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Configuration Manager 2012 – Compliance Settings 101 - Tim de Keukelaere


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Compliance settings, formerly known as DCM, remains one of the often unexplored features in Configuration Manager. During this session we will walk through the new capabilities and improvements of this feature in ConfigMgr 2012, discuss implementation details, and demonstrate how you can start using it to fulfill actual business requirements.

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Configuration Manager 2012 – Compliance Settings 101 - Tim de Keukelaere

  1. 1. Freelance Consultant @Tim_DK
  2. 2. Plan & Configure • Standards Definition • Create CI’s and define baselines Assessment • Deploy baselines to collections Report / Remediate • Monitor configuration drift • Remediate non- compliance issues
  3. 3. Baseline Group of CIs with presence rules. Configuration Item Configuration model defined for OS , Application (settings, rules, applicability ) WMI XML Registry IIS MSI Script SQL Software Updates File Active Directory Agent discovers CIs, validates data against rules, remediates and reports compliance ConfigMgr Agent Deployment Monitor/remediate Collection
  4. 4. Log Description CIAgent.log Records details about the process of remediation and compliance for compliance settings, software updates, and CITaskManager.log Records information about configuration item task scheduling. DCMAgent.log Records high-level information about the evaluation, conflict reporting, and remediation of configuration items and applications. DCMReporting.log Records information about reporting policy platform results into state messages for configuration items DcmWmiProvider.log Records information about reading configuration item synclets from Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  5. 5.