Technology for nonprofits and ministries


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Technology for nonprofits and ministries

  1. 1. Technology forNonprofits and Ministries Andrew Sears Executive Director
  2. 2. Why Care About Technology?1. Get more money: grants & donors2. Get more volunteers3. Track clients and outcomes4. Cut expenses & improve efficiency5. Improve communication6. Learn online
  3. 3. Technology for Fundraising Grants Research Databases ◦ Grant Station ◦ Guidestar ◦ Christian Grants Directory ◦ Foundation Center ◦ (free) Individual Donations Management ◦ eTapestry
  4. 4. Grants Research Databases:Grant Station Sale price: $99 for a year’s subscription Subscription available through Funder profiles ◦ Name, address, phone number, web address ◦ Brief paragraph on funder’s area of interest Free newsletter available
  5. 5. Grants Research Databases:Guidestar Free! Search for foundations by name Form 990s ◦ Who they’ve funded in the past ◦ How much they gave ◦ Whether they gave to many organizations or a few ◦ Can sometimes provide names of the foundation board members or executive staff Can’t be used to search for new prospects, however.
  6. 6. Grants Research Databases:Christian Grants Directory Free! Search using tags (i.e. Geographic Focus, Areas of Interest, etc.). Search using “more options” link ◦ Click on “more options” link in the search bar ◦ Enter a search term (“Massachusetts”, “youth”, etc.) Funder profiles (contact information, link to Form 990, etc.)
  7. 7. Grants Research Databases:Foundation Center Convenient option: $195 per year for the basic subscription The cheapskate’s cheat sheet: Copley Library, Social Sciences Department ◦ Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday 1-5 p.m. (October-May) ◦ Online and print format ◦ Use library card and PIN to search Foundation Center database ◦ Search for foundations by interest area, geographic focus, location Back at your office, use Foundation Center’s free features ◦ : search for foundation by name, state or zip code (i.e. 02111, “the Financial District”) ◦ Basic funder profiles and Form 990s
  8. 8. eTapestry: Keeping Track ofIndividual Donors Create an Account ◦ Ask TechMission for Help Creating Receipt Templates Creating a Donor Account Entering a Gift Printing Receipts
  9. 9. Nonprofit Software Categories Nonprofit Client/Case Management Software Volunteer Management Software Donor Management Software Financial Software Church Management Software Donations ◦ Salesforce Foundation: client, volunteer & donor management ◦ Google Apps for Nonprofits
  10. 10. Purchasing Software For Clients ◦ ◦ Provides 50-95% discount ◦ Microsoft, Adobe, Semantic Antivirus, Intuit For Staff ◦ ◦ Provides nonprofit discount for staff
  11. 11. Purchasing Computers Discount Deals & Coupons ◦,, Purchasing Components (Memory, etc) ◦
  12. 12. Nonprofit Online Checklist Website Facebook Page ◦ Accept Online Donations ◦ (free) Facebook Causes ◦ Recruit Volunteers & Staff Online Staff on LinkedIn ◦ Use to network and find donors
  13. 13. Online Volunteer Recruitment Posting Volunteer Opportunities Online ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Background Checks on Volunteers ◦
  14. 14. Online Staff Recruitment Job Postings ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ (free) Background Checks ◦
  15. 15. Online Training City Vision College: Provides accredited 8 week online, courses in Nonprofit Management, Addiction Studies and Urban Missions ◦ Free Training at: