3 tier structure asp dot net


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3 tier structure asp dot net

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3 tier structure asp dot net

  1. 1. 3 Tier structure Asp Dot Net
  2. 2. • What is 3-Tier Architecture?• Evolution to the 3-Tier Architecture Development• What does 3-Tier Architecture offer you?• Advantages & Disadvantages using 3-Tier Architecture• Example of how you can implement 3-Tier Architecture in .Net platform using Asp Dot Net 3.5
  3. 3. What is 3-Tier Architecture• A 3 way interaction in a client/server environment.• The user interface is stored in the client• The bulk of the business application logic is stored in one or more servers• The data are stored in a database server.
  4. 4. Folder Structure for the 3 tier Application
  5. 5. Application layer is the form which provides the user interface to eitherprogrammer of end user. Programmer uses this layer for designing purpose and toget or set the data back and forth.
  6. 6. This layer is a class which we use to write the function which works as a mediator totransfer the data from Application or presentation layer data layer. In the three tierarchitecture we never let the data access layer to interact with the presentation layer.
  7. 7. This layer is also a class which we use to get or set the data to the database back and forth. Thislayer only interacts with the database. We write the database queries or use stored proceduresto access the data from the database or to perform any operation to the database.
  8. 8. SummaryoApplication layer is the form where we design using thecontrols like textbox, labels, command buttons etc.oBusiness layer is the class where we write the functionswhich get the data from the application layer and passesthrough the data access layer.oData layer is also the class which gets the data from thebusiness layer and sends it to the database or gets the datafrom the database and sends it to the business layer.oProperty layer is the sub layer of the business layer in whichwe make the properties to sent or get the values from theapplication layer. These properties help to sustain the valuein a object so that we can get these values till the objectdestroy.
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