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  2. 2. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 2 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER. ALL PRODUCT NAMES, LOGOS, AND TRADEMARKS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS WHO HAVE NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSED, SPONSORED, OR APPROVED THIS PUBLICATION. TEXT AND IMAGES AVAILABLE OVER THE INTERNET AND USED IN THIS MANUAL MAY BE SUBJECT TO INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS AND MAY NOT BE COPIED FROM THIS MANUAL. COPYRIGHT © 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED LOOT4LEADS.COM. Introduction Thanks for taking the time and the first step in making good money through CPA networks and marketing. This report is just a sneak peek of my exclusive membership to my CPA power program that is only open for limited time accepting new members. This report won't contain any fluff or fillers, just straight to the point on how you can apply theses same techniques to almost any kind of niche and make money through CPA offers. There are two strategies that I am about to reveal to you that also work hand in hand together to maximize your revenue potential. So let's get started on these techniques. Technique 1: Making Money with the Content Unlocker This is a fairly new concept in CPA marketing and there are a couple of CPA networks that have a content unlocker feature that you can use on your own websites. The content unlocker is a way to block content from your site until a user completes a survey (which you get credit for the lead), and then the user will have access to your site content. The content unlocker feature is great for sites that have content available like wallpapers, streaming videos, etc. I suspect that this type of marketing will continue to be popular in the future and more CPA networks will adapt to this feature. Basically, all of these types of offers allow incentive marketing which means that the offer allows users to complete their offer in return for something. I'm going to give you some live examples of how I'm using the content unlocker on some of my websites
  3. 3. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 3 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM that are making money each day from it. First there are only two networks in which you can implement this feature on your own website for right now. (my top recommendation),, or all allow you to copy a line of code from their site in which you paste on your website. Using the content unlocker features means that you need to have a website with good content on it that a user will actually spend the time to fill out a survey to get access to your content. I'm sure there will be more CPA networks down the road that implement this technique but both companies listed above are excellent to work with and you shouldn't have any problems getting accepted into their network. Technique 1 - Using the Content Unlocker on Your Website This first technique will show you how you can setup your own website using the content unlocker feature. Free traffic is always the best way to get visitors to your website and/or CPA offers as all your leads will be 100% profit. Article marketing is my favorite way in getting lots of free traffic using the content unlocker method to my sites. From what I've found, it's not going to guarantee you the amount of traffic you can get from PPC, but it's 100% free so with a little time and effort it will be worth it in the long run. In some cases, using my article marketing method is actually a lot easier to setup a new campaign then it is through PPC. So this free method I am going to explain is writing many different articles on different keywords that I have within my website using the content unlocker. I like using for writing my articles as it seems to be the best way to get top rankings in Google for my keywords that I'm targeting and they allow up to 3 hyperlinks within your article that you can send to your site. Setting Up the Site In this example, I will take my grocery coupon free content site I created as a demonstration on how I setup my articles. This is a content site that I setup where I offer my visitors various website listings where they can print grocery coupons, get free product samples, etc. The first thing that I needed done was a simple landing page designed for me. I outsourced the design for this basic one page layout which cost me $50 on I'm not a web designer so I find that outsourcing this type of work is the best as you will need to have some kind of professional looking landing page. You can see the template I had created for me below which I will use for each one of my pages within the site. Later on, I will show you
  4. 4. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 4 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM how to setup your own professional looking content website using WordPress for free. The second thing that I did was research by searching through Google for legitimate websites that offer free coupons that users could print. I came up with about 10 of them and a couple were even CPA offers where I will get paid for a lead just for referring someone to print free coupons! I then created a simple one page directory with links to all my site listings as you can see below after my landing page was designed for me. This page listed above will have the content unlocker installed on it so that when a user clicks on the "Print Coupons" link from my home page, they will be directed to this page with all the free coupon sites there.
