Ecommerce website presentation by techmodi


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Ecommerce website presentation by techmodi

  1. 1. Ecommerce website Presentation
  2. 2. TechModi Inc. OverviewVISIONMISSIONDelivering quality, on time every time and Creating sustainable andmeasurable business Value
  3. 3. Overview : About Ecommerce E commerce refers to a wide range of online businesses activities for products and services. E- commerce has completely revolutionize the system of contact and has transformed the way consumers buy goods and services. It helps to sell products and services economically. Continuous improvement and timely changes are essential to keep it up-to date. Large numbers of website owner’s all over the world have started making the internet business transactions. E commerce websites have become increasingly common on internet. Customer commerce website developing companies use the advance technologies to develop e commrerce solutions for their clients. One can get personalized services from his e commerce solution provider that best suit his online business requirements. In order to Achieve the highest benefit out from online business the website needs to follow few most critical concepts. First method is valuable products Services and second one is secured payment methods and most importantly excellent customer communication and support. Products as well as services can be presented and sold on an e commerce websites.
  4. 4. www.megamallcyprus.comEcommerce Site -- Online Virtual Mall
  5. 5. Mega Mall Cyprus is an online mall where anyone can buy and sell items that are handmade, as well as vintage goods and crafts. This is an ecommerce website that will allow buyer to go online and place orders for the products, packages of their choice related to their need & like. They will need to have the ability to choose the paymentFeatures method from Credit Cards, paypal etc. The buyer gets notified of the buyers order and he can ship the item. Admin will have control over all the activities of BUYER & SELLER Key Features: • Alexa traffic rank 17286772 • An Online mall • Sell advertising space to shops • Each shop has description with link to its site . • Search shops according to categories, brand name or keywords • Multilingual site • All shops listed can have an online shop as well • Online shops pay to the admin for displaying their shops • User Management • Store Management • Store Categories Management • Advertisement Management • Map Level Management • Gift Management • Photo gallery Management • Newsletter Management • Restaurant Management • Corporate partners Management • Mobile Alerts
  6. 6. Flow Diagram
  7. 7. Flow Diagram: Front End
  8. 8. Flow Diagram: Buyer and Seller Login
  9. 9. Flow Diagram: Admin
  10. 10. TechnologyUsed PHP 5.0 Mega HTML MYSQL and CSS Mall 2005 Cyprus AJAX
  11. 11. Security Secure Mega Mall CyprusDigital Signatures and Certificates:Digital signatures meet the need for authentication and integrity. To vastly simplify matters (as throughoutthis page), a plain text message is run through a hash function and so given a value: the message digest.This digest, the hash function and the plain text encrypted with the recipients public key is sent to therecipient. The recipient decodes the message with their private key, and runs the message through thesupplied hash function to that the message digest value remains unchanged (message has not beentampered with). Very often, the message is also time stamped by a third party agency, which provides non-repudiation.
  12. 12. Security Secure Mega Mall CyprusPCI, SET, Firewalls and Kerberos:Credit card details can be safely sent with SSL, but once stored on the server they are vulnerable tooutsiders hacking into the server and accompanying network. A PCI (peripheral component interconnect:hardware) card is often added for protection, therefore, or another approach altogether is adopted: SET(Secure Electronic Transaction). Developed by Visa and Mastercard, SET uses PKI for privacy, and digitalcertificates to authenticate the three parties: merchant, customer and bank. More importantly, sensitiveinformation is not seen by the merchant, and is not kept on the merchants server. Firewalls (software orhardware) protect a server, a network and an individual PC from attack by viruses and hackers. Equallyimportant is protection from malice or carelessness within the system, and many companies use theKerberos protocol, which uses symmetric secret key cryptography to restrict access to authorized employees
  13. 13. Security Secure Mega Mall CyprusSecure Socket Layers Certificate :Information sent over the Internet commonly uses the set of rules called TCP/IP (Transmission ControlProtocol / Internet Protocol). The information is broken into packets, numbered sequentially, and an errorcontrol attached. Individual packets are sent by different routes. TCP/IP reassembles them in order andresubmits any packet showing errors. SSL uses PKI and digital certificates to ensure privacy andauthentication. The procedure is something like this: the client sends a message to the server, which replieswith a digital certificate. Using PKI, server and client negotiate to create session keys, which are symmetricalsecret keys specially created for that particular transmission. Once the session keys are agreed,communication continues with these session keys and the digital certificates.
  14. 14. TechModi Mantra :
  15. 15. Santosh Salve Business Development Manager +91 –9922221349CONTACT Skype: santoshsalve