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Our commitment is keeping you safe


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Our commitment is keeping you safe - Installation of AVG Antivirus via

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Our commitment is keeping you safe

  2. 2. Installation of AVG Antivirus via AVG antivirus is the most trusted antivirus for our digital devices. As we all know that nowadays life is not possible without internet. As we all gather information through internet. And from the children to the elder person, from the local business to the international business, from the school students to the large institutions depend upon internet. So it is very important to secure our digital devices, as totally depend upon internet. But the use of internet comes with the fear of viruses, malware, spyware, cyber threat, and damage of devices etc. AVG gives 100% total satisfaction to its user and protect their devices from damage and issues like hacking. It is very easy to install and download AVG antivirus through This antivirus has the cutting edge blocks which remove viruses. AVG Online Support
  3. 3. AVG Protection Features 1. AVG antivirus gives total protection to your business as it keeps the entire important business document safe from spyware which collect information. 2. You can do browsing safely as it protects your internet connection from cyber threat. 3. It scans all the data, files and emails and removes the websites which are dangerous for your computer and gives you the alert sign. 4. It also has the feature of Identity theft for your Android Mobile phones. If your mobile get stolen, then the theft could be easily identify through this feature. 5. This antivirus gives real time security updates and if you have downloaded this antivirus then it does not affect your computer performance.
  4. 4. Procedure for AVG installation First, of all ensure that there is no antivirus installed in your computer. Then go to the web browser, visit to the Then sign in to your AVG account, if you have the account then sign in otherwise create a new account. After sign in, then enter your retail activation code. Then click on download button. Within few minutes, your AVG file will be downloaded to your computer system. When your AVG file has been downloaded then double click on the AVG downloaded file. Then you will see “Install Now”, and then click on it. After clicking the install now button then follow all the instruction given on the screen for installation. Then the installation process will be started. It will take few minutes to complete installation. After the installation process completed then you have to activate AVG product.
  5. 5. AVG Activation Process First open your AVG installed file, then select your language and then click on continue. Now enter the AVG activation code. This AVG code will be available on the retail card or in your email. After this you will get two option scan now or skip scan. Choose either of the option. Then your activation process is completed.
  6. 6. AVG Online Support If you had any of the problem in the installation process than you can take guidance from the customer care team of AVG.Com/Retail. The executives are experienced enough to solve all the queries which are facing. They can assist you 24 hours and 7 days. You can contact them at any time at any places.