  5. 5. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 5 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM The user will need to complete a survey in order to unlock the page in which I will get credit for a lead. Installing the content unlocker is very simple as it's simply a matter of adding one line of code that you can get from either your InstantDollarz or CPALead account. You can see the content unlocker in action by visiting my live site here: Getting Traffic Now it's time for me to get traffic to my site. When writing my articles, obviously I'm not going to target keywords like "coupons" or "grocery coupons" as I wouldn't have a chance to get top rankings in Google for just writing an article as I would need to setup a much more in depth back linking campaign. Instead, I'm going to focus on longer keyword phrases like individual items that people would be searching for. With coupons, there are literally thousands of different combinations of individual grocery items which I can target as each individual article. To find out which keywords you can potentially rank on the first page of Google, my rule of thumb is that you need to target keywords that have less than 10,000 competing websites for that keyword phrase. In order to find out how many sites are targeting a keyword phrase, you can simply go to Google and put quotes into the search for your keyword phrase as listed below: You can see above, that there are 7,320 results for this exact keyword phrase which is under 10,000 so I should be able to rank my article in the first page of Google for this keyword phrase. Before you write articles on specific items, what you want to do is make sure that the free content sites offer the specific item you are targeting. After looking through all the free coupon sites I had I was going to write my first article I targeted to "Gillette coupons". The most important thing to do is use your keyword phrase in your title which I did as you can see below. I was targeting two keyword phrases in my title: "gillette coupons" and "printable gillette coupon". I wrote my article around how consumers can save money with printing coupons and then using the keyword phrase a few more times within the article. Most of this article text can be used for all my articles
  6. 6. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 6 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM as I would simply need to modify the actual item. Once I submitted my article it got indexed fast by Google and I know own the top spots for keywords gillette coupons
  7. 7. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 7 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM I also got the 3rd spot for keyword: printable gillette coupon
  8. 8. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 8 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Even further I'm in the top 10 for keywords: printable gillette coupons and gillette coupon. There's nothing more that I did in achieving these results than writing the article, using the keywords as my title, and then using them a few more times within the body of my article. The results for just this one article are very good as I've gotten over 5,000 article views and lots of free traffic to my website. I can do this same technique and write other articles for hundreds of different specific items to maximize my free traffic. Article marketing does take a little longer to setup and it's not always guaranteed that your article will appear in the top results in Google, however it's all free traffic to your site and that means 100% profit to your content unlocker site. Technique 2: Using Google Trends and the Content Unlocker On Your Website This method I am about to reveal to you is the most powerful technique that I've found to work the best. You will not always find this method to work daily, but you will be able to use it quite often. This technique is using Google Trends again, writing an article, and then sending the users to your own website using the content unlocker to get leads. When using the content unlocker, you need to make sure that you have some good content that the user will be willing to complete a survey to unlock your page so this method will work well with pictures, videos, downloads, etc. For example, if there was a recent celebrity wedding that took place, lots of people are searching for the wedding pictures, and if you find these pictures doing your search research online, you can add a link to your site which directs the user to these pictures only after they complete a survey from your content unlocker. In my live example, I am going to show you how you can make a lot of money per day with one particular Google trend search phrase. I saw that there was consistently a lot of searches for "Erin Andrews" a few days in a row which tells me that the topic is very hot. I found in my research on this topic that apparently there was a video that was released on Erin Andrews who is a popular sports caster for ESPN from her
  9. 9. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 9 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM hotel room. As I said earlier, if you have the ability to add picture, video, or any kind of download content on your site that people are searching for, you can use the content unlocker technique on your site. Since people were searching for the Erin Andrews video, I created a simple landing page. You can see the basic setup I used below that only took me a couple minutes to setup. I use Front Page to create my simple landing pages that do not require any professional layout but any website builder or editor should be able to create something easy like that. I always just use an existing domain that I have and then make a sub directory on the particular topic I choose to target. You can see the page below as it's as simple as you can get with a title and a couple pictures I found online. Here's the actual site: The most important thing is to have a noticeable text like I do that shows "Click Here to Play". Instead of making the user click from my home page to a second page that displays the content unlocker, I used a feature that InstantDolllarz allows to delay the content unlocker from being shown right away. This gives the user a quick look at my home page that shows a thumbnail of a video where they can play the video. The user will see this page for 2 seconds and then it will automatically lock the page from the code that I got using the content unlocker from my InstantDollarz account. The user will then see the page locked as shown below where they will need to complete a survey to unlock the page.
