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Lights, Camera, Action - Windows Azure Media Services on the Loose - the Azug Session


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You just cannot imagine the Web without audio and video services. Up until now, if you want to include streaming media content in your websites or applications, you need to rely on third party services or massive computing capacity for media transcoding, and streaming to a range of client devices. With the release of Windows Azure Media Services and the Media Services SDK, these capabilities are becoming easily available for you to incorporate in your websites and applications. In this session we'll give an overview of Windows Azure Media Services, and you'll learn from a series of demos how you can take advantage of the platform to add media content to your development. We'll also see what the competition has in store and what's missing.

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Lights, Camera, Action - Windows Azure Media Services on the Loose - the Azug Session

  1. 1. Who Am I Mike Martin Where I Work Crosspoint Solutions What I Do Architect, Windows Azure MVP, MEET, Insider Where To Find Me @Techmike2kx View more tips on my blog
  2. 2. Roll Camera : Media Services
  3. 3. Defining Hollywood What’s inside the box / Media Services
  4. 4. • It’s an eco system build upon what we know
  5. 5. “Build-In” Partner Media Processors 3rd party CDNs Azure CDN “Build-On” 3rd party Origin Caching
  6. 6. Uploading • Pre-encryption possible • Secure through HTTPS • Allows Bulk uploads
  7. 7. Encoding • Support industry standards for video (H.264- VC-1) • Audio encoding to AAC-LE, HE-AAC, Dolby DD+, WMA
  8. 8. On-demand Streaming • Managed Streaming Service • Integrated Windows Azure CDN Support • Store one set, re-deliver multi-format
  9. 9. Feeding the beast uploading capabilities ingestion
  10. 10. One ring to rule them all : Encoding your assets encoding
  11. 11. They order, you deliver : Delivering streaming Delivery
  12. 12. Open for Business : Consuming the goods
  13. 13. Application Application with video source with Smooth Streaming Source url : …/manifest url : …/a.mp4 Smooth Streaming Extension SDK Media foundation Interface PLAYBACK PIPELINE
  14. 14. Shipped as Open source at Builds on capabilities of Smooth Streaming Client Available for multiple platform Windows 8.x Player • • HTML/JavaScript Modern style applications XAML/C# Modern style applications HTML5 player for browser Silverlight & Windows Phone player Well established player framework Plugin Architecture – import what you need
  15. 15. Director’s Cut
  16. 16. Additional features
  17. 17. Resources
  18. 18. Aaaand …. CUT! Thanks everyone, it’s a wrap!