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Technical Doctor


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Technical Doctor

  1. 1. What Technical Doctor Can Do for Your OrganizationMaintaining your organization’s electronic medical records or EMR can be adaunting task for your staff. The processes involved can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Aside from making sure that your records are in the rightorder, you also have to worry about the usual hassles involved in the purchasing,installation and maintenance of your computer equipment. Working with TechnicalDoctor can solve all these problems for you.A typical physician’s office will spend a minimum of 5 to 8 hours monthly attendingto IT needs. These needs include: • Installation and configuration of computer equipment such as workstations, printers, scanners, servers and network hubs. • Training staff for data analysis tools • Website development and maintenance • Budgeting for equipmentOur ServicesTechnical Doctor’s services are designed to guide you through the whole process ofimplementing an effective electronic medical records psychiatry system. • EMR Readiness Assessments We help you understand the effect of EMR on your organization by analyzing the changes that it will create on your daily processes. We will recommend the type of equipment that your office requires, as well as the necessary training that your staff will need to use new technology and processes. • Project Management Technical Doctor will assist you in the planning and management of new processes. This involves coordinating with product vendors, staff training and progress tracking. • Technology Services We will install the equipment in your office and take care of the configuration and connection of workstations, networks and servers. Controls will be implemented to guarantee the integrity and security of your data. We will provide updated information on upgrades that will be available for your system in the future. Technical Doctor can also help you with purchasing hardware and software equipment, with lower costs compared to other retail shops and online stores. We guarantee the price and quality of the equipment we purchase. Technical Doctor has memberships with brand-name vendors like Dell and CDW. Our relationship with these vendors ensures reduced pricing, with absolutely no mark-ups. You don’t have to worry about future problems because Technical Doctor will provide ongoing support services for your equipment and communications infrastructure. You can choose among our support packages to make sure that you will get exactly the type of support that your office needs.
  2. 2. • Other services Technical Doctor can also help you with developing your organization’s website. We can also provide you with tools that can be instrumental in increasing your profitability and improving patient care.Technical Doctor is operated by a six-member team of dedicated professionals whoare experts in the medical and IT field. They will work together to determine theprocess changes that your organization needs and recommend experienced and costeffective resources that can help implement the new processes. Our team of expertswill make sure that your organization will reach its goals with regards to effectiveelectronic medical records implementation.By availing of our services, your organization will save time and resources which youcan use for your daily operations. Your staff can resume their critical care dutieswithout worrying about IT issues.