  10. 10. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 10 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM There is a fine line on what topics you choose to setup using the content unlocker and in my research I found that this particular video of Erin Andrews was apparently a peephole tape that someone clearly invaded her privacy with, I chose to not actually host on my site or even give a link to this particular video. As with any type of pictures, video, downloads, etc. using the content unlocker, I never actually put the content directly on my site and instead, just link the user to the particular content. This eliminates any type of liability that I could have by copying the content from someone else's site. So what I did in this particular example was link the user to Erin Andrews videos that were on Google video and from there the user can find anything they want on Erin Andrews. Creating Your Article: Once I had my landing page setup with the content unlocker all ready to go, it was time to create my article in which I did on ArticlesBase which seems to work the best for me. Again, I wanted to target the keyword phrase that was getting the most searches that I found when looking at Google Trends. I found that the keyword phrase "erin andrews peephole tape video" was getting most searches on this particular day so I was going to target those keywords in my article.
  11. 11. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 11 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM In writing my article, I used this keyword phrase within my title which is the most important part in ranking high for the keywords I'm targeting. Also within the body of my article, it's important to use the keyword phrase a few more times, but not too much as that would be considered keyword spamming in Google's eyes. I did a little research on the topic and had enough information to write a short article of only 250 words along with putting 3 links to my website that directs people to the content unlocker. It's important to make your links stand out which I put in a bold font and one link that was the very first sentence so that people who didn't want to read the article could go directly to my site to watch erin andrews videos. You can see the article example I wrote below:
  12. 12. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 12 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM After only a few hours, I've ranked high for the top two keyword searches on erin andrews which has gotten me a lot of traffic.
  13. 13. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 13 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM And also I've had over 200,000 article views since I was able to rank high for both of the top two keyword search phrases in google trends for Erin Andrews: To maximize traffic to my site even further, I could target other keyword phrases that were popular in Google trends. I found that this particular topic was consistently in the top 10 for a few days straight but with different search phrases, so I was going to target those. For example, I found that the new hot trend for Erin Andrews was "erin andrews peephole tape torrent". I was going to target the top two search phrases in my new articles.
  14. 14. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 14 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM I wrote another article using the new keyword title and then just rephrasing and rewording the information I wrote in my first article. It's important to never just copy any information from a previous article or directly from another website because this would not only be plagiarism, but Google would catch it as duplicate content and your article would never show up in the search results. Only after 4 minutes, I saw my new article show up in the top positions in Google for this keyword phrase! And also It's important to note that once you find a trend that is hot and being searched over and over again, you can easily maximize your traffic by writing new articles on the new keyword phrases that people are searching for by looking at Google trends each day.
  15. 15. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 15 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Technique 3: Using Current Events With the Content Unlocker on Your Website One of my favorite ways to get instant traffic and leads from CPA offers is to again use Google Trends and see what people are searching for or stay up to date with current events. However, instead of using exact keyword phrases from Google trends, I'm going to think outside the box and target different keyword phrases to get traffic to my site. With the recent death of Michael Jackson, there was a ton of media coverage and people searching for various information on Michael Jackson which I thought I could take advantage of. With all the hype of the memorial service for Michael Jackson that was going to be aired live on television, I was going to focus on this as my starting point. With this technique, I use article marketing to get in the first page of Google fast for various keywords and have my affiliate link to a CPA offer that relates to the article I'm writing. I also can send traffic from the article to my website in which I can use the content unlocker and earn leads that way as well. For this particular example, I am going to use the content unlocker to show you how I made money from the Michael Jackson current events. It was the morning of July 7th 2009 and the memorial service for Michael Jackson was scheduled for that afternoon, so I wrote a quick article on about Michael Jackson along with some information on the memorial. The key is to target certain keyword phrases that you want to rank high in the search engines for. In my particular case I was going to target ranking high for people searching for the keyword phrase "watch michael jackson memorial service online" as I figured that since this was on during the week the majority of people were going to be at work and wanted to be able to stream it live from their computer. Within my article, I put several links ( allows 2 within the body of the article and 1 in the resource box) all linking to my website where I had my content unlocker setup. The key to this technique is to target the title of your article with the keyword phrase you want to rank for and also include some of those keywords within the description of your article as shown below:
  16. 16. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 16 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Google loves article directories such as this one so you can expect to get high rankings very quick for longer tail keyword phrases like this one. I checked my results in Google for the keyword phrase I was targeting and found that my article showed up in just 3 minutes from when I submitted it. I didn't do any bookmarking or get backlinks of this article as it just ranked naturally because of the way that Google indexes article sites fast.
