SMTP settings as shown below I did not mention SMTP server because it depends upon your primary website (if you are using HostGator) so, login into your account and see your SMTP settings there. After entering settings for SMTP you are ready to send emails. NOW! How I spend 5 minutes daily to make $400. 1. Selecting a new file from emails text files ( click here to download ) 2. Uploading file on and getting all email ids extracted. 3. Importing the list of only emails into Automic Mail Sender. 4. Writing my email. 5. Pressing a single button ‘Send’ ☺ ☺ 6. That’s it! My $400 are ready and available in my account till evening ☺
  11. 11. After starting the campaign I go for my offline job and when I come back to home, I see at an average $400 daily. Here is my PayPal account: Few things you must note: 1. I have found that this community is very rich. Because after sending 2500 emails a day, I am getting near about 20 sales daily means about 0.90% conversion rate is there even if they are not targeted. What does that mean? They do not think much about spending $10- $15. So, if you have something that you think is valuable, you can sell easily. 2. Do not think that you can not use the lists again because I have already used them. There are 96K emails in it. Only a handful of people have considered my offer. They may be interested in other product like yours. Give it a try! 3. Do not think, you will get instant sales on the same day after sending your first campaign. I got 0 sales on 1st day, 0 sales even on 2nd day, but I keep on sending on 3rd day using different set of email IDs Daily and I got 31 sales on 3rd day. There are few reasons, first, people search for the e-book free of cost rather than paying, when they do not find it free then again come to your website after one or two days and buy it. Second, few people do not read emails frequently and read after one or two days.
  12. 12. Here is table of showing sales: Day 1 0 Sales Day 2 0 Sales Day 3 31 Sales Day 4 28 Sales Day 5 27 Sales Day 6 19 Sales 4. Most importantly, Do not lose your patience at any cost. Your expense is only $0.01/month (if hostgator) and nothing else. Everything other is your hardwork, so keep on trying with different files daily. If you do not get results from one text file, then choose next text file and so on… 5. Choose a general product. For example, if you want to sell e-books then choose those e-books to sell in which every computer user is interested. Ideas of some general niches - How to speed up your computer (I have selected). - How to make friends online. - How to keep your data safe. - How to be safe from viruses and Trojans. (Sell antivirus software, use clickbank) - How to make your computer, a money making machine (really great niche and evergreen). - How to type fast (Typing course or software) - Registry cleaner (sell software as affiliate, use clickbank to find registry cleaning software) … and many more!! Just apply your mind, there are thousands of products over there, but in my opinion e-books are best selling products.
  13. 13. How to be safe while spamming: 1. Try to use your mass mailing software from an internet café. 2. Use proxies. You can buy proxies from almost every internet marketing forum and there are a lot of people selling proxies. But, I did not use proxy. You can use it. 3. While registering domain name, choose option of hiding whois information. So my friends, this was in the simplest form on how I am making $400 a day or you can say $12000/monthly. Again, here are the most important key factors to success: - Choose a general product. - Keep on trying with different files, do not give up. - Keep the price minimum but do not lose dignity of the product. - Keep everything under radar. - Do not offer bullshit products - Try using a different email sender if you are not comfortable with Automic Mail Sender. Sorry for this bad English and grammar. Bye - Jackson