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Global IT As-a-service (ITaaS) Market 2015-2019


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ITaaS is an IT operational method, providing an enterprise with the required amount of hardware, software, and support.Nowadays, companies have been using the ITaaS model to increase the usage of virtualization as it is not limited to cloud computing technology models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

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Global IT As-a-service (ITaaS) Market 2015-2019

  1. 1. Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019
  2. 2. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019 • The report discusses the following in-depth: • Market Segmentation by Product • Market Segmentation by Nature of Transaction • Demographic Segmentation • Service Segmentation • Business Segmentation by Revenue • Geographical Segmentation by Revenue For more information on the Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019, please mail us at
  3. 3. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Key Trends TechNavio’s senior analyst says, “The need to maintain a low-cost infrastructure is one of the major drivers in the market. In traditional on-site projects, a lot of time is spent on the integration and maintenance of different systems existing in the IT infrastructure of a company. The increased adoption of cloud business models is another key driver in the market.” • ITaaS is an IT operational method, providing an enterprise with the required amount of hardware, software, and support. Various benefits associated with the ITaaS model include the simplification and standardization of products and services delivered by IT, reduced cost of consumption, increased IT efficiency, and improved financial transparency, which leads to an increase in business agility and flexibility at the same time. • The Global ITaaS market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31 percent during the forecast period.
  4. 4. • Understanding the key drivers influencing the market • Understanding the challenges faced by the market • Activities of various stakeholders involved • Enabling technologies and the roadmap • Key focus areas for the vendors • Major trends that will shape the future of this market • Vendor landscape and trajectory of the market • Conclusion Scope of The Report A detailed analysis of each market driver, challenge and trend is available in our report: Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019
  5. 5. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Vendor Landscape For a full list of vendors view our report, Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019 Amazon Web Services Cisco Systems HP Amazon Web Services was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Washington, US. It operates as a subsidiary of It provides infrastructure web service platforms to various organizations. Cisco Systems designs, manufactures, and sells products and services related to the IT and Communications industries worldwide. The company offers a wide range of products and security solutions that include fixed-configuration and modular switches, IP phones, workstations, access points, call center and messaging products, telepresence systems, firewalls, intrusion prevention, cloud managed solutions, fabric interconnects, and data center products HP conducts its business operations through seven segments: Personal Systems, Printings, The Enterprise Group, Enterprise Services, Software, HP Financial Services, and Corporate Investments. For FY2013, the company reported revenue of approximately US$112,298 million.
  6. 6. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Market Landscape • Several organizations worldwide are concerned about their IT expenditure. • ITaaS helps them to choose the right delivery models to enable them to understand their software, hardware, and IT services support requirements. • Financial transparency, the continuous monitoring of services, regular software and hardware upgrades, minimal upfront IT investment, and expert technical support are the various benefits associated with ITaaS. • Several factors such as the high adoption of IaaS by the SME sector and the rise in the number of organizations moving toward PaaS offerings drive the growth of the market.
  7. 7. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Key Buying Criteria Guest Bloggers • Authenticity • Delivery • Price • Service Support Parameter Details Compatibility IaaS solutions should be compatible with the existing organizational infrastructure requirements Reliability IaaS solutions should provide uninterrupted services Scalability IaaS solutions should be able to handle changes in a large number of systems as per the needs of an enterprise Security IaaS solutions should provide a secure infrastructure environment
  8. 8. • Growth Forecasts? • Market Analysis? • Revenue Forecasts? • Regional and Country level Analysis? • Competitive Structure? • Emerging Trends? • Vendor Landscape? • Other? How would you like to engage with TechNavio? Global IT-as-a-Service Market 2015-2019
  9. 9. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Reports Cover : Market Scenarios, Vendor landscape & Industry Road Maps. Option to Customize Report & Access to Analysts on every Report Purchase. Option to Customize Reports Ask an Analyst Or Inform us by e-mailing
  10. 10. USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Access the Report USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA India: An Overview USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA About Us USA – CANADA – UK – CHINA – INDIA Thank You! North America Chicago, USA Phone: +1 630 333 9501 Fax: +1 630 833 2171 Europe London, United Kingdom Phone: +44 208 123 1770 Fax: +44 845 280 2825 Asia Bangalore, India Phone: +91 934 254 0560 Fax: +91 80 4080 6070 DISCLAIMER This presentation is intended solely for showcasing Infiniti’s research capabilities. All information contained within this presentation has been randomized and should not be used for any kind of analysis and/or for decision making purpose. All trademarks and copyrights remain the sole ownership of their rightful owners/licensees. In no event shall Infiniti Research have any liability to any party for special, incidental, tort, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this report, even if Infiniti Research has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Copyright ©2013 Infiniti Research Limited. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without written permission is completely forbidden. NOT FOR FURTHER DISTRIBUTION