  17. 17. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 17 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM
  18. 18. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 18 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Once the user clicked on my link within the article that shows them where to stream the memorial service online, it will direct them to a simple landing page I had already setup on an existing website I had to stream the service. You can see the basic setup I used below that only took me a couple minutes to setup. I use Front Page to create my simple landing pages that do not require any professional layout but any website builder or editor should be able to create something easy like that. Once the user gets to my landing page, they will need to click on the link to stream the video which I added the content unlocker code from to lock the page so the user had to complete a survey to get access to the live stream. It's important never to add the content unlocker to your home page because then the user has no idea what you have to offer, so I always add a link to my content unlocker on the second page as shown below:
  19. 19. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 19 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM After the user completes the survey the page will unlock and once they click on the play button it will direct them to a news website where they can actually watch the live stream so it's a win-win situation for both of us. With hundreds of views in just 1 day, I found that I had received several visitors to my site that converted into leads and easy money. The whole process only took me about 30 minutes to write the short article and setup my content unlocker page on an existing website I had. I know that this particular topic won't last more than a couple of days but for only 30 minutes of work, that can potentially lead to hundreds of dollars in leads so it's worth it to me. By doing this process over and over for new trends, it can consistently bring in $100+ per day using this technique. With this type of technique you can literally have zero competition since you will be thinking of different keyword phrases other than what Google trends is displaying where others could be competing for those same keywords. Technique 4: Article Marketing with Polls Direct Linking to CPA Offers
  20. 20. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 20 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM This method is definitely not new, but it works great if you apply the same techniques I'm about to explain to you here. Another way to earn leads from one field CPA offers by getting on the first page of Google is using a poll technique through article marketing. I was checking Google Trends again for the day and looking through some search terms I found an interesting term that I had never heard of before called "power texting". So I clicked on the link and found that it was getting hot in which a lot of people were searching for it. I then did a quick Google search on the term to check out my exact competition and found there wasn't much out there, which again was below 10,000 results as shown below. While I was searching for this phrase I got some understanding of what the term meant and how it started.
  21. 21. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 21 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Basically it was the technique used to win over votes for the American Idol winner of 2009 which I got enough info to write a quick article about on It took me about 10 minutes worth of research and writing the article in which I submitted. Next, I bookmarked the article to get just one backlink from If you are unfamiliar with bookmarking, it's simply a way to get a backlink to your article so that it ranks higher in Google as you are giving your article an authority link. There are many social bookmarking sites, and if you go to or any other social bookmark site, you will need to register there and follow the instructions on submitting a new link to their site which will be a link directly to your article. As you've seen from my first example, social bookmarking or getting backlinks to your article is really not necessary as I got a high ranking without doing this. Getting backlinks is to more or less maintain your high search engine ranking. Even though, about 15 minutes later, I searched the keyword phrase I was targeting again and I ended up in the #6 position in just 17 minutes! I'm not expecting to get a ton of traffic unless this search phrase gets really hot, but this is just an easy example of how you can take lots of hot trends in Google and write an article about the information incorporating the poll technique to get some easy leads. This article could soon turn into thousands of views and hundreds of leads just like my other ones did as shown above.
  22. 22. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 22 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM You will see in my article that I've got two places where I put my poll to get maximum clicks to my email submit offer.
  23. 23. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 23 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Technique 5: How to Setup Your Own Content Site Free Using WordPress & Build Your Email List In this example I am going to show you how you can setup your own content site for free using WordPress. In this example, I will also show you how you can also build an email list and earn money on auto pilot instead of using the content unlocker. You will also see how I used a professional looking WordPress template for free in this niche example. In this technique that I am about to show you how I earn money from one field CPA offers such as email or zip code submits and maximizing that revenue using a squeeze page instead of the content unlocker. Instead of the user completing a survey from the content unlocker (technique 1) to gain access to my content, I put an opt in form that captures the users name and email address to access my free content.
  24. 24. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 24 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Again, you need to find a niche where there are lots of searches on the particular keywords per month so that you can get lots of traffic to your website. I did some more keyword research and found that "tattoo designs" were highly searched for in many different keyword combinations such as lower back tattoos, tribal tattoos, etc. I know that there are a few top selling Clickbank tattoo design products out there so that tells me that people are buying this guide which means that almost anyone would rather get similar content for free instead of paying $35 for an ebook. The first thing that I do when setting up a new free content site is to search for websites that actually provide free tattoo designs with pictures, categories, etc. The easiest way that I do this is simply perform a google search for various keywords like "Free tattoo designs" I will then click on every website about 3-4 pages deep into the Google results and then make a list of the sites that are easy to navigate and contain a variety of free tattoo designs with images and such. What I don't want to include is any site that expects the user to sign up and pay for something. For example, in my search, I found this site that contains lots of categories and images of different tattoo designs so I will make sure to bookmark this site that will be added to my free content directory for my users.
  25. 25. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 25 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Typically I want to get about 10 good solid websites that have a variety of tattoo designs, images, and quality content to provide to my users. The research will probably take me a couple hours at most to get the right sites ready to be put into my free content directory. Once the research is done, the hardest part is easy, and all I have to do is setup my website using WordPress. The next step is to purchase a domain name in which I always try to make it keyword rich meaning that the keywords that I am trying to target and get traffic to will be part of my domain name. I usually use GoDaddy or NameCheap as they seem to always have the best deals on purchasing domain names. This will help for both organic search engine traffic and pay per click traffic to make my domain name bold for my keywords I'm bidding on. So in this example I am targeting the keyword "free tattoo designs" which I registered for my domain. I sometimes register .info domains a lot because they are the cheapest and I haven't found that .com vs. .info domains convert into more clicks comparing the two when using PPC to promote my site. Once I have my domain purchased, I will setup my hosting account which is HostGator since you can host unlimited websites and domains with one hosting account for a low price. With HostGator I can also have WordPress installed automatically for me within the control panel of my hosting account. After WordPress is installed, then I will need to add the content to my website. In WordPress, I will add a new page that I can put my content on so that when users complete a survey to unlock the page, they will be directed to the directory of all the free tattoo websites.
  26. 26. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 26 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM When adding my free content page, all I need to do is copy all the websites I found during my free tattoo design research and paste them into my WordPress page: The key in this technique is to put a CPA offer at the very top to get as many visitors to click on this offer as possible to get credit for leads. The CPA offer must be similar to what your audience is looking for and in my case I found a CPA offer from that will give a user a $500 gift card towards a
  27. 27. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 27 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM tattoo. All I need is for the user to submit their email address and I will get paid $1.40 per lead. To maximize my revenue even further, I add links to Tattoo affiliate programs that are on Clickbank at the bottom of my free content page. I could also add adsense to this page as well to earn even more. After I have my content page created, I will publish it from WordPress as this step is now done. The next step is to create my home page or landing page where visitors will first get to my site. For this step, I will add another page within WordPress. To earn money from CPA offers using this technique, I'm going to have my landing page setup as a squeeze page so that I capture the users name and email address to earn more revenue by setting up an auto responder to send out emails of related offers that they might be interested in. So once the user gets to my landing page, they will simply need to enter their name and email address to get access to my free content. I use Aweber as my email auto responder service as it's a breeze to set up my opt in form, send auto responders, etc as all I had to do is paste one line of code into my WordPress page to get the form you see above. The first email that I instantly send is to welcome the user to my free content directory of tattoo designs and also put a link at the bottom of the email of an exclusive offer they can get $500 towards their next tattoo which leads them to my affiliate link for the tattoo CPA offer.
