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Deployment day session 3 deployment using wds


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Deployment day session 3 deployment using wds

  1. 1. Windows Deployment Service (WDS) Rhonda J. Layfield Sr. Deployment Architect
  2. 2. Windows Deployment Service• WDS replaces Remote Installation Services (RIS)• Provides both boot and installation images from the WDS server• Supports .WIM and .VHD technology
  3. 3. WDS Requirements DHCP 1 2 AD/DNS 3Bare-Metal WDS
  4. 4. Installing WDS• In the box with Server products, well kind of• Install WDS on a 2003 SP1 Server – Install RIS – Install patch from the WAIK: windows_deployment_services_update.exe• Install WDS on a 2003 SP2 Server • Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Windows Components / WDS• Install WDS on a 2008 (& R2) server – Server Manager – Add Roles – Select Windows Deployment Services from the list of roles
  5. 5. Configuring WDSWDS snap-inRight-click ServersAdd Server – defaultsto local serverRight-click your serverand choose ConfigureServer.
  6. 6. Store Your ImagesStore your images on a drive other than where the OS resides
  7. 7. WDS Server also a DHCP Server?
  8. 8. WDS server responds to…
  9. 9. Known Clients Prestaged in AD
  10. 10. Prestaging and The GUID 564D49219C768546A956C310ED7D2BF6
  11. 11. Use a Specific WDS Server
  12. 12. Add a Boot Image• A boot image is a Windows Pre Installation Environment (WinPE)• The most current will always be best• Windows 7 SP1 Boot.wim can deploy – Vista SP1 – Windows 7 – Windows 7 SP1 – Windows Server 2003 R2, 2008 and 2008 R2• Use an older WinPE will produce undesired results
  13. 13. Will Any Winpe Work?• NO• WinPE you create lacks some necessary files• WinPE from the W7 DVD has these already• They look like this:
  14. 14. WDS and WinPE
  15. 15. Add an OS Image• Both .wim and .vhd are supported• Adding a .wim – Right–click Install Images • Add Install Image • Image Groups• Adding a .vhd – Elevated command prompt – WDSUTIL /Add-Image /ImageFile:ServerShare Win7.vhd /Server:WDSServer /ImageType:Install /ImageGroup:Windows7 /Filename:"Windows7.vhd"
  16. 16. Add Drivers & Applications• 3rd party drivers only• No Applications can be deployed from WDS• Only a Thick image containing your applications
  17. 17. From The Client• Perform a Network Boot – Sometimes called a Pre Execution Boot Process – OR – PXE Boot
  18. 18. WDS AndNetwork Deployments
  19. 19. Multicast Transmissions Server1 sends packet 1 to client1 Server1 sends packet 1 to client2 Server1 sends packet 1 to client3 Server1 sends packet 1 to all clientsServer1 sends packet 1 to client1, client2, client3
  20. 20. Windows Deployment Services Multicast Enhancements • Multiple streams of traffic – Optimized rates based on client connection Fast • Client Auto Removal – Slower clients can be dropped to unicast or entirely (only in standard Medium multicast) • Boot Image Multicast – Windows PE boot Slow images can use multicast (clients with EFI)
  21. 21. Multicast WDS ServerFirst client joins “transmission”
  22. 22. Multicast WDS ServerFast Medium Slow Medium
  23. 23. Multicast WDS ServerMedium Slow Medium Fast Medium Fast Medium
  24. 24. Multicast WDS ServerSlow Medium Medium
  25. 25. Multicast WDS Server
  27. 27. Manage WDS Images• Change the OS within an image• Change applications within an image• Change drivers or get a list of drivers• Change windows features like fire wall settings
  28. 28. Meet DISM• Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool
  29. 29. Meet DISM
  30. 30. The Best of Both WorldsIntegrating MDT & WDS Together
  31. 31. MDT & WDS Together MDT 2010 U1 WDS Server Deployment Server MDT WinPE MDT WinPE Win 7 Image Download Image PXE Boot Targets
  32. 32. Feature Comparison MDT 2010 MDT 2012 WDSSupports .wim images YES YES YESSupports .vhd images NO YES YESRequires Infrastructure NO NO YESManage images easily YES YES NODriver management Easy Easy DifficultProvides PXE capabilities W/ WDS W/WDS YESProvides Multicast W/ WDS W/WDS YESCreates offline or stand alone media YES YES NOAutomate Deployments YES YES YESCorporate Deployment Share replicates DS to Branch YES YES NOOffices