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Settings management in ConfigMgr 2012, not your plain old DCM


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Settings management in ConfigMgr 2012, not your plain old DCM

  1. 1. Settingsmanagementin ConfigMgr2012
  2. 2. ConfigMgr Agent discovers CIs, validates Monitor/remediate Collection Agent data against rules, remediates and reports compliance Baseline DeploymentGroup of CIs with presence rules. WMI XML Configuration Item Script Active Directory Configuration model defined for OS , SQL Registry Application (settings, rules, File Software IIS applicability ) Updates MSI
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  6. 6. Reevaluate alert condition in time in future again.
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  10. 10. Customer ask : Server CPs are not updated!.Solution: We will convert following server BPA templates to DCM CIS/BLs,publish them up on ConfigPack catalog and make sure they work withConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 releases.What customers will do? Download these new server CPs, deploy to servers andcheck compliance Note: All BPA rules are converted to DCM settings with PS script type. Rules will checkpassed/failed.