  28. 28. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 28 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM For each user that enters their email address into my auto responder, I automatically have emails setup to go out every week or so with similar CPA offers to maximize my revenue. For example, I found another CPA offer that will pay me $.50 per lead for each user that downloads thousands of free tattoo designs which should convert very well for my subscriber audience. Just search on your CPA networks for keywords like tattoos and you will find some offers you can promote. Once a subscriber is on your email list, you have endless possibilities of more CPA offers to push their way and typically anything the subscriber can get for free, the more likely they will sign up and earn you leads for your CPA offers you are promoting. The one thing you don't want to do is send emails daily or unrelated CPA offers or they will most likely unsubscribe from your list or even claim you of spamming them. I usually send out emails every two weeks and only with CPA offers that are related to the niche in which my user can benefit from. The last thing I have to setup on my website is a privacy policy, contact page, and terms page to make my site look professional to my users and to Google when I setup my adwords campaign for traffic. Finally, it's also important to add good content to your site like articles in which sometimes I will create on my own or simply copy them from article directory sites which you can also do as long as you include where you got the article from and include the author's resource box. I use the same generic privacy policy, contact page, and terms info on every site so it's just a matter of copying the text and pasting it into my site. Finally, it's time to select a design for my new WordPress site. I usually find free WordPress templates or themes that I can use in many different niches at: All I need to do is download a theme I like here, upload it to my WordPress site, and then activate the them within WordPress. This completes the setup and later on if this website proves to be a successful campaign, I will want to add new content and posts to the site to keep it interesting for my visitors and increase my search engine ranking. Driving Traffic to Your WordPress Site Just like getting traffic from all my other methods, I will look for keyword phrases that I can rank high for without too much competition. To find keywords in the tattoo niche, I use the Google keyword tool to get my suggestions and how many people are searching for that keyword phrase. I put in the keyword "tattoo" in the box to get all the keyword suggestions along with the search volume on each keyword as seen
  29. 29. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 29 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM below: I will start putting each keyword phrase in the Google search with quotes around the keyword to determine how many websites are competing against me for this keyword phrase. If it is anything under 10,000 like the example shown below, I will write my first article around this topic. I found that "celtic tattoo design had 5,400 searches per month and had 14,000 competing sites targeting that search phrase which is above my 10,000 rule, but since it's not that far off, I'm still going to give it a try writing my article around this keyword phrase. Again, to get information to write on your article, simply google the keyword phrase and visit a few sites around this topic which you can take all that information and write your content based off that information. Writing my article, I followed all the same strategies as I did before as you can see below:
  30. 30. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 30 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM Since there are hundreds of different tattoo keywords, you can write several articles on each type of tattoo design and more to maximize lots of traffic to your content site. Once again, I received instant results on the second page in Google in under 1 hour for my keyword phrase I was targeting "celtic tattoo design". As time goes on, I could potentially see my article ranked on the first page. Installing the Content Unlocker on Your WordPress Site If I wanted to install the content unlocker on my site instead of building my email list, I would simply need to
  31. 31. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 31 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM modify the second page of my site to remove the opt in form I used from Aweber and replace that with the content unlocker code from InstantDollarz. My home page will remain the same because it works as the teaser page to get people to click onto the next page where either the opt in form or content unlocker is displayed. First, I will need to login and get my content unlocker code from InstantDollarz so it will display the content unlocker on the page I want to lock. Once I have the code, I need to paste that into my site. To edit my page in WordPress, I simply click on the edit button in the WordPress admin panel for my page that has the opt in form and replace that with the code I got from InstantDollarz. I need to click on the HTML tab in the WordPress editor and then simply paste the code there, which I replaced over the opt in form code I had from Aweber. Once I save the page, my site now has the content
  32. 32. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 32 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM unlocker displayed on my site instead of the opt in form so I will instantly earn revenue instead of over the long term in building my email list. These are techniques that you can use getting free traffic and get high rankings in Google and drive traffic to either your website and use the content unlocker to earn incentive leads or use a poll directly in your article and send visitors directly to the CPA offer via your affiliate link. There's also the option I showed you to build your own email list as well to earn recurring revenue from various CPA offers. I've found that submitting articles through works the best because you can include up to 3 links to your website or CPA offer via your own affiliate link and Google indexes their site very often as the proof shows how fast these two articles showed up in Google. The only draw back is that you need to submit several articles when you become an author for them to be approved automatically. When you first register to their site and submit your first few articles, they will need to be manually approved before going live. However after submitting some articles that are approved, they will set your account on auto approve which will get your articles listed live instantly. You can also apply this technique to other large article directories like and That wraps up this sneak peek at just a few solid techniques that you can follow and implement to make a lot of money through CPA networks and offers. If you want all my latest techniques, tools, resources, 1 on
  33. 33. Join My Complete VIP Membership Site Here 33 of 33 9/3/2009 12:48 PM 1 coaching from my exclusive CPA Power Program and Membership please visit as there are still a few spots open to the general public. Until Then, DEEZ