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SQLUG event: An evening in the cloud: the old, the new and the big


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Belgian SQL UG talk On Windows Azure SQL Database and CO: The last couple of months have been very exciting times for Microsoft fans. With the release of the central flagship, SQL Server 2012, and the new and improved Cloud offering on Windows Azure, Microsoft managed to change the IT Landscape dramatically. During this talk we want to take you through all the SQL Server features in the Windows Azure Environment in either the full cloud spectrum or hybrid scenario’s. We’ll cover subjects like SQL Databases, IaaS, provisioning, integration, migration and touch some of the more computing topics in the Windows Azure when it comes to data. Going from the pure basics of all SQL related to the more advanced stuff you can do with this magnificent cloud platform.

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SQLUG event: An evening in the cloud: the old, the new and the big

  1. 1. • intended audience : – SQL DBA’s, SQL Server enthousiasts, non Azure Database developers• goal : – Enlight the most valueable aspects on Windows Azure SQL Database and all related material
  2. 2. An evening in the cloud:The old, the new and the big
  3. 3.
  4. 4. A quick intro toWindows Azure
  5. 5. Cloud Services
  6. 6. Cloud Platforms Public Cloud Platforms Platform as a Service (PaaS) Private Cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) For Scalable Web Apps For Data-Driven Business For Collaboration Apps Platforms Apps Hosters Dynamic infrastructure Toolkit for System Center Dynamics CRM / xRM Dynamic DataCenter Windows Azure Platform Office 365Microsoft (Hyper-V Online Toolkit for Hosters Cloud, AppFabric (Hyper-V Cloud) Server) Windows Live Hosters Google VMWare vSphere VMWare vCloud Initiative (ESX, Google Docs AppEngine (ESX, vCenter) vCenter) Others Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services GoGrid Cloud Hosting, RackSPace, others
  7. 7. A SQL DatabaseArchitecture in Azure
  8. 8. Single Database Three Replicas ! Replica 1 Replica 2 Single Primary DB Replica 3 Replica 4
  9. 9. Provisioning a SQL Database in Azure
  10. 10. • supported :• partially supported :• unsupported :
  11. 11. Database Benefits
  12. 12. Securing your data
  13. 13. 1. 1.2. 2.3. 3. 4. <connectionStrings> 5. <addname="AdventureWorks"connectionString= 6. "Data 7. Source=[server]; Integrated Security=False; 8. Initial Catalog=ProductsDb; 9. User Id=[login]; Password=[password]; Trusted_Connection=False; Encrypt=true;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/> </connectionStrings>
  14. 14. BI Capable SQLDatabase in Azure
  15. 15. Monitor/Comm [SLA & Usage] Monitor/Comm [Performance] [Traces & [SLA & Usage] Logs] [Performance] [Traces & Logs] RS Engine RS Engine
  16. 16. The cloud and Beyond
  17. 17. HTTPS TDS
  18. 18. Spring is in the Cloud
  19. 19. Supported VersionsSQL Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008Supported FeaturesAll SQL Server features supported except failover clustering *SQL Server ProvisioningCloud-first using stock images, bring your own server / VHD, capture cloudimagesSQL Server LicensingPay by the hour or migrate your own license via Software Assurance **
  20. 20. Storage RecommendationsDo not use write cachingAvoid using OS drive for large databasesConsider putting database and transaction log files on separate drivesConsider putting tempdb on the non-persistent cache disk (D:)Database RecommendationsConsider using database page compression to reduce I/OHigh Availability RecommendationsConsider latency between primary and replica when choosing sync mode
  21. 21. SQL Server Windows Azure SQL Database (IaaS) (PaaS)Development Migrate Existing Apps Develop New AppsManagement Full Control Managed ServiceCompatibility Full SQL Server Capabilities Based on SQL Server Technology Shared Technology Network transport (Tabular Data Stream) SQL dialect (Transact-SQL) Data access APIs (ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC) Development tools (SQL Server Data Tools) Management tools (SQL Server Management Studio)
  22. 22. Hybrid Public/Private Cloud
  23. 23. Web Tier Active Directory UI Process Components SQL SQL Reporting Analysis SQL On-Premises Service Service Service Active Directory Machine Business Components & Entities Active Directory On-Premises Machine SQL Service Domain joined to On- Premises Network Local DNS DC DNS Open User Persistent VM Web Role 1 Access (Website) SharePoint Role Persistent VM FrontEnd Persistent VM Role SQL Role SQL Persistent VM Service SQL Mirroring Role Web Role 2Internet SharePoint FrontEnd Persistent VM Search and SQL Indes Persistent VM Role Persistent VM Web Role 3 Internet SQL Service Role Role
  24. 24. Warning! Hot and New!!
  25. 25. 1.2.3.
  28. 28. sp_set_database_firewall_rule-- create new database-level firewall setting for only IP sp_set_database_firewall_rule NExample DB Setting 1,, update database-level firewall setting to also allow IP sp_set_database_firewall_rule NExample DB Setting 1,, sys.database_firewall_rules sys.firewall_rules
  29. 29. Bigger, Better, Bolder!
  30. 30. • Guidance• Training• Technical Docs• Pricing, Licensing
  31. 31. •• Windows Azure Training Kit• MSDN WA SQL Database home : us/library/windowsazure/ee336279.aspx • BI : us/home/features/business-analytics/ • SQL : us/manage/services/sql-databases/• Pricing, Licensing : us/pricing/calculator
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention!