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Cosmetic Ingredients Market: Where Will it Stand Five Years From Now?


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The newest report on the global cosmetic ingredients market highlights the key trends, investment opportunities, as well as challenges in this market.
Key insights include CAGR, year over year growth rate, geographical distribution, as well as market segmentation by type.
This report on cosmetic ingredients also includes the names of the leading vendors and their latest products. The report is designed to enable industry heads, stakeholders, and investors to make intelligent business decisions.

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Cosmetic Ingredients Market: Where Will it Stand Five Years From Now?

  1. 1. Forecast Cosmetic Ingredients Market Analysis
  2. 2. 7% Accelerating The growth momentum of the cosmetic ingredients market is expected to accelerate in the second half of the forecast period when compared to the increase in the first half. 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Year-over-year growth The global cosmetic ingredients market will witness incremental growth over the next five years.
  3. 3. Geographic segmentation 38% The region is witnessing a steady surge in demand for natural and organic cosmetics
  4. 4. Perfumes and fragrances Others Segmentation by 50% 50% The rising demand for personalized fragrances have boosted the demand for perfumes Find Out More
  5. 5. Drivers Growing popularity of multifunctional cosmetics will propel the growth of the global cosmetic ingredients market Trends Rising emphasis on health and wellness in cosmetic formulations will define the market growth till 2023 Challenges Threat of toxic ingredients found in counterfeit cosmetics poses a challenge to the market + Our report can offer you critical insights Get More Insights
  6. 6. Vendors BASF SE Eastman Chemical Co. Evonik Industries AG Koninklijke DSM NV Solvay SA See all vendors
  7. 7. What People say Technavio’s report had good market coverage and an exhaustive understanding of market trends, drivers, and challenges. The report was excellent in terms of geographical segmentation. 10/10 on value for money.The market coverage, segmentation, and vendor landscape were of excellent standards. In addition, the customer support team is super responsive. A leading life sciences company A renowned solutions company One of the top-rated global airlines Let us help you gain better market insights! Explore the platform
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