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Martel Electrical Calibrator


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Technical Sys offer an Electrical Instrument Calibration service for all makes and models of electrical test and measurement instruments.

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Martel Electrical Calibrator

  1. 1. For industrial process calibrators, Calibration Technology Starts Here!
  2. 2. Introduction  Martel Electronics, founded in 1987 by David DeVries Sr. and Thomas Fatur, is a major manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, including calibrators.  Their calibration products are used in the installation and maintenance of industrial instrumentation and OEM applications.  With their strategic partnerships with leading OEMs serving the process industry, allows MARTEL to incorporate the latest technology and maintain high quality standards.
  3. 3. Electrical Calibrators  Martel offers a full selection of voltage and current calibrators ranging from a simple portable and very accurate voltage/current source, the IVC-222HPII to the LC-110H loop calibrator with built-in HART communication capabilities.  In addition, the BETA 10 Series PSC-4010 super loop calibrator offers voltage/current simulation/measurement PLUS frequency simulation/measurement.  For more demanding applications the bench top Millennium series M2000A provides ultra-accurate performance and supports IEEE and RS-232 remote control interfaces for automated test stands.
  4. 4. Loop Calibrator Kit with HART Communications & Diagnostics LC-110H Loop Calibrator Kit with HART Communications & Diagnostics • The Martel LC-110H mA (loop) calibrator is designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level. • The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. • LC-110H Precision Current Loop Calibrator >
  5. 5. IVC-222HPII Precision Voltage Current Calibrator Precision Voltage Current Calibrator • The Martel Electronics IVC-222HPII Precision Voltage Current Calibrator is a general purpose source that can be used in engineering, manufacturing, test, and process control applications. • It combines both digital and analog circuitry to achieve its rated specifications in a small, reliable package. • IVC222HPII Portable Voltage / Current Calibrator >
  6. 6. LC-110 Precision Loop Calibrator Rapidly dial in precise values with one hand for the troubleshooting and tuning of process control loops • The Martel LC-110 mA loop calibrator features a user friendly interface with dedicated buttons and a rotary encoder (Quick-Set Knob). • This combination dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure, or source voltage or current and power up a loop. • LC-110 Precision Loop Calibrator >
  7. 7. MS-420 Mini-Source Portable Calibrator Simple source meter that fits in your shirt package • The Martel Electronics MS-420 Mini-Source Portable Calibrator is a multi-purpose process loop tool that offers high accuracy in an ultra- small, rugged package. • A single pushbutton selects one of five current outputs (4, 8, 12, 16, or 20 mA), which can drive up to 300 Ohms, or can act as a 2-wire simulator with an external loop power supply of up to 30 VDC. • MS-420 Mini-Source Portable Calibrator >
  8. 8. PSC-4010 Multifunction Loop & Frequency Calibrator The super loop calibrator • The PSC-4010 is a superior loop calibrator with voltage, current, and frequency functions. • With the best display in the business it makes the essentials of instrument calibration easier than ever. • PSC-4010 Multifunction Loop & Frequency Calibrator >
  9. 9. T-150 Precision Frequency Calibrator A simple to use frequency calibrator for the process control industry • The T-150 precision frequency calibrator can generate or read the frequencies ranging from 1 count per minute to 100 kHz allowing it to be used for a wide range of flow measuring instrumentation. • Operation of this calibrator is made easy through the use of a sealed membrane keypad with simple controls. • T-150 Precision Frequency Calibrator >
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