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  1. 1. DEFINIDO
  2. 2. Introduction• Are you all bored of solving problems and winning prizes? Here is a cool deal…..!• Ever thought of winning prizes only for questions? Yes it happens here for the first time in Techniche.• Every branch of SCIENCE faces its own kind of problems. Did you ever observe them? Well, let everyone know them.• The Event deals with pointing out the problems in different aspects of SCIENCE and solving them in stages.
  3. 3. You can post questions relevant to these topics: Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics/Applied Mechanics Alternate Energy Physics and Astronomy Chemistry Environmental Sciences Electronics and Electromagnetics Micro Biology Mathematics and Software.
  4. 4. Event Format• The first stage: This event consists of collecting different problems in the above mentioned aspects of science. Judges will look into these questions and select one best question in every aspect. The best question will be posted on our website. A total of 8 best questions will be selected(one from each aspect).The best 8 questions get to win exciting prizes and goodies.• The second stage: The 8 best questions will be posted on Techniche website and now we start collecting answers for these questions. Judges will select one best answer for each question and the best 8 answers (one for each question) will be posted on our website.The best 8 answers get to win exciting prizes and goodies
  5. 5. Eligibility and RulesParticipants can’t post their questions in teams as thisevent is meant for individuals.Participants with a valid Identity card of theirrespective institute are eligible to participate in thisevent.The last date for collecting questions on any aspect isjune 20thThese questions will be posted on our website by july1stThe last date for collecting answers is august 15thResults will be displayed on our website by august25th
  6. 6. • Participants who submit their questions or answers after the above mentioned period’s will not be considered.• In case of any discrepancy, the organizers’ decision will be treated as final and binding on all. We reserve the right to change any of the rules stated above as we see fit. Any such changes will be suitably highlighted.• Any questions or answers unrelated to the above aspects will be disqualified
  7. 7. Judging Criteria• Questions and answers submitted will be judged by a panel of professors on the following basis : Originality. Technical Content. The problem’s effect The answer’s feasibility Practical approach.
  8. 8. Organizers• Mridul Krishna +91 7896360460 k.mridul@iitg.ernet.int• G A R VSurya Teja +91 8008477639 gubbala@iitg.ernet.int• M Sundeep +91 7896172850 sundeep@iitg.ernet.int
  9. 9. PrizesThe best 8 questions and the best 8 answers for therespective questions will be given goodies worth Rs1000/-(each).