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Excellence is our specialty


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Excellence is our Specialty - MICROSOFT OFFICE.COM/SETUP

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Excellence is our specialty

  1. 1. MICROSOFT OFFICE Excellence is our Specialty Your Potential. Our Passion
  2. 2. About Microsoft Office: MS Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft for the homes, offices, and business purpose. It includes application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and many more. In MS Office you can do word processing, create presentation, and also make spreadsheets by using formulas. To, install MS Office suite online by just visit to the official website of MS Office i.e. Www.Office.Com/Setup.
  3. 3. APPLICATION MicroSoft Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. In which user can type and save document. Its features are you can do formatting, editing, page setup, and save the template. You can also do Smart Art and text boxes in MS Word. Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program used to create grids of text, numbers and formulas. This is also used to analyze data, and link data from one spreadsheet to another. It is really valuable for businesses to maintain records. Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is used to create slides by using the basic elements of color, and composition. In this you can add animation to the images and text.
  4. 4. Microsoft Word Errors with their Solution: Microsoft Word is the commonly used application in Microsoft Office. This application is the word processing application which helps to create, find and edit all kind of templates and documents like resumes, letters to the calendar and other fun documents etc. In this application you can do formatting, page setup, editing, and can use smart art. When we use Microsoft Word we face some errors and problems on it. The problems are with the computer and Microsoft Word uses some programs of the computer like Window Registry File run MS Word properly. So if there is any type of problem with the Window Registry File then Microsoft Word will automatically affect and fails to run properly. To know more about Microsoft Word then visit to the site i.e.
  5. 5. Common Problem and its Fixes: While opening the File: Problem in sending the command to the program: Microsoft Word Crashing: Word Template Corrupted:
  6. 6. Error 1: While opening the File This is thecommon problem which the user face while opening the file. This error occurswhen you try to transfer Word file from one PC to another.  Solution: First go tothe word file location in your disk, and then right click on the word file andclick on properties. After this, click on unblock option. This will solve yourproblem.
  7. 7. Error 2: Problem in sending the command to the program This error message comes when you try to open the file but it keeps you away to access that file. Solution First navigate your computer C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15root office15, and then right click on the WINWORD.exe and choose Properties. After this, click on the compatibility tab and untick all boxes. Now when you open the MS Word again, you will not see this message.
  8. 8. MICROSOFT WORD CRASHING Error 3: This error occurs when you open the word file the second time after Microsoft Word gets crashes. You can fix this error by MS Office Repair Tool or disable The Add -ins. Solution: MS Office Repair Tool: - To run the Office Repair Tool, first open the Control Panel, then click on programs>programs and features. After this search for Microsoft Office and click on it. Then click on the repair option and tap on continue. For repairing MS Word choose the online repair or quick repair. Now click on the repair button and let the repairing finish. After this restart your computer. The error will be solved with the MS Office Repair Tool. Try Disabling Add ins: - To disable add –ins, first open Word and click on File, and then click on Add-ins tab. After this click on the Go button beside Manage: COM Add- ins. At last click on the checkbox to disable the add-ins and click on ok. This will make your MS Word error free.
  9. 9. Error 4: Word Template Corrupted:According to this error MS Word File is corrupted. Solution: First find the corrupted Word Template file and give the new name to them. This will fix numerous Word file problems. Now you can open the word file without any interruption. Error 5: Malware or Virus Scanner: This could also be the reason for the error message. Solution: First, remove the virus from the computer. Then work on Word again and use the third party tool like spy hunter that will remove the entire virus from the computer. This will make your MS Word error free.
  10. 10. Thank You For Visiting Your Potential. Our Passion