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Partially Contained Databases

Speaker: Steve Verschaeve

Download SQL Server 2012:

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Partially Contained Databases

  2. 2. ABOUT ME• Sr. SQL Server Consultant at KOHERA• Webmaster & board member at SQLUG.BE• Co-organiser at• Microsoft Extended Expert Team member• MCP, MCTS, MCITP, MCT••• @sql_lazywriter
  3. 3. AGENDA• What is a (partially) contained database• Features within/outside Application Model• Authentication• Collation• Identifying database containment• Threats against partially contained databases• Demos• Resources• Q&A
  4. 4. WHAT IS A (PARTIALLY) CONTAINED DATABASE• Scenario: Deploy to production; HA & DR DB DB Backup/Copy/Restore Instance A Instance B ? Logins Linked Servers Agent jobs …
  5. 5. WHAT IS A (PARTIALLY) CONTAINED DATABASE• Improved dependency management • Include all settings + metadata • No login authentication at database engine level • Isolated from the database engine • Improved transition between environments• Not yet fully contained• Moving to SQL Azure • Fully contained • Uncontained features disabled by default• All SQL Server editions
  6. 6. FEATURES WITHIN/OUTSIDE APPLICATION MODELWithin the Application Model [1] Outside the Application Model [2]Contained Non-ContainedSystem Views Catalog Viewssys.indexes, sys.types, … sys.servers, sys.server_role_members…Data Types T-SQLAll data types excluding CLR data types Backup, Restore, Set Ansi_Nulls, …Dynamic Management Views Built-in Functionssys.dm_db_uncontained_entities @@servername, loginproperty, …T-SQL System FunctionsHaving, Rollback Transaction, … sys.fn_get_sql, sys.fn_cdc_get_min_lsn, ...Built-in Functions Other@@rowcount, Getdate, IsNull, … Linked servers, Full-Text Search, Synonyms, …System Stored Procedures Replication, Change data capture, Changesp_helptext, sp_columns, sp_addrole, … trackingDBCC StatementsCHECKDB, SHOW_STATISTICS, …
  7. 7. ENABLE PARTIALLY CONTAINED DATABASES• Instance level EXEC sys.sp_configure N’contained database authentication’,N’1’; GO• Database level CREATE DATABASE [PartialCDB] CONTAINMENT = PARTIAL [NONE]; GO• New syntax ALTER DATABASE CURRENT ...
  8. 8. DEMOEnable & Convert non-contained DB to Partial-CDB
  9. 9. AUTHENTICATION• Contained users connect without server level authenticating• Contained SQL User with password syntax CREATE USER Giselle WITH PASSWORD = ‘xyz’; GO• Multiple users with same name for different databases• Normal users tied to login coexist with contained users in same database [1]
  10. 10. DEMO• Authentication
  11. 11. COLLATION• Two types of collation: DATABASE_DEFAULT & CATALOG_DEFAULT• New catalog collation Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_WS_KS• Syntax CREATE TABLE T1 (Name nvarchar(max) COLLATE CATALOG_DEFAULT); GO• Same collation for all contained databases and instances• Cannot be changed
  12. 12. COLLATIONItem Non-Contained Database Contained DatabaseUser data (default) DATABASE_DEFAULT DATABASE_DEFAULTTemp Data (default) TempDB Collation DATABASE_DEFAULTMetadata DATABASE_DEFAULT / CATALOG_DEFAULT CATALOG_DEFAULTTemp Metadata TempDB Collation CATALOG_DEFAULTVariables Instance Collation CATALOG_DEFAULTGoto Labels Instance Collation CATALOG_DEFAULTCursor Names Instance Collation CATALOG_DEFAULT
  13. 13. DEMO• Collation
  14. 14. IDENTIFYING DATABASE CONTAINMENT• Sys.dm_db_uncontained_entities • View • Potentially uncontained entities • Static• Cdb_uncontained_usage • Extended Event • When uncontained entity is detected and identified at run time • Dynamic
  15. 15. DEMO• Sys.dm_db_uncontained_entities• Cdb_uncontained_usage
  16. 16. THREATS AGAINST PART. CONTAINED DATABASES• Who can change containment settings• Users in a converted DB can create new users with password• Prevent a DB from being contained• Prevent connections from users with passwords• No rechecked passwords• Users with password cannot use Kerberos authentication• Offline dictionary attack• Auto_Close database property
  17. 17. RESOURCES• SQL Server v.Next(Denali): Contained Databases (Aaron Bertrand)• SQL Server 2012: Sometimes Partial Is Preferable (Denny Cherry)• Partially Contained Databases (TechNet)• SQL Server 2012 Partially Contained Databases (Steve Verschaeve)• Contained Database Authentication in depth (Lyudmila Fokina)
  18. 18. Q&A
  19. 19. THANK
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