What’s new and improved in SP1 for the System Center 2012 suite


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  • Deployment and Management ofWindows 8Windows Server 2012OSD: Support for Windows To Go
  • For:Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) (version 4, 5 and 6)Solaris (Version 9 and 10)SUSE Linux Ent Server (SLES) (version 9, 10 SP1 and 11)
  • For:10.6 - Snow Leopard10.7 - Lion10.8 – Mountain Lion (works but not supported yet)
  • In DPM 2012, support has been added for Exchange 2013, SQL 2012 . SQL Always On is supported in DPM SP1. Note you will need to give the local account SA in order to make this work. Backing up Sharepoint 2013 is also possible with SP1.A lot of enhancements were made to support Hyper-V R3. There is support for CSV 2.0Express Full backups are improved with 90 %.It is possible to backup multiple VMs at the same time.General performance is improved.Backups of VMs on SMB shares are supported.And VMs can be backed up during live migration.It is also possible to exclude the page file from a VM backup.  Support is also added for windows Server 2012 and it ‘s new file system ReFS. Before SP1, it was possible to backup to both disk and tape. Now, with SP1 it is also possible to backup to Windows Azure. 
  • On a lot of servers, the same data is stored multiple times.With server 2012/Windows 8 it is possible to deduplicate this data to optimize the storage.I have a file server with a lot of data on it.This is my data before deduplication and this is the data after deduplication.So on my file server, I reduced my storage needed a lot.When we backup this data it are the deduplicated blocks that are send to the DPM server.So on the DPM server we also have our data in a more compact format.In order to do this both protected server and dpm need to be running on Server 2012.
  • System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller enables enterprise customers running System Center to use the same pane of glass to move, manage, and monitor workloads across private, service provider, and public clouds. We call this the “hybrid cloud”
  • What’s new and improved in SP1 for the System Center 2012 suite

    1. 1. System Center 2012 SP1What’s New and Improved
    2. 2. Who we are ?
    3. 3. AgendaTopics presented to you:• System Center Configuration Manager SP1• System Center Intune (Wave D)• System Center Operations Manager SP1• System Center Orchestrator SP1• System Center Service Manager SP1• System Center Data Protection Manager SP1• System Center App Controller SP1
    5. 5. Top reasons for Configmr 2012 SP1
    6. 6. Reduced Infrastructure Requirements Central Administration Primary Sites Secondary Sites Remote DP Site• You DO NOT NEED a CAS ! • Client management and settings • Full site Recovery • Content routing with Pull• New CAS Attach Scenario • Auto upgrade clients to “Site Distribution Point Level” Central Administration Site Primary Site Primary Site Secondary Site Secondary Site Secondary Site Secondary Site Secondary Site Secondary Site
    7. 7. Distribution Point for Windows Azure Microsoft Update Windows Azure Distribution Point Content Policy MP FIREWALL Corporate Network PR1 MP DP
    8. 8. Modern Device Management Devices & Platforms Single admin console
    9. 9. Platform Support - Windows
    10. 10. Platform Support – Linux & UnixHardware Inventory: ARP shows all native installed softwareSoftware Deployment: Using the Package and Program model Deploy/patch software, deploy OS patches and run maintenance scripts that target a collectionSecure and Authenticated communicationsConsolidated reports
    11. 11. Platform Support – Mac OS X• Hardware Inventory• Software Deployment • Apple Disk Image (.DMG) • Meta Package File (.MPKG) • Mac OS X Installer Package (.PKG) • Max OS X Application (.APP)• Compliance Management of Mac OS X Preference (.PLIST) Settings• Patch Management (through SWD)• Consolidated reports
    12. 12. Other Improvements on the Client• Client notification (aka Big green Button) • Perform client operations ASAP, instead of next client policy polling • TCP 10123 • Caution – could cause huge performance on site – use wisely!• Auto-upgrade clients to “Site Version” level• Extra switches for Client Push install• Silverlight 5 for Application Catalog (no more ActiveX)• Embedded OS integrated support
    13. 13. Windows Embedded Support • Windows XP Embedded Supported Write Filters Thin Clients • Windows Embedded Standard 2009 • File Based Write Filters (FBFW) • Windows Embedded Standard 7 (preferred for scalability) • Enhanced Write Filters (EWF) RAM Same as Thin Clients, plus Ability to force persistence of changes for POS/Kiosk • POS Ready 2009 • Applications • POS Ready 8 • Packages and programs • Software updates • Task sequences • Client agent settings • Windows Embedded Standard 2009 • Settings management remediation Digital Signage • Windows Embedded Standard 7 • Power management • Endpoint Protection client installation Repurposed PC • Windows Thin PC
    14. 14. Heterogeneous Antimalware ClientsFeatures Anti-virus and Anti-malware support Client UI for user visibility and controlPlatformsReporting and Monitoring SCOM monitoring pack for Linux with management control
    15. 15. OSD Changes
    16. 16. AutomationPowershell Support Automate console operations using Powershell CmdLets Connect via Windows Powershell  Get-command –module ConfigurationManager Requires Powershell 3.0 (wmf)
    17. 17. System Center 2012 SP1INTUNE
    18. 18. Windows Intune Wave D          
    19. 19. Client Management: 2 solutions EAS EAS
    20. 20. Client Management: Single Pane of Glass
    21. 21. Mobile Device Management in a Glance Feature iOS Windows RT Windows Android Phone 8 Inventory Y Y Y Y Settings Y Y Y Y Management Software Y Y Y Y Distribution Remote Wipe Y Y* Y Y*
    22. 22. App Delivery in the EnterpriseDistribute applications to new platforms • Support for Windows 8 , Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 TM • iOS devices managed through iOS MDM and can install LOB, Apple app store or web apps TM • Android devices are still managed by EAS, but can install LOB, Google play or web apps
    23. 23. Application Model
    24. 24. Single Pane of Glass Experience
    25. 25. Settings Management (1)
    26. 26. Settings Management (2)
    27. 27. Enroll Windows 8 Device
    28. 28. Company Apps & Settings Mgmt on WP8
    29. 29. Experience on Windows RT
    30. 30. Experience on iOS
    31. 31. Licensing Model
    32. 32. System Center 2012 SP1WHAT’S NEW FOR OPERATIONS MANAGER
    33. 33. One tool to monitor them all
    34. 34. Support added for
    35. 35. APM• Better integration of NET Application Performance Monitoring (APM) with Visual Studio 2012• Monitoring Windows Services Built on the .NET Framework• Automatic Discovery of ASP.NET MVC3 and MVC4 Applications• APM available for SharePoint 2010• Conversion of Application Performance Monitoring events to IntelliTrace format
    36. 36. New Cross platform support
    37. 37. System Center 2012 SP1WHAT’S NEW FOR ORCHESTRATOR
    38. 38. What’s new in Service Pack 1Core bug fixes • Usability, Activities, Logging18 additional languages • Previously ENG onlySupport for Windows Server 2012/8 and SQL Server 2012 • Backend, Authoring and Web ConsoleOrchestrator Integration Toolkit (OIT) updates • Cascading dependencies
    39. 39. New Integration Packs Exchange User / Admin FTP Windows Azure Representational State Transfer (REST)
    40. 40. Exchange IPsUser Admin
    41. 41. FTP / Azure / RESTFTP Windows Azure REST
    42. 42. DEMO - FTP
    43. 43. DEMO - Azure
    44. 44. Integration Packs - EnhancedFoundational Available IPs System  System Center Virtual Machine Manager Scheduling  System Center Configuration Manager Monitoring  Active Directory File Management  HP Operations Manager Email  VMWare vSphere Notifications Text file management Utilities Runbook Control
    45. 45. How to go to Orchestrator SP1
    46. 46. Integration Pack to SP1To install an upgrade of an integration pack:  Uninstall any earlier version of the IP from all Runbook servers and Runbook Designers.  Register and deploy the upgrade of the integration pack.  Verify that Orchestrator is receiving data from the component.
    47. 47. System Center 2012 SP1WHAT’S NEW FOR SERVICE MANAGER
    48. 48. List of featuresRebilling for infrastructure • New Chargeback node in the Administration workspace • Apply price sheets to VMM clouds • Create chargeback reportsPivot by cost center, VMM clouds,Price sheets • New OLAP data cubes • Sample Excel reports
    49. 49. ImprovementsSQL Server 2012 Support. • SQL server 2012 can be used to host all Service Manager Databases.Support for Windows Server 2012 • Except for the Self-Service Portal SharePoint web parts.Windows 8 support • For Service Manager console and for end-users accessing the Self- Service Portal.Improved Operations Manager IntegrationList of fixes (186) System Center 2012 Service Manager ServicePack 1 • http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2812727
    50. 50. System Center 2012 SP1WHAT’S NEW FOR DATA PROTECTION MANAGER
    51. 51. Added support for Disk-Based Recovery Hyper-V Tape-Based Backup
    52. 52. Deduplication Data Protection Manager
    53. 53. System Center 2012 SP1WHAT’S NEW FOR APP CONTROLLER
    54. 54. Hybrid cloud Enterprise customer Microsoft System Center 2012 – app controller
    55. 55. Realizing the cloud OS vision
    56. 56. Questions Come to see us at the Ask The Experts night March 6 starting at 7.00PM
    57. 57. Questions Don’t forget to Subscribe for our DEMO Bonanza at 21th of March http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5138996878
    58. 58. How to obtain SP1Technet:http://aka.ms/sc2012be